2019-09-17 Günther Deschnercrypto-selftests: test CFB8 ciphers with different... master
2019-09-17 Stefan Metzmachercfb8: Fix decrypt path
2019-09-16 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'wip-guile-3.0' into 'master'
2019-09-16 Ludovic Courtèsguile: Add support for Guile 3.0.
2019-09-16 Ludovic Courtèsdoc: Run guile with '-q'.
2019-09-16 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'wip-guile-include-m4-macros' into 'master'
2019-09-13 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-interop-old-gnutls' into 'master'
2019-09-13 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostlsfuzzer: enable atypical padding check
2019-09-12 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'tmp-decr-len' into 'master'
2019-09-12 Daiki Uenolib/*: remove unnecessary cast to ssize_t
2019-09-12 Daiki Uenognutls_int.h: make DECR_LEN neutral to signedness
2019-09-11 Daiki Ueno.gitlab-ci.yml: bump configure cache version
2019-09-11 Daiki Ueno.gitlab-ci.yml: export guile related envvars for doc...
2019-09-06 Dmitry Eremin... Merge branch 'fix-priority-setting' into 'master'
2019-09-06 Dmitry Eremin... Merge branch 'fix-cli-debug' into 'master'
2019-09-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: check interoperability testing with gnutls 2...
2019-09-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos_gnutls_epoch_set_keys: do not forbid random padding...
2019-09-05 Ludovic Courtès.gitlab-ci.yml: minimal.Fedora.x86_64: Pass '--disable...
2019-09-05 Ludovic Courtès.gitlab-ci.yml: doc-dist.Fedora: Pass "GUILE", "GUILD...
2019-09-05 Ludovic Courtèsmaint: Include Guile's M4 macros.
2019-09-05 Dmitry Eremin... priority: fix loop which removes systemwide disabled...
2019-09-04 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp_rawpk_fuzzing' into 'master'
2019-09-04 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'wip-certificate-status' into 'master'
2019-09-02 Tom VranckenAdded initial corpora for rawpk client and server fuzzers.
2019-09-02 Tom VranckenImplemented server rawpk fuzzer.
2019-09-02 Tom VranckenImplemented client rawpk fuzzer.
2019-09-02 Dmitry Eremin... gnutls-cli-debug: fix early break for no version suppor...
2019-09-01 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: added interoperability test with gnutls 2.12.x
2019-08-31 Ludovic Courtèsguile: Update the list of certificate status values.
2019-08-14 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'mcatanzaro/typo' into 'master'
2019-08-13 Michael CatanzaroFix typo in gnutls_db_set_cache_expiration() docs
2019-08-09 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'tmp-encryptv2' into 'master'
2019-08-09 Daiki Uenocrypto-api: add gnutls_aead_cipher_{en,de}cryptv2
2019-08-09 Daiki Uenocrypto-api: use giovec_t iterator interface for aead_en...
2019-08-09 Daiki Uenoiov: add iterator interface for giovec_t
2019-08-08 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'tmp-deterministic-ecdsa' into 'master'
2019-08-08 Daiki Uenonettle: prohibit deterministic ECDSA/DSA under FIPS...
2019-08-08 Daiki Uenonettle: enable deterministic ECDSA/DSA during FIPS...
2019-08-08 Daiki Uenopk: implement deterministic ECDSA/DSA
2019-08-08 Daiki Uenoprivkey_sign_prehashed: remove unused argument
2019-08-08 Daiki Uenoprivkey_sign_raw_data: remove unnecessary local variable
2019-08-08 Daiki Uenonettle: add functions for deterministic ECDSA/DSA
2019-08-06 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-fixes' into 'master'
2019-08-06 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
2019-08-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosread_cpuid_vals: use __get_cpuid_count() only when...
2019-08-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossrc/ fix detection of .bak files
2019-08-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosconfigure: AS_HELP_STRING cannot print variables; don...
2019-08-03 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-sign-cas' into 'master'
2019-08-02 Karsten OhmeNotes about Ubuntu specific software versions not avail...
2019-07-30 Tim RühsenMerge branch 'tmp-missing-inih-license' into 'master'
2019-07-29 Andreas MetzlerShip inih/LICENSE.txt in release tarball
2019-07-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'mcatanzaro/#806' into 'master'
2019-07-26 Michael CatanzaroImprove documentation of gnutls_record_send()
2019-07-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscerttool: default to yes on signing certificates for CAs
2019-07-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosbumped version for 3.6.9
2019-07-22 Dmitry Eremin... Merge branch 'fix-gost' into 'master'
2019-07-22 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls.h: mark AEAD ciphers as such in gnutls_cipher_al...
2019-07-22 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosabi-check: correctly bail-out on errors
2019-07-22 Karsten OhmeSupport for Generalname registeredID from RFC 5280...
2019-07-21 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloslibgnutls.abignore: added comment linking to syntax
2019-07-21 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosNEWS: updated for upcoming release [ci skip]
2019-07-19 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-tls-fuzzer' into 'master'
2019-07-17 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-fix-doc-gnutls_certificate_set_retrie...
2019-07-16 Tim RühsenFix documented params for gnutls_certificate_retrieve_f...
2019-07-15 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosFixed alerts returned on TLS1.3 corner cases
2019-07-14 Dmitry Eremin... nettle/backport: fix xts-backport guarding check
2019-07-14 Dmitry Eremin... nettle/gost: support building with GOST-enabled Nettle
2019-07-12 Tim RühsenMerge branch 'guile-reauth' into 'master'
2019-07-11 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'tmp-session-ticket-valgrind' into 'master'
2019-07-11 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'tmp-pkcs11-login-error' into 'master'
2019-07-11 Daiki Uenotests: remove unused destructive/
2019-07-11 Daiki Uenopkcs11: ignore login error when traversing tokens
2019-07-10 Daiki Uenoext/session_ticket: avoid calling memcpy on overlapping...
2019-07-10 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-mark-infinite-loops' into 'master'
2019-07-10 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloslib: mark infinite loops explicitly
2019-07-09 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-coverage' into 'master'
2019-07-09 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: improve coverage of CRQ related functions
2019-07-09 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-var' into 'master'
2019-07-09 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-fix-ocsp' into 'master'
2019-07-08 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosencode_ber_digest_info: added sanity check
2019-07-08 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update [ci skip]
2019-07-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostestcompat-openssl: added interop test with DTLS 1.2
2019-07-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: added sanity check for rfc7633 behavior
2019-07-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: status-request-missing: renamed to rfc7633-missing
2019-07-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosstatus-request-ext: run under all TLS versions
2019-07-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: status-request: cleanup
2019-07-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: status-request-missing: run for all TLS versions
2019-07-01 Dmitry Eremin... Merge branch 'tmp-cli-debug' into 'master'
2019-06-30 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-fix-desc' into 'master'
2019-06-30 Daiki UenoMerge branch 'tmp-fips-drbg-continuous' into 'master'
2019-06-29 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls-cli-debug: test whether RSA key exchange is...
2019-06-29 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_session_get_desc: avoid printing a NULL value
2019-06-29 Dmitry Eremin... Merge branch 'mac-gmac' into 'master'
2019-06-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerge branch 'tmp-fix-gnutls_x509_crt_list_import2...
2019-06-28 Daiki Uenonettle/rnd-fips: add FIPS 140-2 continuous RNG test
2019-06-28 Dmitry Eremin... lib: document gnutls_hmac_fast vs nonce relationship
2019-06-28 Dmitry Eremin... tests/gnutls_hmac_fast: run test for AES-UMAC-96/-128
2019-06-28 Dmitry Eremin... nettle: return true for gnutls_mac_exists(AES-CMAC*)
2019-06-28 Dmitry Eremin... NEWS: add an entry for AES-GMAC algorithms
2019-06-28 Dmitry Eremin... tests/gnutls_hmac_fast: run test for AES-GMAC-128/...