2014-06-09 Ira CooperSamba GIT build for F20/Rawhide. master
2014-06-06 Ira CooperUpdate to Samba 4.1.8
2014-06-05 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing require for libwbclient.
2014-04-03 Andreas SchneiderAdd systemd integration to the service daemons.
2014-03-18 Andreas SchneiderCreated a samba-test-libs package.
2014-03-12 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing patch.
2014-03-11 Andreas SchneiderFix CVE-2013-4496 and CVE-2013-6442.
2014-03-11 Andreas SchneiderFix pidl installation.
2014-02-21 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.5.
2014-02-10 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.4.
2014-01-09 Andreas SchneiderDo not build with libbsd.
2013-12-10 Günther DeschnerFix the date in changelog.
2013-12-10 Günther DeschnerFix winbind debug message NULL pointer derreference.
2013-12-09 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.3.
2013-11-25 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing version string in changelog entry.
2013-11-25 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.2.
2013-11-19 Günther DeschnerFix manpage correctness.
2013-11-15 Andreas SchneiderFix strict aliasing warnings.
2013-11-15 Andreas SchneiderSync with RHEL7.
2013-11-11 Andreas SchneiderFix CVE-2013-4475.
2013-11-11 Andreas SchneiderFix the upgrade path.
2013-10-30 Andreas SchneiderFix memset call with zero length in in ntdb.
2013-10-30 Andreas SchneiderAdd direct dependency to samba-libs in the glusterfs...
2013-10-29 Andreas SchneiderFix building with glusterfs VFS module on RHEL.
2013-10-22 Andreas SchneiderBuild glusterfs VFS plguin.
2013-10-15 Andreas SchneiderFix installation of pam_winbind after upgrade.
2013-10-11 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.0.
2013-10-09 Andreas SchneiderAdd a dependency to samba-common in samba-winbind-clients.
2013-10-04 Andreas SchneiderFix several changelog dates.
2013-10-02 Andreas SchneiderSplit out a samba-winbind-modules package.
2013-10-01 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.0rc4.
2013-09-11 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.0rc3.
2013-09-04 Andreas Schneiderresolves: #717484 - Enable profiling data support.
2013-08-29 Günther Deschnerresolves: #996160 - Fix winbind with trusted domains.
2013-08-14 Andreas SchneiderFix winbind nbt name lookup segfault.
2013-08-12 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.0rc2.
2013-08-03 Petr PísařPerl 5.18 rebuild
2013-07-24 Andreas SchneiderAdd support for new default location for Kerberos crede...
2013-07-24 Andreas SchneiderCleanup spec file of obsolete stuff.
2013-07-24 Andreas SchneiderFix file conflict between samba and wine.
2013-07-20 Petr PísařPerl 5.18 rebuild
2013-07-17 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.1.0rc1.
2013-07-17 Andreas SchneiderList all pdb modules in the spec file.
2013-07-16 Andreas SchneiderFix samba-common tmpfiles configuration file in wrong...
2013-07-16 Andreas SchneiderLocal user's krb5cc deleted by winbind.
2013-07-16 Andreas SchneiderAdd explicit dependencies suggested by rpmdiff.
2013-07-15 Andreas SchneiderBuild with PIE and full RELRO.
2013-07-03 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.7.
2013-06-07 Andreas SchneiderAdd UPN enumeration to passdb internal API (bso #9779).
2013-05-22 Andreas SchneiderFix build with MIT Kerberos.
2013-05-21 Andreas SchneiderRemove SWAT.
2013-05-21 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.6.
2013-04-10 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing logrotate directory.
2013-04-10 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing sources.
2013-04-10 Andreas SchneiderAdd UPN enumeration to passdb internal API (bso #9779).
2013-04-10 Andreas SchneiderLogRotate should be optional, and not a hard "Requires".
2013-04-10 Andreas Schneidersamba-doc is obsolete now.
2013-04-10 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.5.
2013-03-22 Andreas SchneiderFix and improve large_readx handling for broken clients.
2013-03-20 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing release number bump.
2013-03-20 Andreas SchneiderImprove packaging of README files.
2013-03-20 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.4.
2013-03-11 Andreas SchneiderCreate /run/samba too.
2013-03-04 Andreas SchneiderFix the cache dir to be /var/lib/samba to support upgrades.
2013-02-14 Andreas SchneiderFix => not found for libcmdline-credentia...
2013-02-07 Andreas SchneiderFix passdb backend ldapsam as module.
2013-02-07 Andreas SchneiderFix pidl code generation with gcc 4.8.
2013-02-07 Andreas SchneiderAdd unowned directory /usr/lib64/samba.
2013-02-07 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to 4.0.3.
2013-01-30 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.2 which fixes CVE-2013-0213 and...
2013-01-30 Andreas SchneiderFix conn->share_access which is reset between user...
2013-01-30 Andreas SchneiderFix the location of the DC readme.
2013-01-30 Andreas SchneiderAdd examples to documentation and don't introduce perl...
2013-01-30 Andreas SchneiderFix dependencies and don't package unused dc libaries.
2013-01-16 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.1.
2012-12-17 Andreas SchneiderFix typo in winbind-krb-locator post uninstall script.
2012-12-11 Andreas SchneiderIncrease the Release version for the changelog entry.
2012-12-11 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing changelog entry for Samba 4.0.0.
2012-12-11 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.0!
2012-12-11 Andreas SchneiderFix the Release tag.
2012-12-11 Andreas SchneiderAdd ldb-tools if we run the testsuite.
2012-12-06 Andreas SchneiderFix typo in winbind-krb-locator post uninstall script.
2012-12-04 Andreas SchneiderAdd support to conditionally enable the testsuite.
2012-12-04 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.0rc6.
2012-11-23 Günther DeschnerMake sure ncacn_ip_tcp client code looks for NBT_NAME_S...
2012-11-21 Andreas SchneiderAdd require for krb5-libs >= 1.10 to samba4-libs.
2012-11-19 Andreas SchneiderUpdate README.dc.
2012-11-15 Andreas SchneiderReduce dependencies of samba-devel and create samba...
2012-11-13 Andreas SchneiderBuild with old ctdb support.
2012-11-13 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing sources.
2012-11-13 Andreas SchneiderAdd missing sources.
2012-11-13 Andreas SchneiderUse workaround for winbind default domain only when...
2012-11-13 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.0rc5.
2012-11-05 Andreas SchneiderFix library dependencies of libnetapi.
2012-11-05 Andreas SchneiderFix perl dependencies.
2012-11-05 Andreas SchneiderFix winbind offline logon patch and library dependencies.
2012-10-30 Andreas SchneiderCleanup the FIXME in the spec file.
2012-10-30 Andreas SchneiderUpdate to Samba 4.0.0rc4.
2012-10-29 Andreas SchneiderFix scriptlets interpeting a comment as argument.
2012-10-26 Andreas SchneiderAdd a Networkmanager dispatcher script for winbind.