smbd: Use leases_db in lease_match()
[gd/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / tevent /
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartletttevent: Release tevent 0.10.0 tevent-0.10.0
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Standardise on calling conf.SAMBA_CHECK_PYTHON...
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove bld.gen_python_environments()
2019-02-26 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.39 tevent-0.9.39
2019-02-26 David MulderSearch for location of waf script
2019-02-08 Douglas Bagnallpy_tevent: add_timer takes float argument
2019-01-28 Andreas Schneiderlib:tevent: Use correct C99 initializer for tevent_req
2019-01-15 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.38 tevent-0.9.38
2019-01-12 Stefan Metzmachertevent: deprecate tevent_wrapper api again
2019-01-10 Swen SchilligFix typos and ban the rams from samba tdb-1.3.17
2018-12-14 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Move python detection back into waf (instead...
2018-12-13 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Workaround python3 hash order issues (for now)
2018-12-10 Noel PowerPY3: switch current build to use python3
2018-11-30 Olly BettsFix spelling mistakes
2018-10-08 Volker Lendeckelib: Avoid the use of open_memstream in tevent_req_prof...
2018-09-14 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix a docu typo
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoylib/tevent/wscript: update to handle waf 2.0.4
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E306: expected 1 blank line before a nested...
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E305: expected 2 blank lines after class...
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E302: expected 2 blank lines, found 1
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E123: closing bracket does not match indentat...
2018-08-06 Richard SharpeMinor, really small, documentation fix.
2018-07-24 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use talloc_zero_size() for the private state...
2018-07-17 Ralph Boehmetevent: fix CID 1437974 dereference after null check
2018-07-17 Ralph Boehmetevent: fix CID 1437976 dereference before null check
2018-07-11 Volker Lendecketorture: Test tevent_req_profile
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.37 tevent-0.9.37
2018-07-11 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_req_profile
2018-07-11 Ralph Boehmetevent: add a test that frees wrapper_ev with pending...
2018-07-11 Ralph Boehmetevent: add a simple wrapper test
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add tevent_context_wrapper_create() infrastructure
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: make use of #include "system/threads.h"
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_fd_handler()
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_immediate_handler()
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_timer_handler()
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_signal_handler()
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: simplify tevent_signal_destructor()
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use talloc_zero() in tevent_signal.c
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: simplify tevent_cleanup_pending_signal_handlers()
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add tevent_common_check_double_free() helper...
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add tevent_threaded_schedule_immediate_destruct...
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use _tevent_schedule_immediate() to move events...
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use struct initializers for tevent_immediate
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use struct initializers for tevent_signal
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use struct initializers for tevent_timer
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use struct initializers for tevent_fd
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: make tevent_abort() available for backends
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: allow tevent_abort() to cope with ev == NULL
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent/testsuite: return after torture_fail()
2018-07-11 Ralph Boehmetevent.h: improve tevent_req documentation
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rewrite/simplify tevent_poll and maintain ev...
2018-07-11 Stefan Metzmachertevent: make use of tevent_common_wakeup() in the poll...
2018-04-30 Noel Powerlib/tevent: Additionally accept unicode as string param...
2018-04-24 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix callers of tevent_req_set_endtime
2018-04-11 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix CID 1414792 Unchecked return value
2018-02-23 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.36 tevent-0.9.36
2018-02-23 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add tevent_queue_entry_untrigger()
2018-02-23 Stefan Metzmachertevent: improve documentation of tevent_queue_add_optim...
2018-01-12 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.35 tevent-0.9.35
2017-12-18 Gary Lockyerlib/async_req/async_sock.c set socket close on exec
2017-12-18 Gary Lockyerlib/tevent/echo_server.c set socket close on exec
2017-11-17 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix typos
2017-11-17 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Minor cleanup. wakeup_fd can always be...
2017-11-13 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.34 tevent-0.9.34
2017-11-11 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix a race condition
2017-09-16 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Remove select backend.
2017-08-16 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: Use system <tevent.h>, not internal header...
2017-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.33 tevent-0.9.33
2017-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertevent: handle passing req = NULL to tevent_req_print()
2017-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertevent: avoid calling talloc_get_name(NULL) in tevent_r...
2017-06-22 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.32 tevent-0.9.32
2017-06-22 Stefan Metzmachertevent: include the finish location in tevent_req_defau...
2017-06-21 Volker Lendecketevent: Simplify create_immediate
2017-06-16 Volker Lendecketevent_threads: Fix a rundown race introduced with...
2017-06-08 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix a race condition in tevent context rundown
2017-06-08 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix a memleak on FreeBSD
2017-06-08 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_re_initialise to threaded test
2017-06-08 Volker Lendecketevent: Re-init threading in tevent_re_initialise
2017-06-08 Volker Lendecketevent: Factor out context initialization
2017-06-08 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix a typo
2017-03-10 Ian Stakenviciuswaf: disable-python - align tevent wscript
2017-01-11 Stefan Metzmacherwscript: remove executable bits for all wscript* files
2017-01-11 Stefan Metzmacherlib/tevent: remove unused
2016-12-08 Lukas Slebodniktevent: remove shebang from
2016-10-05 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.31 tevent-0.9.31
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_req_reset_endtime
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Make talloc_free safe when threaded_contexts...
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_common_wakeup_fd()
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Rename wakeup fds
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Add tevent_update_timer()
2016-10-04 Volker Lendecketevent: Factor out tevent_common_insert_timer
2016-09-16 Volker Lendecketevent_tutorial: Fix tevent_thread referencing
2016-09-15 Volker Lendecketevent_tutorial: Fix typos
2016-09-06 Michael Adamtevent: fix confused documentation
2016-09-01 Volker Lendecketevent: Fix some typos
2016-08-23 Stefan Metzmachertevent: version 0.9.30 tevent-0.9.30
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Use eventfd for signal/thread wakeup
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Move a variable declaration into a while block
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Move rundown of the event pipe
2016-08-23 Volker Lendecketevent: Simple test for threaded immediates