Rename and split the README file
[idra/gss-ntlmssp.git] / src /
2016-07-01 Simo SorceAdd compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.0 origin
2016-06-03 Simo SorceAdd context extension to reset crypto state
2016-05-23 Simo SorceMove setting seq numbers to a spearate function
2016-05-23 Simo SorceCheck that we are actually asking for a known oid
2016-05-20 Simo SorceFix a regression in error handling
2015-06-06 Simo SorceAdd placeholder inquire_name
2015-04-20 Simo SorceReturn actual mech on accept context too
2015-04-19 Simo SorceFix gss_inquire_cred with no creds
2015-04-04 Simo SorceReturn the actual_mech_type when requested
2015-03-20 Simo SorceFix length check of nt_response fix32bit
2015-03-19 Simo SorceSupport openssl optimized 32bit RC4 key packing
2015-03-19 Simo SorceFix incorrect import of exported_session_key
2015-01-06 Simo SorceNames with a . in the domain are enteprise names
2014-08-11 David WoodhousePut comments before translatable strings
2014-08-11 David WoodhouseFix typos in error strings
2014-08-11 David WoodhouseUse NLS for translating error messages in gssntlm_displ...
2014-08-11 David WoodhouseInclude config.h in gss_err.c, fix GNU strerror_r(...
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAlways send NetBIOS Domain Name
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd --with-wbclient configure flag
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd more custom error message
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd support for printing internal NTLM error codes
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd macros to handle returning errors
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd debug helpers to be used to trace gss-ntlmssp
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd support for both strerror_r variants
2014-08-10 Simo SorceWe can handle only mech status codes
2014-08-10 David WoodhouseAdd gssntlm_display_status()
2014-08-10 Simo SorceOffer OEM charset support in the negotiate packet
2014-08-10 Simo SorceDo not send domain/workstation name in nego_msg
2014-08-08 Simo SorceIgnore domain and workstation in negotiate message
2014-08-08 Simo SorceVery old NTLM servers may omit target_info
2014-08-08 Simo SorceImprove role management winbind
2014-08-08 Simo SorceFetch server names much earier in the process
2014-08-08 Simo SorceFix target info check
2014-08-08 Simo SorceSet the domain name only when available.
2014-08-08 Simo SorceAdd helper to check for allowed ntlm versions
2014-08-07 Simo SorceFormal adjustment of ntlmv1_sign
2014-08-07 Simo SorceFix winbindd NTLMv1 Extended Security auth
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd helper to compute extended security challenge
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd support for NTLMv1 auth to the server
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd functions to verify NTLMv1 responses
2014-08-07 Simo SorceFix NTLMv1 client auth
2014-08-07 Simo SorcePass ctx and cred to external_xxx_auth functions
2014-08-07 Simo SorceSupport client authentication using Winbind
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd call to get names from winbind
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd call to get creds from winbind
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd external server auth support via Winbind
2014-08-07 Simo SorceMove client auth bits to gss_auth
2014-08-07 Simo SorceMove sec_req flags in the context handler
2014-08-07 Simo SorceUse helpers to get the local netbios names
2014-08-07 David WoodhouseMove local key and flags computations to the end
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd support to perform external operations
2014-08-07 David WoodhouseMove all message structures to ntlm_common.h
2014-08-07 Simo SorceLet caller decide whether to (un)seal or not
2014-08-07 Simo SorceFix order of signature vs payload
2014-08-07 Simo SorceInternalize extended security and datagram status
2014-08-07 Simo SorceIntroduce ntlm_signseal_state
2014-08-06 Simo SorceUse a macro to define the ntlm signature size
2014-08-06 Simo SorceImplement gss_wrap_size_limit()
2014-08-06 Simo SorceFix sealing key regen with shorter keys
2014-08-06 Simo SorceFix unsealing without extended session security
2014-08-06 Simo SorceFix flag clearing
2014-08-06 Simo SorceGenerate LM hash when getting pwd from cred_store
2014-07-12 Simo SorceSilence const errors
2014-07-12 Simo SorceCast to (char *) not (void *) to do pointer math
2014-07-12 Simo SorceAdd gss_localname support
2014-07-11 Simo SorceHandle missing name calling acquire creds.
2014-06-21 Simo SorceFix const warnings
2014-05-17 Simo SorceFix memory leak in NTLMv2 acceptor code
2014-05-05 Simo SorceAdd way to talk about MIC with SPNEGO
2014-05-04 Simo SorceDisable MIC by default.
2014-05-04 Simo SorceProvide the correct target name in the challenge
2014-05-04 Simo SorceCheck netbios computer and domain name when needed
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAlways provide netbios computer and domain name
2014-05-04 Simo SorceVerify Channel Bindings in accept_sec_context
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAdd support for setting CBT in the client
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAdd function to verify Channel Binding Token
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAdd function to calculate channel bindings hash
2014-05-04 Simo SorceGet av_flags and check MIC if a client sent it
2014-05-04 Simo SorceReturn target_info from ntlm_decode_auth_msg
2014-05-04 Simo SorceMake MIC conditional on integrity being requested
2014-05-04 Simo SorceCompute MIC in the client when requested
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAdd function to verify MICs
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAdd function to calculate MIC
2014-05-04 Simo SorceUse target_info parsing helper
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAugment target_info processing with a utility
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAdd internal facility to override standard version
2014-05-04 Simo SorceRetry auth with NULL Domain as per spec
2014-05-04 Simo SorceRemove unnecessary assignments
2014-05-04 Simo SorceRemove redundant definition
2014-05-04 Simo SorceChange input parameter to be const
2014-05-04 Simo SorceFail if the encryption level is not matched
2014-05-04 Simo SorceDo not send LM Response on auth to modern servers
2014-05-04 Simo SorceAlways use Extedned Session Security when possible
2014-05-04 Simo SorceFix missing assignments in ntlm_decode_target_info
2014-05-04 Simo SorceReturn flags and time when requested
2014-04-13 Simo SorceReturn Client name if requested
2014-04-13 Simo SorceFix epoch value
2014-01-26 Simo SorceFix segfault in init context.
2014-01-12 Simo SorceImplement Import/Export cred functions export_cred
2014-01-12 Simo SorceGeneralize export_state and related functions