merge from 3.0
[ira/wip.git] / examples /
2004-02-09 Gerald Cartermerge from 3.0
2004-02-02 Gerald Carterjanitor duty (merges from 3.0) and cleanup compiler...
2004-01-15 Tim PotterMerge of POBAD_CC removal from 3.0
2004-01-06 Gerald Cartermerging from 3.0
2004-01-06 Jeremy AllisonPatch based on work from James Peach <
2003-12-30 Volker LendeckeAnother little one: Make pdb_test.c at least compile...
2003-12-22 Gerald Cartercorrect typo in delete user script; bug 887
2003-12-04 Gerald Carterreadding schema items that were accidentally deleted
2003-12-04 Gerald Cartersupport munged dial for ldapsam; patch from Aurélien...
2003-11-15 Simo Sorceadd also the schema attributes and object classes need...
2003-11-13 Richard SharpeUpdate Makefile ...
2003-11-13 Richard SharpeAdd this to samba-head.
2003-11-05 Richard SharpeApply the changes that Derrell Lipman supplied ...
2003-11-05 Gerald Carteradded note about stripping comments from LDIF; bug 642
2003-09-24 Gerald Cartermore syncs from 3.0
2003-09-24 Gerald Cartersyncing up docs, examples, & packaging from 3.0
2003-09-20 Gerald Carterfix from Brad Langhorst to correctly check if the prima...
2003-09-20 Gerald Carterupdates to SunOne DS schema from André Fiebach
2003-09-19 Gerald Carterinsert missing sh-bang
2003-09-19 Tim PotterMerge from 3.0:
2003-09-11 Jim McDonoughUpdated 3.0 schema files for IBM Directory Server 5.1
2003-09-09 Gerald Cartersyncing files
2003-09-09 Gerald Cartersyncing examples
2003-07-16 Gerald Carterading new files from 3.0
2003-07-16 Gerald Cartertrying to get HEAD building again. If you want the...
2003-05-22 Gerald Cartersync LDAP schema with SAMBA_3_0
2003-05-14 Gerald Carterfix group mapping in LDAP under new schema
2003-05-14 Gerald Carters/primaryGroupSID/sambaPrimaryGroupSID/
2003-05-14 Gerald Carterperl script to convert from sambaAccount to sambaSamAcc...
2003-05-14 Gerald Cartersyncing LDAP schema changes with Samba_3_0
2003-05-01 Jelmer VernooijDon't crash if the underlying VFS doesn't support ACL's
2003-04-29 Andrew BartlettMerge Samba 3.0 pdb_ldap from 3.0 into HEAD, so as...
2003-04-28 Jelmer VernooijUse NTSTATUS as return value for smb_register_*() funct...
2003-04-28 Jelmer VernooijAdd example auth/ module
2003-04-28 Jelmer VernooijUpdate for new modules system
2003-04-28 Jelmer VernooijReplace references to the old textdocs by references...
2003-04-28 Jelmer VernooijUpdate for the new modules system. Also, use Makefile...
2003-04-18 Gerald CarteruidPool and gidPool don't use cn anymore (but we don...
2003-04-03 Jim McDonoughThe ldap idmap backend from Anthony Liguori (aliguori...
2003-03-28 Richard SharpeFix some uncleanness with testsmbc.c
2003-03-27 Volker LendeckeFix schema error not detected by OpenLDAP 2.0.23 but...
2003-03-19 Volker LendeckePut group mapping into LDAP.
2003-01-19 Gerald Carteronly supporting the Net::LDAP module now
2003-01-16 John TerpstraAdding genlogon (from 3.0.0).
2003-01-15 Gerald Carteradd ntlogon directory and files from 3.0
2003-01-15 Gerald Carter* removed unused variable from rpcclient code
2003-01-14 Gerald Cartermerge: disable [u|g]idPool objects
2002-12-16 Jim McDonoughAdd win32 utility to query driver capabilities to publish
2002-11-20 Tim PotterIgnore automatically generated Makefile.
2002-11-15 Richard SharpeOne more small fix in tree.c
2002-11-15 Richard SharpeFix some problems with tree.c reported by users.
2002-11-15 Jelmer VernooijUpdate to use smb_register_passdb()
2002-11-14 Jelmer Vernooija cups printing backend is now available as well
2002-11-13 Jelmer VernooijIgnore Makefile
2002-11-13 Jelmer VernooijMove working VFS modules to source/modules/
2002-11-13 Jelmer VernooijMove VFS documentation to the HOWTO collection
2002-11-11 Jelmer VernooijFix typo
2002-11-10 Jelmer VernooijAdd example for MySQL
2002-11-05 Jelmer VernooijMove pdb_xml to source/
2002-11-05 Jelmer VernooijConvert pdb_mysql docs to sgml
2002-11-05 Jelmer VernooijMove pdb_mysql to source/passdb
2002-11-04 Jelmer Vernooijtestsmbc should only be in examples
2002-11-04 Jelmer VernooijDon't pass any booleans to pdb_set_* functions
2002-11-04 Jelmer VernooijDon't pass true to pdb_set_* functions
2002-11-04 Jelmer VernooijAdapt to metze's PDB_SET patch
2002-10-21 Jelmer VernooijSmall patch from metze to add 3 parameters to vfs_init...
2002-10-05 Richard SharpeFix a small mistake.
2002-10-02 Gerald Cartersmall update from Rainer
2002-10-02 Gerald Cartermention
2002-09-30 Gerald CarterREADME.OtherModules
2002-09-26 Jelmer VernooijChange pdb_xml functions to return NTSTATUS
2002-09-26 Jelmer VernooijChange pdb_mysql function to return NTSTATUS
2002-09-26 Jelmer VernooijMake functions return NTSTATUS instead of BOOL
2002-09-24 Jelmer Vernooij- Don't put pointer to sam_domain_handle in sam_methods...
2002-09-24 Richard SharpeMake sure that Alfred Perlstein's changes get into...
2002-09-09 Jelmer VernooijUse SAM debug class in skeleton - patch from metze
2002-09-08 Simo Sorcechange parametric option name to vfs_recycle_bin it...
2002-09-07 Simo Sorcerecycle.c:
2002-09-06 Simo Sorcethe current block module is completely broken, jelmer...
2002-09-06 Simo Sorcemove everything to flat VFS/ directory
2002-09-06 Andrew BartlettUpdates to sam_skel from metze, add sam/group.c and...
2002-08-29 Jelmer VernooijAdding makefile for sam_skel module
2002-08-29 Jelmer VernooijSAM_CONTEXT is const
2002-08-29 Jelmer VernooijExample sam module (skeleton) from metze
2002-08-28 Jeremy AllisonRemoved C++ style comment.
2002-08-27 Simo Sorcepatch from metze
2002-08-27 Simo Sorceadd the netatalk module
2002-08-27 Simo Sorceavoid using libtool for VFS modules
2002-08-18 Jelmer VernooijAdd entry about
2002-08-17 Jelmer VernooijBetter coding style
2002-08-17 Jelmer VernooijBetter coding style
2002-08-10 Jelmer VernooijAdding pdb_xml and pdb_mysql passdb modules.
2002-07-31 Gerald Cartermerge from SAMBA_2_2
2002-07-31 Simo Sorceforgot to change the makefile system, sorry
2002-07-30 Simo SorceOK!
2002-07-19 Gerald Cartermerge from SAMBA_2_2 spotted by Simo
2002-06-22 Andrew BartlettAdd module versioning to the passdb module system
2002-06-15 John Terpstrax source path so this thing compiles.
2002-06-14 Andrew BartlettAdd some comments on writing new pdb modules. (from...
2002-05-24 Andrew BartlettSome of the updates from ctrlsoft's 'Various' patch: