fixes from 2.2
[ira/wip.git] / source / passdb / pdb_tdb.c
2002-01-20 Simo Sorcefixes from 2.2
2002-01-20 Andrew BartlettThis is another *BIG* change...
2002-01-19 Simo Sorcefixes (asprintf) from 2.2
2002-01-17 Andrew BartlettA nice *big* change to the fundemental way we do things.
2002-01-15 Andrew BartlettChange the passdb interface to use allocated strings.
2002-01-02 Andrew BartlettActually enforce the passdb API.
2001-12-31 Simo Sorceops, froget to set the values.
2001-12-31 Simo Sorceport mods from 2.2
2001-12-31 Andrew BartlettMake --with-tdbsam compile again, given the new 'am...
2001-12-30 Simo Sorceutil_sid.c - respect a const variabile (addedd strdup)
2001-12-30 Gerald Carterpdb_getsampwnuid() merge from 2.2
2001-12-27 Gerald Cartermoving SAM_ACCOUNT to include a bit field for initialized
2001-12-06 Jean-François Mico... again an intrusive patch:
2001-11-25 Volker LendeckeDon't close tdb twice.
2001-11-04 Andrew BartlettFixup for accounts without a local /etc/passwd entry.
2001-11-01 Andrew BartlettVarious post AuthRewrite cleanups, fixups and tidyups.
2001-10-29 Andrew BartlettThis commit is number 4 of 4.
2001-10-29 Andrew BartlettThis commit is number 2 of 4.
2001-10-01 Andrew Tridgell- fix handling of 0 last_change_time and must_change_time
2001-09-29 Andrew BartlettThis is the passdb section of the previously mentioned...
2001-09-27 Simo Sorceminor fixes
2001-09-26 Andrew BartlettFix the uninitialised variable, but more importantly...
2001-09-26 Andrew BartlettFix up TDB_SAM with repect to case sensitvity. (need...
2001-09-25 Jeremy AllisonFixup passdb stuff to add new nisplus and ldap backends.
2001-09-25 Andrew BartlettDon't segfault when deleting accounts not in /etc/passw...
2001-09-25 Simo Sorcememory leak fixes ..
2001-09-17 Simo Sorcemove to SAFE_FREE()
2001-09-14 Gerald Cartermerges from 2.2
2001-09-06 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of USE_TDB_MMAP_FLAG as its not needed any...
2001-08-31 Simo Sorcechanged the data format in the tdb, as the time fields...
2001-07-30 Jeremy AllisonAdded "use mmap" for HPUX.
2001-07-12 Tim PotterChanged instances of TRUE, FALSE to True, False as...
2001-06-04 Andrew Tridgelluse LDSHFLAGS not -shared in several places
2001-05-10 Gerald Carterupdate from Simo
2001-05-07 Gerald CarterPatch from Simo:
2001-05-04 Jean-François Mico... Big cleanup of passdb and backends.
2001-05-04 Gerald Carterfixes from Simo
2001-04-08 Jeremy AllisonHEAD specific slprintf paranoia fixes.
2001-03-11 Jeremy AllisonRemove "BYTE" - we already have uint8 - don't need...
2000-12-12 Gerald Cartermore fixes from Simo. Also fixed the password expirati...
2000-12-09 Gerald Cartergroup rid assignment cut and paste error
2000-12-06 Gerald Carterupdates to the tdbsam implementation.
2000-11-21 Gerald CarterAnother large patch for the passdb rewrite.
2000-11-13 Gerald CarterLarge commit which restructures the local password...