smbd: Use leases_db in lease_match()
[gd/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / dbwrap /
2018-09-14 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_tdb: Avoid double-call to talloc_get_type_abort
2018-09-12 Ralph Boehmedbwrap_tdb: use struct initializer
2018-09-12 Ralph Boehmedbwrap_tdb: move a function call out of an if condition
2018-09-07 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove a pointless "return;"
2018-08-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Fix a typo
2018-05-16 Timur I. BakeyevConvert affected by previous commit lines from DEBUG...
2018-05-16 Timur I. BakeyevRemove extra 0x prefix for the "%p" format specifiers...
2018-04-23 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove dependency on samba-hostconfig
2018-04-23 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove calls to loadparm
2017-08-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_unmarshall_fn
2017-08-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_trans_delete
2017-08-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_trans_store
2017-08-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_store_uint32_bystring
2017-08-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_store_int32_bystring
2017-08-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Convert dbwrap_delete to dbwrap_do_locked
2017-08-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Convert dbwrap_store to dbwrap_do_locked
2017-07-25 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_tdb: Implement do_locked
2017-07-25 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add dbwrap_do_locked
2017-07-25 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Factor out the core dbwrap lock order logic
2017-07-25 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add dbwrap_record_storev
2017-07-25 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Convert backend store to storev
2017-07-25 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add dbwrap_merge_dbufs
2017-06-21 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove unused dbwrap_file
2017-06-21 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove unused dbwrap_cache
2017-04-18 Ralph Boehmedbwrap: add dbwrap_parse_record_send/recv
2017-04-18 Ralph Boehmedbwrap: add parse_record_send/recv to struct db_context
2017-04-18 Ralph Boehmedbwrap: add enum dbwrap_req_state
2016-07-15 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove dbwrap_watchers.tdb based code
2016-06-08 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Address may be used uninitialized in this functi...
2016-03-06 Volker Lendeckelib: Avoid "includes.h" in dbwrap.c
2016-03-01 Michael Adamdbwrap: add dbwrap_purge[_bystring]
2016-03-01 Michael Adamdbwrap_util: improve a debug message in dbwrap_delete_a...
2016-01-26 Uri Simchonidbwrap_file: fix use of read_data()
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooń≥Rename 'errors' to 'samba-errors' and make it public.
2015-11-27 Stefan Metzmacherdbwrap_rbt: fix modifying the db during traverse
2015-11-27 Stefan Metzmacherdbwrap_rbt: add nested traverse protection
2015-11-27 Stefan Metzmacherdbwrap_rbt: use talloc_zero_size() instead of a partial...
2015-11-23 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_tdb: Fix a typo
2015-10-28 Volker Lendeckelib: dbwrap_local_open references loadparm_context
2015-09-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Make dbwrap_db_id return size_t
2015-09-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove talloc_reference()
2015-09-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove unused dbwrap_hash_size()
2015-09-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove loadparm_context from db_open_tdb
2015-07-20 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_rbt: Make "key" and "value" aligned to 16 byte
2015-05-12 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove an unused variable
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove a ntdb reference
2015-03-17 Volker LendeckeRemove ntdb protection from db_open_tdb
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove dbwrap_ntdb
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove ntdb logic from dbwrap_local_open
2015-02-26 David Disseldorpntdb: always return int from tdb_store_flag_to_ntdb()
2014-12-16 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add code to marshall a db_context's db
2014-11-24 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Fix a enum conversion
2014-10-30 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Avoid "includes.h" in dbwrap_cache.c
2014-10-30 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add some required #includes to dbwrap.h
2014-10-30 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Avoid an unnecessary #include
2014-03-31 Volker Lendecketdb_wrap: Remove tdb_wrap_open_ again
2014-03-31 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Avoid passing lp_ctx to tdb_wrap_open in db_ope...
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: completely check validity of lock order in...
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add a comment explaining the supported lock...
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_VALID()
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_MIN
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: move definition of DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_MAX to...
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: explicitly use DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_NONE in tdb...
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: introduce DBWRAP_LOCK_ORDER_NONE for lock order...
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add dbwrap_flags argument to dbwrap_local_open()
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add a dbwrap_flags argument to db_open_ntdb()
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add a dbwrap_flags argument to db_open_tdb()
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add DBWRAP_FLAG_OPTIMIZE_READONLY_ACCESS
2014-02-07 Michael Adamdbwrap: add flags DBWRAP_FLAG_NONE
2013-12-14 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: No lock_order check if not required
2013-12-14 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_cache: Check negative first
2013-12-14 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_cache: Fix dbwrap_cache_validate
2013-12-14 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Avoid a stackframe in fetch_locked_internal
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-06-06 Volker LendeckeRevert "dbwrap: dbwrap_fetch_locked_timeout()."
2013-05-12 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Fix CID 1002092 Uninitialized scalar variable
2013-04-13 Rusty Russellntdb: remove --disable-ntdb.
2013-03-27 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add a comment explaining a restriction
2013-02-20 Rusty Russelldbwrap_local_open: never open the .tdb if there is...
2013-02-20 Rusty Russelldbwrap_local_open: open NTDB if extension is .ntdb
2013-02-20 Rusty Russelldbwrap: dbwrap_ntdb.c
2013-02-08 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Prevent transactions on non-persistent dbs
2013-02-04 Stefan Metzmacherlib/dbwrap: talloc_strdup() name in db_open_file()
2013-01-15 Michael Adamdbwrap: add dbwrap_is_persistent()
2012-11-29 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Remove an unnecessary if-statement
2012-11-29 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: No need to NULL out a talloc_zero'ed structure...
2012-11-29 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Use talloc_zero in db_open_rbt
2012-11-29 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Use talloc_zero in db_open_cache
2012-11-29 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Use dbwrap_parse_record in dbwrap_fetch_uint32_...
2012-10-25 Andrew Bartlettdbwrap: use talloc_stackframe() in db_tdb_log_key()
2012-09-21 Gregor Becks3:dbwrap: remove unused args from db_open_file()
2012-09-21 Gregor Becks3:dbwrap: let dbwrap_fetch_uint32 distinguish between...
2012-08-03 Gregor Becklib/dbwrap: rewrite lock order check to ease debugging
2012-07-04 Rusty Russellntdb: make --disable-ntdb work properly.
2012-06-22 Stefan Metzmacherdbwrap: don't ignore the result of dbwrap_parse_record...
2012-06-22 Stefan Metzmacherdbwrap: intialize state.status in dbwrap_fetch_int32()
2012-06-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Convert fetch_int32 to dbwrap_parse_record
2012-06-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add dbwrap_fetch_int32
2012-06-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Add dbwrap_change_int32_atomic
2012-06-22 Rusty Russelldbwrap: dbwrap_hash_size().