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2008-04-15 Alexander BokovoyNext update of VFS modules development guide trunk
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2008-04-15 Alexander BokovoyUse indexterm instead of term in expansion xslts
2008-04-15 Alexander BokovoyFix numbering in the Samba3 developer's guide
2008-04-14 Alexander BokovoySwitch to SVG and Inkscape to generate pictures instead...
2008-04-14 Alexander BokovoyRemove smbconfexample check from test index.xml, it...
2008-04-14 Alexander BokovoyPrettify attributions
2008-04-14 Alexander BokovoyAdd small preface to a VFS guide. More to come.
2008-04-13 Alexander BokovoyAdd first cut at networkless build instructions for...
2008-04-13 Alexander BokovoyAttempt to add DTDs as svn external repository for...
2008-04-07 Karolin SeegerCorrect usage of multiple LDAP servers as passdb backen...
2008-04-07 Karolin SeegerCorrect description of cups options. Patch from Björn...
2008-04-07 Alexander BokovoyForgot to add these macros to a samba-docs repository
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2008-04-06 Alexander BokovoyFix typo
2008-04-06 Alexander BokovoyInsert space inside this very long string. It is arguab...
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