2017-05-31 David DisseldorpMerge pull request #17 from luis-henrix/pr_hardcoded_li... master
2017-05-31 Luis Henriquescut_*: remove hard-coded library paths
2017-05-31 Luis Henriquesruntime.vars: add helper for finding library path
2017-05-30 Johannes ThumshirnMerge branch 'ddiss-pr_zram_mnt_create' into
2017-05-30 David Disseldorptools/zram_setup.sh: fix mount-point dir creation
2017-05-29 David DisseldorpMerge pull request #15 from ddiss/pr_vm_metadata_as_xattr
2017-05-26 David Disseldorpfstests_local_autorun.sh: test XFS by default
2017-05-26 David Disseldorpcut_fstests: add missing dependencies
2017-05-26 David Disseldorpkernel/vanilla_config: add dm-flakey and dm-snapshot...
2017-05-26 David Disseldorpcut_fstests_local.sh: increase memory resources
2017-05-26 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: add helpers for setting VM resource requi...
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpvm_autorun.env: explicitly set VM hostname if networkless
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpvm.sh: boot VM without a netdev when instructed
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpcut: indicate networklessness
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: add helper for storing networkless VM...
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: use helper functions for qemu_args xattrs
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpcut_qemu_rbd: add Ceph config dependency
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpvm.sh: use qemu pidfile to track running VMs
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpfstests_cifs_autorun: don't print share credentials...
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpcut_fstests_cifs: install SMB3 kernel crypto dependencies
2017-05-25 David Disseldorpkernel: update sle12sp3 and enable cifs.ko
2017-05-23 Johannes ThumshirnMerge branch 'pr_blktests_zram'
2017-05-22 David DisseldorpMerge pull request #14 from obnoxxx/typo
2017-05-22 Michael Adamreadme: fix typo
2017-05-22 David Disseldorpblktests: cut and autorun scripts targeting Ceph RBD
2017-05-22 David Disseldorpblktests: add cut and autorun scripts
2017-05-22 David Disseldorpkernel/vanilla_config: update and enable blktests modules
2017-05-18 David DisseldorpMerge pull request #10 from ddiss/pr_fstests_cleanup
2017-05-18 David DisseldorpMerge pull request #11 from luis-henrix/kmoddir_fix
2017-05-18 David Disseldorpvm.sh: fallback to using kvm binary for Debian
2017-05-18 Luis Henriquesruntime.vars: fix dracut --kmoddir parameter
2017-05-17 David Disseldorpfstests: use and validate FSTESTS_SRC configuration
2017-05-17 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: add helper to check fstests configuration
2017-05-17 David Disseldorpfstests: use consistent script names
2017-05-17 David Disseldorpcut_fstests: add lsattr binary to initramfs
2017-05-09 David Disseldorpkernel: update sle12sp1 and sle12sp3 configs
2017-05-09 David Disseldorplio_autorun: fail if portal can't be configured
2017-05-09 David Disseldorptools/br_setup: obtain dnsmasq pid from pidfile
2017-05-08 Johannes ThumshirnMerge pull request #9 from ddiss/pr_dracut_kmoddir
2017-04-28 David Disseldorpcut_cephfs: don't attempt to add e1000 module to initramfs
2017-04-28 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: allow dracut --kmoddir config via rapido...
2017-04-28 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: generate common dracut args for cut scripts
2017-04-27 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: validate Ceph and zram params
2017-04-27 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: avoid unnecessary env pollution
2017-04-27 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: fix cmake [lib]rados and librbd paths
2017-04-20 Johannes Thumshirnvanilla_config: Add Soft-RoCE and NVMe over RDMA
2017-04-20 Johannes Thumshirngitignore: ignore generated initrd
2017-04-20 Johannes Thumshirnnvme_rdma: Add Soft-RoCE backed NVMe over Fabrics scripts
2017-04-10 David Disseldorpkernel/sle12sp3_config: add SLE12SP3 kernel build config
2017-04-06 David Disseldorpconf: shuffle around example config
2017-03-22 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: throw an error if rapido.conf is missing
2017-03-22 Johannes Thumshirnrapido.conf: Move rapido.conf to rapido.conf.example
2017-03-22 David Disseldorptools/zram_setup.sh: don't assume CEPH_SRC is set
2017-03-22 David Disseldorpkernel/vanilla_config: update to 4.11.0-rc3
2017-02-24 David Disseldorpcut_nvme_local.sh: remove unnecessary Ceph dependencies
2017-02-23 David Disseldorpnvme_local: add standalone (zram backed) NVMe loop...
2017-02-23 David Disseldorpkernel/vanilla_config: update to 4.10.0
2017-02-23 David Disseldorpnvme_rbd_autorun.sh: minor cleanups
2017-02-22 David Disseldorpnvme_rbd_autorun.sh: don't mount debugfs twice
2017-02-22 David Disseldorpnvme: build/load as kernel modules
2017-02-22 David Disseldorpnvme: add NVMe over fabrics RBD cut/autorun
2017-02-07 David Disseldorpkernel/sle12sp2_rbd_usb_config: build dm-crypt module
2017-02-07 David Disseldorpcut_usb_rbd.sh: add dm-crypt dependencies
2017-02-06 David Disseldorptools/zram_hot_add.sh: new zram provisioning script
2017-02-06 David Disseldorpreadme: remove brctl dependency
2017-02-04 David Disseldorpkernel/sle12sp2_rbd_usb_config: add config for USB...
2017-01-23 David Disseldorptools/br_teardown.sh: add bridge network teardown helper
2017-01-22 David Disseldorpkernel/vanilla_config: update to 4.10.0-rc4
2017-01-13 David Disseldorpcut_fstests: add mktemp, dbench and xfs deps
2017-01-12 David Disseldorpvm: export TERM="linux"
2017-01-12 David DisseldorpMerge pull request #5 from dmulder/master
2017-01-12 David Muldercifs: make cifs mount options configurable
2017-01-11 David Disseldorpcut_fstests: add seq command to images
2017-01-10 David Disseldorpcut_fstests: add missing fstests dependencies
2017-01-04 David Disseldorplio_local_autorun.sh: expose /dev/vdb if present
2016-12-22 David Disseldorpkernel/vanilla_config: update to 4.9.0 latest
2016-12-19 David Disseldorptcmu_rbd_loop: add tcmu-runner rbd img cutter and autorun
2016-12-15 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: fix cmake vstart.sh dev and out paths
2016-12-15 David Disseldorpcephfs_fuse: add ceph-fuse img cutter and autorun
2016-12-15 David Disseldorpkernel/config: build fuse as module
2016-12-15 David Disseldorpruntime.vars: add ceph-fuse paths
2016-12-14 David Disseldorptools/br_setup.sh: unwind network changes on error
2016-12-14 David Disseldorptools/bridge: use ip instead of brctl
2016-12-13 David Disseldorplio_local_autorun.sh: don't try to set vendor_id
2016-12-13 David Disseldorpcut_lio_local.sh: build/use loop device as module
2016-12-13 David Disseldorpkernel/vanilla_config: update from 4.9.0-rc6 to 4.9.0
2016-12-12 David Disseldorprapido: initial release