Adding Michael Sweet's LSB packaging.
[ira/wip.git] / packaging /
2001-07-03 Jeremy AllisonAdding Michael Sweet's LSB packaging.
2001-06-01 Gerald Carterfinal sync with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartermore syncs with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartersync with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Carterbeginning of merge with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartersync with SAMBA_2_2
2001-04-28 John TerpstraAdding developer mode option.
2001-04-24 Gerald Carteradded Mandrake support from 2.2
2001-04-19 Herb Lewisdon't make extra copy of README file
2001-04-13 Shirish KaleleAdding the "Using Samba" book to the packaging in HEAD.
2001-04-11 Shirish KaleleAdding Solaris packaging files to HEAD.
2001-01-05 David O'NeillAdd SuSE 7.1 packaging (from SAMBA_2_2).
2001-01-05 David O'NeillSync up packaging updates that didn't make it to HEAD.
2000-08-16 Gerald Carterfixed typo.
2000-08-15 Gerald Carterfixed error in [public] spotted by Ron Alexander <rcale...
2000-08-04 John TerpstraAdding build file.
2000-08-04 John TerpstraAdding build system files for Caldera OpenLinux.
2000-07-30 John TerpstraUpdating for Samba-3.
2000-07-30 John TerpstraAdding files provided by Klaus Singvogel of Caldera
2000-05-05 Herb Lewisadd new release notes chapter to samba for irix package
2000-05-03 Herb Lewisunicode code pages are detected as compiler intermediat...
2000-05-03 Herb Lewismerge 2.0 changes
2000-03-16 Herb Lewisuse parameters to minimize changes in samba for irix...
2000-03-16 Herb Lewisuse proper parameter names instead of alias names
2000-01-17 Herb Lewistest for pre- version numbers
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgell2nd phase of head branch sync with SAMBA_2_0 - this...
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgellfirst pass at updating head branch to be to be the...
1999-10-30 John TerpstraUpdating build specs for TurboLinux 6.0 and later
1999-10-17 John TerpstraBringing samba-2.1.x samba2.spec.tmpl file into line...
1998-12-27 John TerpstraModified packaging-prep script to remove use of "rm...
1998-12-21 John TerpstraChanging to PHT standard SPEC settings.
1998-12-19 John TerpstraUpdated makefile-path info contributed on the samba...
1998-12-07 Herb Lewissync with 2.0 tree
1998-12-04 John TerpstraUpdated packaging files from 2.0.0 branch - NOTE: Not...
1998-11-25 Herb Lewisadded file from 2.0 branch
1998-11-21 Andrew Tridgellglobal change from to
1998-11-19 Herb Lewissmb.conf : explicitly state "printcap name=" and "secur...
1998-11-18 John TerpstraUpdated packaging files in line with restructuring...
1998-11-18 Herb Lewischange to new prefix path
1998-11-16 Herb Lewisadd some more comments and clean it up a little more.
1998-11-16 Herb Lewissome fixes for IRIX 5.3 builds
1998-11-16 John TerpstraSet sticky bit on /var/spool/samba.
1998-11-16 John TerpstraReviewed file permissions and removed other execute...
1998-11-16 John TerpstraRemoved smbwrappers from build specs and from installat...
1998-11-16 John TerpstraAdded Example binary packaging instructions.
1998-11-16 John TerpstraUpdated packaging files (new for Caldera).
1998-11-14 John TerpstraAdded first cut of the new packaging scripts for Digita...
1998-11-14 Jeremy AllisonFixed swat packaging & man page packaging.
1998-11-14 Jeremy AllisonFixes to get the manpages from the right place.
1998-11-14 Jeremy Allison(Hopefully) correct patch files for RedHat & TurboLinux.
1998-11-14 Jeremy AllisonFixed makefile problem due to change from SMB_PASSWD...
1998-11-14 Jeremy AllisonAdded --with-smbwrapper to configure lines in spec...
1998-11-13 John TerpstraAdded packing release script.
1998-11-12 Herb Lewisclear trailing / from directory names in idb file
1998-11-12 Herb Lewisremove .po and .po32 files from inst package
1998-11-12 Herb Lewisno longer needed
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisadd an empty STATUS..LCK to install so swat doesn't...
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisnew directories for man page sources
1998-11-10 Herb Lewismake sure we build with SGI compiler
1998-11-10 John TerpstraUpdating the password script and documenting password...
1998-11-05 John TerpstraChanged build root to launch off /var/tmp instead of...
1998-10-29 John TerpstraPath change only.
1998-10-29 John TerpstraFixed spec file entry that was causing the CDRom instal...
1998-10-29 Herb Lewisclean up steps for making distribution
1998-10-25 John TerpstraA little more tweaking and sqeaking. Now, will it work...
1998-10-25 John TerpstraWelcome to Pacific HiTech TurboLinux support.
1998-10-25 John TerpstraPackaging mods - make sure we always keep our config...
1998-10-23 John TerpstraUpdated paths.
1998-10-08 Herb Lewisadd missing targets that were added to makefile
1998-10-05 John TerpstraMore yuck changes for Red Hat RPM production.
1998-10-05 John TerpstraAdded rpcclient and smbwrapper stuff.
1998-09-28 Herb add new argument to call to
1998-09-06 John TerpstraAdding header and footer html files for SWAT, adding...
1998-08-21 John TerpstraAdding first cut of the new Red Hat Linux packaging...
1998-08-11 Herb Lewisstrip out extra spaces from smbclient output that were...
1998-08-10 Herb Lewisupdate for new directory structure
1998-08-07 Herb Lewisforgot to remove -nostrip option for packaging. Makes...
1998-08-07 Herb Lewisadd to automate starting swat with inetd
1998-05-14 Herb Lewissync with 1.9.18 branch (clean up comments)
1998-05-08 Herb Lewismove things around to get rid of make clean warning...
1998-05-06 Volker LendeckeAdded to binary package
1998-04-30 Herb Lewismkman - add argument for making html versions of man...
1998-04-29 Herb Lewisadd clean option
1998-04-28 Herb Lewisfix problem with output file not being properly sorted
1998-04-27 Volker LendeckeAdded SuSE packaging files.
1998-04-13 Herb Lewismake it look for only the proper lines to uncomment.
1998-03-25 Herb Lewisno longer make smbpasswd setuid root
1998-03-25 Herb Lewisadded check for one more error case
1998-03-20 Herb Lewisadded comments about printcap name
1998-03-17 Herb Lewisfix typos
1998-03-16 Herb Lewisadd swat to build package
1998-03-02 Herb Lewisadding findsmb perl script to get info on smb machines...
1998-02-11 Herb Lewisremoved old unused test
1998-01-28 Herb Lewisget rid of reference to removed file
1998-01-14 Herb LewisREADME describe inst package version number correctly
1998-01-14 Herb Lewisleft out a piece of my last fix for inst package versio...
1998-01-13 Herb Lewisfix bug in search string
1998-01-08 Herb Lewisfix bug in version numbering scheme
1998-01-08 Herb Lewismissing a couple of binary files in the distribution
1998-01-03 Herb Lewisfixed type in list of ignored files