Rename and split the README file
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2014-08-11 David WoodhouseAdd support for building with NLS
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd --with-wbclient configure flag
2014-08-10 Simo SorceAdd debug helpers to be used to trace gss-ntlmssp
2014-08-10 David WoodhouseAdd gssntlm_display_status()
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd external server auth support via Winbind
2014-08-07 Simo SorceInitial build support for detecting and using libwbclient
2014-08-07 Simo SorceAdd support to perform external operations
2014-05-17 Simo SorceFix Makefile cflags use
2013-12-16 Simo SorceImplement export context function
2013-10-18 Simo SorceAdd public devel header file
2013-10-18 Simo SorceFix symbols export regex to include gssspi_ too.
2013-08-19 Simo SorceAdd integrity and confidentiality functions
2013-08-18 Simo SorceAdd testsing of gssntlm mechglue functions
2013-07-19 Simo SorceAdd basic NTLMv2 crypto tests
2013-07-19 Simo SorceImplement basic naming functions
2013-07-19 Simo SorceImplement credential handling
2013-07-19 Simo SorceInitial GSS Mechanism code.
2013-07-19 Simo SorceNTLM Crypto functions
2013-07-16 Simo SorceInitial NTLM message parsing library
2013-07-13 Simo SorceScheleton to start bulding the GSS-NTLMSSP project.