packaging: Set default limit for core file size in service files
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2016-05-18 Stefan Metzmachers3:smbd: fix anonymous authentication if signing is...
2016-05-18 Stefan Metzmachers3:ntlm_auth: make ntlm_auth_generate_session_info...
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_ctdb: Remove get_my_vnn dependency
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_ctdb: Fix some 32-bit hickups
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Remove messages.h dependency
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add "msg_ctx" to db_open_ctdb
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_ctdb: Pass in ctdbd_connection
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_ctdb: Add "conn" to db_ctdb_ctx
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_ctdb: Align loop index with terminator
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Move async message handling out of ctdbd_conn
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Expose ctdb socket readability handler
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: "sockname" is not needed anymore
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Simplify two DEBUGs
2016-05-17 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: remove ctdb_processes_exist
2016-05-16 Volker Lendecketorture: Remove a use of get_my_vnn()
2016-05-16 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix an assert
2016-05-12 Christian Ambachs3:modules/vfs_snapper squelch -O3 compile warning
2016-05-12 Michael Adams3:vfs:preopen: fix O3 error unused result of write
2016-05-12 Michael Adams3:vfs:aio_fork: fix O3 error unused result of write
2016-05-12 Michael Adams3:smbfilter: fix O3 error unused result of system()
2016-05-12 Michael Adams3:utils:log2pcaphex: fix O3 error uninitialized variable
2016-05-12 Michael Adams3:utils:log2pcaphex: fix O3 error unused result of...
2016-05-12 Michael Adams3:samlogon_cache: fix O3 error unused result of truncate
2016-05-12 Christian Ambachs3:rpcclient add -m option
2016-05-12 Christian Ambachs3:selftest add a test for rpcclient --pw-nt-hash option
2016-05-12 Christian Ambachs3:rpcclient make --pw-nt-hash option work
2016-05-12 Stefan Metzmachers3:rpc_server/samr: simplify the logic in get_user_info...
2016-05-11 Christian Ambachs3:libsmb/clifile use correct value for MaxParameterCou...
2016-05-09 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Remove an unused #define
2016-05-05 Uri Simchonismbd: remove "only user" and "username" parameters
2016-05-04 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: add an option that allows disabling POSIX...
2016-05-04 Robin McCorkellCorrectly set cli->raw_status for libsmbclient in SMB2...
2016-05-04 Ralph Boehmes3:libnet:libnet_join: add netbios aliases as SPNs
2016-05-04 Christian Ambachs3:smbd remove todo comments
2016-05-03 Christian Ambachselftest: test for case insensitivity over SMB2/SMB3
2016-05-03 Christian Ambachs3:smbd/filename remove smelly code
2016-05-03 Christian Ambachs3:smbd/service apply some code formatting
2016-05-03 Christian Ambachs3:smbd/service disable case-sensitivity for SMB2/3...
2016-05-03 Volker Lendeckelib: Give base64.c its own .h
2016-05-03 Volker Lendeckelib: Make callers of base64_encode_data_blob check...
2016-05-03 Ralph Boehmesmbd: use remote arch caching
2016-05-03 Ralph Boehmes3/lib: add remote arch caching
2016-05-03 Ralph Boehmes3/lib: add get_remote_arch_from_str()
2016-05-03 Ralph Boehmes3/lib: rework get_remote_arch_str() to use an array
2016-05-03 Douglas BagnallFix formatting issue on 32bit with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS...
2016-04-29 Christof Schmittsmbcacls: Do not read old ACL for 'set' operation
2016-04-29 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Remove unused prototypes for winbindd_group.c
2016-04-29 Günther Deschners3:client:smbspool_krb5_wrapper: fix the non clearenv...
2016-04-29 Uri Simchonixfs quotas - fix case of no quota for user
2016-04-29 Uri Simchonint-quotas: fixup failure case for TRANSACT_GET_USER_QUO...
2016-04-28 Jérémie Courrèges... Provide fallback code for non-portable clearenv(3)
2016-04-28 Robin Hackwinbindd/idmap_rfc2307: Fix CID 1273424 - Read from...
2016-04-28 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: check if dcinfo from genache is expired
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:selftest: add smbclient_ntlm tests
2016-04-28 Stefan this script reqiures 5 arguments
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:smbd: only mark real guest sessions with the GUEST...
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:smbd: make use SMB_SETUP_GUEST constant
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:auth_builtin: anonymous authentication doesn't allow...
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: use anonymous authentication via spnego...
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: don't finish the gensec handshake for guest...
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: record the session setup action flags
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: use password = NULL for anonymous connections
2016-04-28 Günther Deschners3:librpc:crypto:gse: increase debug level for gse_init...
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:libads/sasl: allow wrapped messages up to a size...
2016-04-27 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Avoid large reads beyond EOF
2016-04-27 Partha SarathiFix the smb2_setinfo to handle FS info types and FSQUOT...
2016-04-26 Andreas Schneiders3-libads: Fix compilation with MIT Kerberos
2016-04-26 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_ctdb: Fix ENOENT->NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND
2016-04-26 Ralph Boehmes3/rpc_server: mdssvc: suppress compiler warnings from...
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Make "cstatus" int32_t
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Add some more debug info
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Use ctdbd_control_local where possible
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Avoid "includes.h"
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckelib: serverid.h references struct server_id
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckelib: Move ctdbd_init_connection out of ctdbd_traverse()
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Remove unused ctdbd_messaging_connection
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckelib: Use ctdbd_init_connection in messaging_ctdbd_init
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Make ctdbd_init_connection public
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Use ctdbd_init_connection in ctdbd_probe
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Use sys_poll_intr
2016-04-25 Volker Lendeckectdbd_conn: Adapt loop counter's type to the loop limit
2016-04-25 Ralph Boehmekrb5_wrap: add enctype arg to smb_krb5_kt_seek_and_dele...
2016-04-22 Richard SharpeFixes an obvious copy-paste error in source3/utils...
2016-04-22 Volker Lendeckepdb_ldap: Don't use autofree if "mods" still changes
2016-04-19 Ralph Boehmecleanupd: restart as needed
2016-04-19 Uri Simchonilibads: record session expiry for spnego sasl binds
2016-04-19 David Disseldorpprinting: handle "printcap cache time" change on HUP
2016-04-19 David Disseldorpprinting: use housekeeping period that matches cache...
2016-04-15 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Base idmap_ad on tldap
2016-04-15 Volker Lendeckewinbind: handle DC_NOT_FOUND in wb_xids2sids
2016-04-15 Volker Lendeckewinbind: handle DC_NOT_FOUND in wb_sids2xids
2016-04-15 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add wb_dsgetdcname_gencache_[gs]et
2016-04-15 Volker Lendecketldap: Add tldap_gensec_bind
2016-04-15 Volker Lendecketldap: Add tldap_get/set_stream
2016-04-15 Volker Lendeckeidmap_ad: Separate out the nss functions
2016-04-15 Hemanth ThummalaMask general purpose signals for notifyd.
2016-04-14 Noel Powers3:libsmb: Fix illegal memory access after memory has...
2016-04-12 Stefan Metzmachers3:libads: sasl wrapped LDAP connections against with...
2016-04-12 Stefan MetzmacherCVE-2015-5370: s3:rpc_client: disconnect connection...
2016-04-12 Stefan MetzmacherCVE-2015-5370: s3:rpc_server: verify auth_context_id...