tests: Fix calling of ctdb tool from test
[ctdb.git] / autogen.sh
2010-08-24 Martin SchwenkeMerge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/sahlberg...
2010-08-19 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'rusty/ports-from-1.0.112' into foo
2010-08-19 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'rusty/vacuum-fix-master'
2010-08-17 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'rusty/libctdb-new' into foo
2010-08-17 Rusty Russellevent: Update events to latest Samba version 0.9.8
2009-04-23 Andrew TridgellMerge commit 'ronnie/master'
2009-04-07 Ronnie SahlbergFrom Mathieu Parent <math.parent@gmail.com>
2007-05-05 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-05-05 Andrew Tridgellmerged vnn map broadcast from ronnie
2007-05-05 Andrew Tridgelluse the new lib/events autoconf code
2006-11-17 Andrew Tridgellinitial version