2014-07-28 Martin SchwenkeAlways default _SHARED_DISK_TEMPLATE to ""
2014-07-28 Martin SchwenkeRemove "private dir" from smb.conf template
2014-07-28 Martin SchwenkeUpdate README
2014-07-28 Martin SchwenkeDefault to virtio system disks
2014-07-28 Martin SchwenkeNAS packages: Attempt to install samba-winbind packages
2014-07-28 Martin Schwenkersyslog: Turn off rate limiting
2014-07-24 Martin SchwenkeFix broken hosts file updating
2014-07-03 Martin SchwenkeWhen exiting due to unknown node type, list valid node...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeUse a single entry-point script for post-boot setup
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename common_nodelist_hacking() to cluster_nodelist_ha...
2014-07-02 Martin Schwenkevircmd: loosen matching of nodes in cluster if no wildc...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeAdd create_node_DEFAULT, no more hack_nodes_functions
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove NUMNODES and WITH_TSM_NODE configuration variables
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRework cluster_setup() to use node types instead of...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeNo need to chkconfig ctdb - it is enabled by default
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename cluster "configure" action to "setup"
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeStore shared disk IDs in a variable instead of a file
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename node type "sofs_front" to "nas"
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename node type "sofs_storage" to "storage_gpfs"
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeSplit hack_nodes_sofs()
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeMove shared disk presence logic from nodes into shared...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeSimplify shared disk logic for sofs_front and sofs_stor...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeLimit functionality of rhel_base nodes
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove unused has_public_addresses_* functions
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove some unused SOFS_* variables
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeUpdate README to reflect latest development and testing
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeReplace external waitfor script with a function
2014-07-02 Martin Schwenkekickstart - Replacing multipath.conf here is redundant
2014-07-02 Martin Schwenkekickstart - sadc has no -d option so don't add it
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeAdd "autocluster cluster build" command shortcut
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeAdd gpfs.gskit package
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeClean up GPFS setup script
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeCleanup post-boot cluster configuration
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeMove wait_until_healthy() into
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeGit should ignore autocluster RPM packages
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeDon't manually mess with ntpd, just enable it in kickstart
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRework package installation during post-boot configuration
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename gpfs-nas.conf to nas.conf
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeNew configuration variables CLUSTERFS_TYPE, CLUSTERFS_D...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeUpdate comments in basic post-install
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeUpdate cluster_configure README
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove SoFS GUI support
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove "sofs" command on nodes
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeSimplify setting of KS_RHEL_PACKAGES and KS_RHEL_SERVICES
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeMove kickstart options to new 02kickstart.defconf
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename some kickstart variables to start with "KS_"
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove add_extra_package() and add_extra_chkconfig()
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeEnable nfslock in services file instead of in basic...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeAdd "cluster configure" command
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeAdd new commands cluster [ destroy | update_hosts ...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeAdd new function announce() to print a header for an...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRename some of the internal functions to NOUN_VERB
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAllow command line with noun first and (potentially...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeMake cluster name optional for "create cluster"
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRemove remainder of unused --with-release code
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeGeneralise variables used in main case statement
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRemove testproxy option
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeSupport RHEL 7 multipath configuration changes
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd shared disk ID as serial number in shared disk XML
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeFix the value of NETWORK_PRIVATE_PREFIX when there...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeSuggest selinux magic as well as chattr after create...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd chrony.conf for RHEL 7.0
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRename configuration variable GATEWAY to KVMHOST
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeDefine gateway for default route in $NETWORKS
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd -n dry-run option to
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeMake ignore unknown options
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRemove unused virtual network configuration files
2014-06-25 Martin Schwenkegrub: Don't use Red Hat graphical boot
2014-06-25 Martin Schwenkecreate_cluster: Avoid -e exit when cluster isn't in...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRemove console=tty1 from node kernel command-line
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd template for /etc/hostname to overwrite new RHEL7...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd "diskimage put" support for source file from stdin
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeHandle grub2 configuration hacking in RHEL 7+
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeUpdate kickstart done message to include "Power down."
2014-06-25 Martin Schwenke"poweroff" when kickstart is complete
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeInitial RHEL 7 service enable/disable file
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd packages list for RHEL 7.0
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeGenerate 70-persistent-net.rules when configuring node...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRemove INSTALLKEY configuration variable
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRHEL 7.0 kickstart needs %end for %packages section
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRHEL 7.0 can't use --initlabel with --drives
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeSupport RHEL 7.0 "well known" network interface names...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRHEL 7 needs different boot options to support kickstart
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeInitial attempts at various defaults for RHEL 7.0
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL 7.0 ISO
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeMove service enable/disable in kickstart to per-RHEL...
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeClean up RHEL package list generation
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeRename gpfs-nas-kickstart.cfg since it no longer refere...
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeMove GPFS path setting from to GPFS-specific code
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeUpdate git URL
2013-11-29 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL6.5 ISO
2013-11-25 Martin Schwenkeguestfish/guestmount: Set empty SYSTEM_DISK_MOUNTS autocluster-0.9
2013-11-25 Martin Schwenkeguestfish/guestmount: If no SYSTEM_DISK_MOUNTS specifie...
2013-10-25 Martin SchwenkeRecovery lock directory should be created in cluster_co...
2013-10-25 Martin SchwenkeFix CTDB configuration
2013-10-11 Martin Schwenkecluster_configure: Hack ctdbd socket location in smb...
2013-07-16 Martin SchwenkeAdd a hook to allow the network name to be hacked
2013-07-11 Martin SchwenkeCTDB configuration should use CTDB_SYSLOG="yes"
2013-06-20 Martin SchwenkeAdd rsyslog configuration that uses high precision...