Typofix in comment.
[ira/wip.git] / source / libnet / libnet_conf.c
2007-12-25 Michael AdamTypofix in comment.
2007-12-25 Michael AdamAdd comment header to function libnet_smbconf_drop().
2007-12-25 Michael AdamRemove a d_fprintf() from libnet_smbconf_drop().
2007-12-25 Michael AdamRemove talloc context parameter from libnet_smbconf_drop().
2007-12-25 Michael AdamRename drop_smbconf_internal() to libnet_smbconf_drop().
2007-12-25 Michael AdamMove drop_smbconf_internal() to libnet_conf.c
2007-12-25 Michael AdamSimplify libnet_smbconf_delshare().
2007-12-25 Michael AdamRename reg_delkey_internal() to libnet_smbconf_delshare().
2007-12-25 Michael AdamMove reg_delkey_internal() to libnet/libnet_conf.c
2007-12-24 Michael AdamDo not leak memory in libnet_smbconf_delparm().
2007-12-24 Michael AdamDo not leak memory in libnet_smbconf_setparm().
2007-12-23 Michael AdamUse the appropriate boolean constants.
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMake libnet_smbconf_value_exists() use talloc_stackframe().
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMake libnet_smbconf_key_exists() use talloc_stackframe().
2007-12-23 Michael AdamDon't leak memory in libnet_smbconf_getparm().
2007-12-23 Michael AdamFix rights error in libnet_smbconf_delparm().
2007-12-23 Michael AdamRemove redundant check of return value.
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMove logic of net_conf_getparm() to libnet_conf.c.
2007-12-23 Michael AdamRename libnet_reg_createkey_internal() to libnet_smbcon...
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMake libnet_smbconf_set_global_param() call libnet_smbc...
2007-12-23 Michael AdamReorder libnet_conf.c some, adding "section" comments.
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMove net_conf_setparm() to libnet_conf.c
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMove reg_setvalue_internal() to libnet_conf.c
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMove logic of net_smbconf_delparm() to libnet/libnet_conf.c
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMove smbconf_value_exists() to libnet/net_conf.c
2007-12-23 Michael AdamMake libnet_smbconf_open_path_q() static.
2007-12-22 James PeachMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of git://git.samba.org/samba...
2007-12-21 Günther DeschnerImplement NetServerSetInfo level 1005 in local mode...
2007-12-21 Günther DeschnerVery quick conversion of net_conf functions into the...