torture/ioctl: make sparse file support check generic
[gd/samba-autobuild/.git] / source4 / torture / smb2 / ioctl.c
2016-09-22 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: make sparse file support check generic
2016-08-16 Uri Simchonis4-smbtorture: pin copychunk exec right behavior
2016-08-16 Uri Simchoniseltest: allow opening files with arbitrary rights...
2015-03-18 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add simple FSCTL_FILE_LEVEL_TRIM test
2015-03-10 Volker Lendecketorture4: Fix systems with a 32-bit "long"
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add range overflow QAR test
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add multi-range QAR test
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add QAR off-by-one bug paranoia test
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: test sparse file operation locking
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add ioctl_sparse_perms test
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: rework and reduce pattern helper IO...
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add sparse_punch_invalid test
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: remove FS specific sparse copy-chunk...
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: remove FS specific sparse punch check
2015-03-09 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: remove 64K chunk size assumptions
2015-03-09 David Disseldorpidl/ioctl: change QAR response array to a DATA_BLOB
2015-02-12 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add test_ioctl_sparse_copy_chunk test
2015-02-11 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add sparse_compressed test
2015-02-11 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: extend sparse_hole_dealloc test
2015-02-11 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: add sparse_hole_dealloc test
2015-02-11 David Disseldorptorture/ioctl: fix check_[zero/pattern]() for len=0
2014-09-08 David Disseldorptorture: basic FSCTL_SET_ZERO_DATA tests
2014-09-08 David Disseldorptorture: add file zero-range checker
2014-09-08 David Disseldorptorture: malformed FSCTL_QUERY_ALLOCATED_RANGES tests
2014-09-08 David Disseldorptorture: basic FSCTL_QUERY_ALLOCATED_RANGES test
2014-09-08 David Disseldorptorture: split pattern write into helper function
2014-09-08 David Disseldorptorture: test oversize FSCTL_SET_SPARSE request
2014-08-29 David Disseldorptorture: trivial test_ioctl_network_interface_info...
2014-08-29 David Disseldorptorture: test FSCTL_SET_SPARSE without SetSparse buffer
2014-08-29 David Disseldorptorture: test FSCTL_SET_SPARSE against a directory
2014-08-29 David Disseldorptorture: test FSCTL_SET_SPARSE
2014-07-24 Anubhav Rakshittorture: Add FSCTL_QUERY_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO torture...
2014-02-07 David Disseldorptorture: add zero length FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK test
2013-11-22 David Disseldorptorture: test get/set compression ioctl permissions
2013-11-22 David Disseldorptorture: split open from test_setup_create_fill
2013-11-22 David Disseldorptorture: attempt to set compression via SetInfo
2013-11-22 David Disseldorptorture: test dir non-inherit in compress_inherit_disable
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-10-25 David Disseldorptorture: add FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK_WRITE access test
2013-08-15 David Disseldorptorture: support Windows 2k8 response for compress_inva...
2013-08-15 David Disseldorptorture: add more [no-]compress-on-open ioctl tests
2013-08-15 David Disseldorptorture: add file_attribs arg to file create helper
2013-08-15 David Disseldorptorture: add compressed file attribute ioctl test
2013-08-15 David Disseldorptorture: check for filesystem compression capability
2013-08-15 David Disseldorptorture: extend FSCTL_[GET/SET]_COMPRESSION tests
2013-08-09 David Disseldorptorture: add smb2 FSCTL_[GET/SET]_COMPRESSION test
2013-08-09 David Disseldorptorture: split out ioctl test file creation helper
2013-01-16 David Disseldorptorture: copychunk test suite improvements
2013-01-16 David Disseldorptorture: replace ioctl failure returns with helper...
2013-01-16 David Disseldorptorture: add locking tests for copychunk
2013-01-16 David Disseldorptorture: skip FSCTL_SRV_ENUM_SNAPS test when not supported
2013-01-16 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: remove ioctl error response assumptions
2012-11-30 Andreas Schneidertorture: Fix copy and paste error.
2012-03-06 Gregor Becks4:torture: avoid reporting error on failure of smb2...
2012-03-01 Matthias Dieter... s4:torture/smb2/ioctl.c - quiet format specifier warnin...
2011-10-31 David Disseldorps4-torture: smb2 copychunk data integrity checks
2011-10-31 David Disseldorps4-torture: add smb2 copychunk ioctl tests
2011-10-31 David Disseldorps4-torture: split common copychunk ioctl test code...
2011-10-31 David Disseldorps4-torture: Add tests for the smb2 copychunk ioctl
2011-10-19 David Disseldorps3: remove duplicate fsctl fn definitions
2011-09-29 David Disseldorps4: add SMB2_FSCTL opcodes
2011-09-29 David Disseldorps4-torture: add smb2 ioctl test suite