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ownerBjörn Baumbach
last changeWed, 5 Sep 2018 07:29:39 +0000 (09:29 +0200)
2018-09-05 Andrew Bartlettthird_party: Import exact files from waf-2.0.8/waflib master
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoyscript/autobuild: Fix formatting in send_email
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoyscript/autobuild: re-use CACHE_SUFFIX from waflib
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoybuildtools/wafsamba: use CACHE_SUFFIX instead of a...
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoylib/mscat: fix logging in wscript
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoylib/audit_logging: update to waf 2.0
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoybuildtools/wafsamba: remove ENFORCE_GROUP_ORDERING
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoyctdb/wscript: rework how version number is retrieved
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoyselftest/ update to support waf 2.0
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoywscript: port build_system_heimdal to waf 2.0
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoywscript: port build_system_mitkrb5 to waf 2.0
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoybuildtools/wafsamba: port stale_files to waf 2.0
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoybuildtools/wafsamba: generate build options output...
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoyselftest/wscript: properly handle env.cwd which is...
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoywafsamba: install Python modules back to bin/python...
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoybuildtools/wafsamba: use cflags instead of ccflags...
7 months ago samba-4.9.0rc4 samba: tag release samba-4.9.0rc4
7 months ago samba-4.7.10 samba: tag release samba-4.7.10
7 months ago samba-4.8.5 samba: tag release samba-4.8.5
7 months ago ldb-1.3.6 ldb: tag release ldb-1.3.6
8 months ago ldb-1.5.1 ldb: tag release ldb-1.5.1
8 months ago samba-4.9.0rc3 samba: tag release samba-4.9.0rc3
8 months ago ldb-1.4.2 ldb: tag release ldb-1.4.2
8 months ago ldb-1.5.0 ldb: tag release ldb-1.5.0
8 months ago ldb-1.3.5 ldb: tag release ldb-1.3.5
8 months ago samba-4.6.16 samba: tag release samba-4.6.16
8 months ago samba-4.7.9 samba: tag release samba-4.7.9
8 months ago samba-4.8.4 samba: tag release samba-4.8.4
8 months ago samba-4.9.0rc2 samba: tag release samba-4.9.0rc2
9 months ago samba-4.9.0rc1 samba: tag release samba-4.9.0rc1
9 months ago ldb-1.4.1 ldb: tag release ldb-1.4.1
9 months ago talloc-2.1.14 talloc: tag release talloc-2.1.14
4 weeks ago master-nobase64
6 months ago v4-8-stable-ntacl
6 months ago master-ntacl
7 months ago master-dnsupdate
7 months ago master
7 months ago v4-9-test
7 months ago v4-7-test
7 months ago v4-9-stable
7 months ago v4-8-test
7 months ago v4-7-stable
7 months ago v4-8-stable
8 months ago v4-6-test
8 months ago v4-6-stable
13 months ago v4-5-test
13 months ago v4-5-stable
18 months ago v4-4-test