selftest: Move Samba4 selftest wscript to the top level
[ira/wip.git] / buildtools /
2011-04-13 Andrew Tridgellbuild: use readelf as a replacement for ldd
2011-04-13 Andrew Tridgellbuild: speed up SYMBOLCHECK code
2011-04-06 Andrew Tridgellwaf: a better way to detect duplicated symbols
2011-04-02 Michael make diff tool configurabl...
2011-04-02 Michael specify autoconf-config...
2011-03-23 Andrew Tridgellwaf: prevent an error in the symbol checking code
2011-03-18 Günther Deschnerwafsamba: add -Wcast-qual only to the toplevel (s4...
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: ensure that MAKEFLAGS is set before parsing it
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: added simple header handling for our libraries
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: removed mkdir of public headers directory
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: added public_headers_allow_broken option
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: auto-create include paths if needed
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: make mkdir_p() a bit more robust
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: build headers in separate 'headers' build group
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: always generate public headers in the build tree
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: build substituted public headers in build tree
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: moved header file handling into its own module
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwafsamba: keep a list of public headers
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwafsamba: don't follow symlinks outside the build tree
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellwafsamba: added global_include option
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: install public headers in the build tree
2011-03-12 Jelmer Vernooijsamba_abi: Also sort ABI files properly so symbols...
2011-03-12 Jelmer VernooijSort by release component integer values rather than...
2011-03-02 Andrew Tridgellbuild: fixed the ELF name for private libraries
2011-02-28 Jelmer Vernooijsamba_abi: Generate vscript entries even for ABI versio...
2011-02-23 Andrew Tridgellbuild: fixed 'make dist' without configuring
2011-02-23 Andrew Tridgellbuild: don't display expected duplicate symbols
2011-02-23 Andrew Tridgellbuild: duplicate symbols between system libraries aren...
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgellbuild: added WHYNEEDED=TARGET:DEPENDENCY
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgellbuild: enhanced the symbolcheck code
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgellpython: use os.environ[] instead of os.putenv()
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgellbuild: we don't need the special case for s3build any...
2011-02-20 Jelmer Vernooijs4-version: Fix version finding for bzr branches.
2011-02-18 Günther Deschners3-waf: fix popt support.
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellbuild: put links for libs in the right directory
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellwaf: improved error message for bad paths in SAMBA_LIBR...
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellwaf: support building libraries with a directory prefix
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellwaf: added SAMBA3_*() build rules to
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellwaf: give a more sensible error on symlink_bin with...
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellbuild: fixed passing of includes= for modules
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellbuild: added subdir option for module building
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellbuild: added allow_undefined_symbols options for librar...
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellbuild: make ADD_LDFLAGS() returns the flags that were...
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellwaf: library_flags() doesn't only operate on conf objects
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellwaf: added subdir= option in SAMBA_*() rules
2011-02-18 Andrew Tridgellwaf: use Utils.WafError() instead of sys.exit(1)
2011-02-15 Andrew Bartlettwaf Fix dependencies for .pc (pkg-config) files
2011-02-15 Simo SorceFix private libdir and codepages paths
2011-02-11 Günther Deschnerwaf: substitute '/' in -D static defines as well.
2011-02-08 Günther Deschnerwaf: bring back shared Makefile and configure (needed...
2011-02-07 Andrew Tridgells4-build: fixed uses of os.path.relpath()
2011-02-07 Andrew Tridgellbuild: removed unused build scripts
2011-02-07 Andrew Tridgellbuild: fixed error message for incorrect waf version
2011-02-07 Andrew Tridgellwaf: samba deps generation depends on EXTRA_INCLUDES
2011-02-02 Andrew Bartlettwaf: Replace python installation rule to allow PYTHONAR...
2011-01-25 Jelmer Vernooijs4-waf: Skip header-not-found cache if a library is...
2011-01-25 Jelmer Vernooijs4-waf: Only show minversion when there was a minimum...
2011-01-25 Jelmer VernooijShow text output messages when interfacing with bzr.
2011-01-19 Stefan Metzmacherwafsamba: quote CPP and CC values when calling pidl
2011-01-19 Andrew Tridgellwaf: change private libraries to use the same soname...
2011-01-14 Andrew Tridgellwaf: this script does need bash
2011-01-14 Andrew Tridgellwaf: use PYTHONARCHDIR for installing python shared...
2011-01-14 Andrew Tridgellwaf: new version of waf
2011-01-11 Andrew Tridgellabi: force TERM=none in abi generation
2011-01-05 Stefan Metzmacherbuildtools/wafsamba: import 'sys' and 'Logs' if we...
2010-12-24 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Fix handling of nick name in VERSION.
2010-12-21 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Allow newer or the same python module version...
2010-12-17 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Use abi_match in version script files.
2010-12-17 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Specify full vscript path so non-autogenerate...
2010-12-17 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Don't build vscript for modules.
2010-12-17 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Move version script handling out of SAMBA_LIB...
2010-12-17 Jelmer VernooijSimplify link installation.
2010-12-17 Jelmer Vernooijheimdal_build: Simplify library handling.
2010-12-15 Andrew Tridgellwaf: fixed re-running of build rules
2010-12-15 Matthieu Patoubuild: hpux didn't support -Bdynamic
2010-12-14 Matthieu Patouwafsamba: change the default value for SAMBA_MODULE...
2010-12-12 Matthieu Patoubuild: move the import near the place where need it...
2010-12-11 Matthieu Patoubuild: add more CFLAGS for aix
2010-12-11 Matthieu Patoubuild: On AIX we need _XOPEN_SOURCE >= 500 for CLOCK_RE...
2010-12-10 Matthieu Patoubuild: cpp is prefixed by CPP=
2010-12-10 Matthieu Patoubuild: add a function to test if -lc is needed
2010-12-10 Matthieu Patoubuild: compiler on aix is xlc_r not xlr_c
2010-12-10 Matthieu Patoubuild: reset cpp on host with xlr_c and let pidl use...
2010-12-10 Matthieu Patoubuild: detect if conf.env['CPP'] is an array or not
2010-12-10 Andrew Tridgellwaf: the file also depends on the vscript
2010-12-09 Matthieu Patoubuild: use CPP and CC values when calling pidl
2010-12-09 Matthieu Patoubuild: introduce SAMBA_CHECK_PYTHON_HEADERS
2010-12-09 Andrew Tridgellwaf: remove the restriction that private libraries...
2010-12-09 Andrew Tridgellwaf: fixed path to abi_directory
2010-12-09 Andrew Tridgellwaf: add a dependency between the library and its vscript
2010-12-09 Andrew Tridgellwaf: don't use symbol versioning on our modules
2010-12-09 Andrew Tridgellwaf: use vscripts for our private libraries too
2010-12-09 Andrew Tridgellwaf: make mkdir_p on a empty string not recurse forever
2010-12-09 Andrew Tridgellwaf-abi: auto-generate per-symbol versions from ABI...
2010-12-08 Stefan Metzmacherbuildtools: private_libraries should not have a version...
2010-12-08 Stefan Metzmacherbuildtools: add the PRIVATE_EXTENSION for private libraries
2010-12-08 Stefan Metzmacherbuildtools: make sure we have no '+' in the version...
2010-12-08 Andrew Tridgellwaf: added --disable-symbol-versions configure option
2010-12-08 Andrew Tridgellwaf: support @LIB_RPATH@ in pc files
2010-12-08 Matthieu Patoubuild: tru64 needs -shared for building libs