source4 smbd test: prefork process restart
[bbaumbach/samba-autobuild/.git] / wscript_configure_system_mitkrb5
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoywscript_configure_system_mitkrb5: update to handle...
2018-09-05 Thomas Nagybuild:wafsamba: Remove unnecessary parameters to cmd_an...
2018-06-21 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_plugin: Add winbind localauth plugin for MIT Kerberos
2017-12-12 Zentaro KavanaghRemove unsupported colon from configure msg.
2017-05-02 Christian Ambachwaf: Improve log errors for MIT build
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Search for MIT kadm-server library
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Check for MIT KDC binary
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Require MIT Kerberos 1.15.1 for Samba AD
2017-03-08 Alexander Bokovoygssapi: check for gss_acquire_cred_from
2016-08-31 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Check for the correct function name
2016-07-25 Alexander BokovoyWrap krb5_cc_copy_creds and krb5_cc_copy_cache
2016-03-17 Günther Deschnerwscript: detect if we have libkdb5 and kdb.h.
2016-03-10 Stefan Metzmacherwscript_configure_system_mitkrb5: add configure checks...
2016-03-07 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Do not use deprecated KRB5 functions
2016-02-23 Günther Deschners3-kerberos: avoid entering a password change dialogue...
2015-10-02 Günther Deschnerkerberos: make sure we only use prompter type when...
2015-03-27 Günther Deschnerkrb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_principal_set_type().
2015-03-16 Thomas NagyTransition to waf 1.8: wrapped conf.check_cfg
2014-10-03 Matthieu Patouwaf: add k5crypto to the list of system libraries if...
2014-08-08 Günther Deschnerlib/krb5_wrap: provide krb5_warnx() replacement.
2014-08-08 Günther Deschnerlib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_principal_get_type().
2014-08-08 Günther Deschnerlib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_principal_set_realm().
2014-08-08 Günther Deschnerwscript: add check for krb5_keyblock_init.
2014-08-08 Günther Deschnerlib/krb5_wrap: add krb5_copy_data_contents.
2014-08-08 Günther Deschnerlib/krb5_wrap: add smb_krb5_get_allowed_weak_crypto().
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2012-10-30 Björn Jackewafbuild: use WERROR_FLAGS in wscript_configure_system_...
2012-06-07 Alexander Bokovoywaf: fix parsing krb5-config --version for MIT krb5
2012-06-01 Alexander Bokovoywaf: check for krb5_create_checksum and krb5_creds...
2012-05-28 Alexander Bokovoyfreebsd9: support both WAF MIT krb5 build and autoconf...
2012-05-24 Alexander Bokovoywaf: for MIT krb5 build require kerberos version above 1.9
2012-05-23 Alexander BokovoyIntroduce system MIT krb5 build with --with-system...