source4 smbd process: pass the fatal flag to terminate
[bbaumbach/samba-autobuild/.git] / docs-xml / manpages /
2018-10-31 Ralph Boehmedocs:vfs_fruit: add "delete_empty_adfiles" option
2018-10-31 Ralph Boehmedocs:vfs_fruit: add "wipe_intentionally_left_blank_rfor...
2018-10-31 Tim Bealenetcmd: Add 'samba-tool group stats' command
2018-10-02 Mathieu Parentnsswitch: Add try_authtok option to pam_winbind
2018-09-19 Christof Schmittdocs: Add gpfs:check_fstype to vfs_gpfs manpage
2018-08-09 Justin StephensonShorten description in vfs_linux_xfs_sgid manual
2018-08-06 Aaron Haslettnetcmd: domain backup offline command
2018-08-06 Justin StephensonAdd net lookup options
2018-07-30 Justin Stephensons3:libads: Add net ads leave keep-account option
2018-07-11 Douglas Bagnalldoc: samba-tool drs showrepl --json and --summary
2018-07-11 Douglas Bagnalldoc: samba-tool visualize uptodateness
2018-07-06 David Disseldorpdocs/vfs_ceph: add CTDB_SAMBA_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK=yes...
2018-07-06 David Disseldorpvfs_ceph: don't lie about flock support
2018-07-05 Timur I. BakeyevDocument that vfs_full_audit defaults are "none" for...
2018-07-05 Tim Bealenetcmd: Add 'samba-tool domain backup rename' command
2018-07-04 Amit KumarMAN: Adding entry for net ads lookup
2018-07-03 Aaron Haslettnetcmd: domain backup restore command
2018-07-03 Aaron Haslettnetcmd: domain backup online command
2018-06-27 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Add manpage for winbind_krb5_localauth.8
2018-06-27 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Move winbind_krb5_locator manpage to volume 8
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/ add schema show_oc for...
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/ add schema query and...
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/ add group show
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/{,}: add configurat...
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_FCHMOD_ACL().
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: torture: Remove cmd_fchmod_acl().
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_CHMOD_ACL().
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: torture: Remove cmd_chmod_acl().
2018-05-23 Tim Bealenetcmd: Add samba-tool support for managing PSOs
2018-05-16 Tim Bealescript: Add 'random-seed' option to traffic_replay
2018-05-14 Björn Baumbachdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: fix wrong default computer conta...
2018-05-12 Mathieu ParentImprove vfs_linux_xfs_sgid manpage
2018-05-12 Mathieu ParentFix spelling s/protcol/protocol/
2018-05-12 Mathieu ParentFix spelling s/opions/options/
2018-05-12 Mathieu ParentFix spelling s/malicous/malicious/
2018-05-12 Mathieu ParentFix spelling s/authenticaiton/authentication/
2018-04-23 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml: rewrite the vfs_aio_pthread manpage to reflec...
2018-04-06 Joe Guodocs-xml:samba-tool.8: improve doc for computer managem...
2018-04-06 Björn Baumbachdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: document computer management...
2018-03-16 Andreas Schneiderwbinfo: Improve the wording for --online-status
2018-03-02 Noel Powerdocs: Add manpage for new 'net ads setspn' subcommand
2018-03-02 Noel Powerdocs: Add manpage for 'net ads keytab' subcommand
2018-02-14 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Add a not that 'wbinfo --user-groups' may be...
2018-02-13 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Fix smbpasswd manpage about password storage
2018-02-08 Björn Baumbachdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: document "group move" command
2018-02-08 Björn Baumbachdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: document "user move" command
2018-02-08 Björn Baumbachdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: document "user show" command
2018-02-08 Björn Baumbachdocs-xml:samba-tool.8: document ou management commands
2018-02-07 Karolin Seegerdocs-xml: Add 'samba-tool visualize' to man samba-tool.8.
2018-01-24 Trever L. AdamsSamba-VirusFilter: clamav VFS and man page.
2018-01-24 Trever L. AdamsSamba-VirusFilter: F-Secure AntiVirus (fsav) VFS and...
2018-01-24 Trever L. AdamsSamba-VirusFilter: Sophos VFS backend.
2018-01-24 Trever L. AdamsSamba-VirusFilter: common headers and sources.
2018-01-10 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml: remove deprecated of 'winbind trusted domains...
2018-01-08 Björn Jackedocs-xml: mention that the man pages are "part of"...
2018-01-08 Dr. Thomas OrgisAdd substitutions %t, %j, and %J as path-safe variants...
2018-01-06 Ralph Boehmevfs_fileid: add fileid:algorithm = fsname_norootdir
2018-01-05 Ralph Boehmevfs_fileid: add fileid:nolockinode parameter
2018-01-05 Ralph Boehmevfs_fileid: add fileid:algorithm = fsname_nodirs
2018-01-05 Ralph Boehmevfs_fileid: add fileid:algorithm = hostname
2018-01-05 Ralph Wuerthnervfs_fileid: add "fstype/mntdir deny/allow list" option
2018-01-05 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: add "time machine max size" option
2017-12-18 Björn Jackedocs-xml/manpages: fix some trailing version strings...
2017-12-13 Bjoern Jackedoc: update and tidy up the main samba(7) man page
2017-12-13 Bjoern Jackedoc: remove section on ancient history of the docs
2017-12-13 Karolin Seegerdocs-xml/manpages: Use new doc.version XML entity.
2017-11-20 Gary Lockyersource3: remove sock_exec
2017-11-11 Volker Lendeckevfs: Remove aio_linux
2017-11-08 Ralph Boehmemanpages: add vfs_nfs4acl_xattr.8
2017-11-07 Ralph Boehmes3/posix_acls: add default ACL style "everyone"
2017-10-18 Richard Sharpes3:Add a utimes command to smbclient so we can set...
2017-10-16 Anoop C Sdocs-xml: Fix a typo in manpage for vfs_fruit
2017-10-04 Kevin Andersondocs/vfs_fruit: Add Time Machine support
2017-09-30 Marc Muehlfeldvfs_snapper man page: Fixed typo
2017-09-05 Anoop C SRemove misleading entry from vfs_streams_xattr man...
2017-08-17 Gary Lockyerscripts: Scripts to replay and generate samba traffic
2017-07-29 Ralph Boehmedocs/vfs_fruit: remove period outside of the <para...
2017-07-27 Anoop C Sdocs/smbget: Fix typo in options within man page
2017-07-18 Samba-JP ootadocs: Fix a typo in cifsdd.8
2017-07-12 Günther Deschnervfs_fruit: add fruit:model = <modelname> parametric...
2017-07-10 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: fix a typo
2017-07-07 Jeremy Allisondocs: Document new smbclient deltree command.
2017-05-08 Christof Schmittdocs-xml: Document net tdb command
2017-04-17 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Update idmap_rid manpage
2017-04-08 Uri Simchonidocs: fixup smbclient rename -f option
2017-03-28 Uri Simchonimanpages: update smbclient manpage with rename -f option
2017-03-26 Uri Simchonivfs_fruit: document added zero_file_id parameter
2017-03-22 Volker Lendeckeidmap_rfc2307: Clarify the documentation a bit
2017-03-07 Ralph Boehmemanpages/vfs_fruit: document global options
2017-03-03 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Improve the idmap_hash manpage
2017-03-02 Uri Simchonivfs_fruit: drop "ea support" from the manpage
2017-03-01 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: only veto AppleDouble files with fruit:resou...
2017-03-01 Ralph Boehmedocs/vfs_fruit: document known limitations with fruit...
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "explicity" typos.
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "seperate" typos.
2017-02-15 David Disseldorpdocs/vfs_ceph: document user_id parameter
2017-02-10 Ralph Boehmes3/util: mvxattr, a tool to rename extended attributes
2017-01-27 John Mulligandocs: Improve description of "unix_primary_group" param...
2017-01-20 Ralph Boehmesmbcontrol: add ringbuf-log
2017-01-12 Karolin Seegerdocs: Bump version up to 4.7.