smbd/smb2_ioctl: instruct VFS to ignore locks for dup extents
[gd/samba-autobuild/.git] / source3 / smbd / smb2_ioctl_filesys.c
2017-05-10 David Disseldorpsmbd/smb2_ioctl: instruct VFS to ignore locks for dup...
2017-05-10 David Disseldorpsmbd/smb2_ioctl: validate dup_extent request lengths
2017-05-10 David Disseldorpsmbd/smb2_ioctl: check sparseness for dup extents
2017-05-10 David Disseldorpsmbd/smb2_ioctl: check for for overlap of dup extent...
2017-05-10 Aurelien Aptelsmbd/smb2_ioctl: add support for FSCTL_DUPLICATE_EXTENT...
2017-01-09 David Disseldorpsmbd/ioctl: match WS2016 ReFS set compression behaviour
2016-10-14 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix a comment
2016-10-06 David Disseldorpsmbd/ioctl: match WS2016 ReFS get compression behaviour
2015-11-17 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Use check_access_fsp where appropriate
2015-03-09 David Disseldorpsmbd/ioctl: add FSCTL_QUERY_ALLOCATED_RANGES support
2015-03-09 David Disseldorpsmbd/ioctl: add FSCTL_SET_ZERO_DATA support
2013-11-22 David Disseldorpsmb2/ioctl: add support for FSCTL_[GET/SET]_COMPRESSION
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-01-16 David Disseldorpsmb2_ioctl: split ioctl handler code on device type