Rework package installation during post-boot configuration
[autocluster.git] / config.d /
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRework package installation during post-boot configuration
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename gpfs-nas.conf to nas.conf
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeNew configuration variables CLUSTERFS_TYPE, CLUSTERFS_D...
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove SoFS GUI support
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeSimplify setting of KS_RHEL_PACKAGES and KS_RHEL_SERVICES
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeMove kickstart options to new 02kickstart.defconf
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRename some kickstart variables to start with "KS_"
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeRemove add_extra_package() and add_extra_chkconfig()
2014-07-02 Martin SchwenkeAdd "cluster configure" command
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeSupport RHEL 7 multipath configuration changes
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd shared disk ID as serial number in shared disk XML
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeFix the value of NETWORK_PRIVATE_PREFIX when there...
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRename configuration variable GATEWAY to KVMHOST
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeDefine gateway for default route in $NETWORKS
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeAdd "diskimage put" support for source file from stdin
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeUpdate kickstart done message to include "Power down."
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRemove INSTALLKEY configuration variable
2014-06-25 Martin SchwenkeRHEL 7 needs different boot options to support kickstart
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeInitial attempts at various defaults for RHEL 7.0
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL 7.0 ISO
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeMove service enable/disable in kickstart to per-RHEL...
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeClean up RHEL package list generation
2014-06-17 Martin SchwenkeRename gpfs-nas-kickstart.cfg since it no longer refere...
2013-11-29 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL6.5 ISO
2013-11-25 Martin Schwenkeguestfish/guestmount: Set empty SYSTEM_DISK_MOUNTS autocluster-0.9
2013-11-25 Martin Schwenkeguestfish/guestmount: If no SYSTEM_DISK_MOUNTS specifie...
2013-06-16 Amitay IsaacsShared disks need shareable attribute for correct sVirt... autocluster-0.8
2013-03-12 Martin SchwenkeFix setting of convenience variable NETWORKS_PUBLIC
2013-03-12 Martin SchwenkeFix NETWORKS configuration to support non-standard...
2013-03-05 Martin SchwenkeNew configuration variable NETWORKS - IPBASE, IPNET...
2013-03-04 Martin SchwenkeAdd some extra failure exits in rhel_post_config_hook()
2013-03-04 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL 6.4 ISO
2013-03-04 Martin SchwenkeRemove spurious ISO=... from system_disk_access_method_...
2013-02-19 Martin SchwenkeNew hook hack_disk_hooks to customise the value of... autocluster-0.7
2012-08-28 Martin SchwenkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'amitay/master'
2012-08-15 Martin SchwenkeBackward incompatible: rename/extend rm_f diskimage...
2012-07-09 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL 6.3 ISO details
2012-05-30 Martin SchwenkeUpdate rhel_gen_yum_repos() to handle repositories...
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeAdd AD_NETBIOS_NAME and update to...
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeAutomatically find KVM executable and set KVM variable
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeDefault WEBPROXY setting is null
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeMake EXTRA_PACKAGES null by default
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeDefault RHEL version is now 6.2
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeChanged default NODES setting to "sofs_front:0-3 rhel_b...
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeRemove CIFSNAME configuration variable.
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeDefault domain is now
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL 5.8 ISO
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeRemove old SoFS-releated files
2012-05-22 Martin SchwenkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'amitay/master'
2012-05-22 Amitay IsaacsAdd script to setup Samba4 AD server
2012-05-07 Martin SchwenkeNew option DISK_FOLLOW_SYMLINKS
2012-05-01 Martin SchwenkeFix 2 bugs in rhel_disk_prefix()
2012-05-01 Martin SchwenkeChange default SHARED_DISK_TYPE=virtio
2012-05-01 Martin SchwenkeChange default SYSTEM_DISK_TYPE=ide
2012-05-01 Martin SchwenkeChange default NFS share specified by NFSSHARE and...
2012-03-28 Martin SchwenkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'amitay/master'
2012-03-28 Martin SchwenkeAdd support for SYSTEM_DISK_FORMAT="mmclone"
2012-03-05 Amitay IsaacsAdd AUTH_METHOD config variable for authentication
2012-03-05 Amitay IsaacsChange public addresses output format from make_public_...
2012-03-02 Martin SchwenkeFix a really stupid typo in the loopback mount code.
2012-03-02 Martin SchwenkeNew SYSTEM_DISK_ACCESS_METHOD "guestmount" - now the...
2012-02-09 Martin SchwenkeFix typo in some error messages
2012-02-09 Martin SchwenkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'amitay/master'
2012-02-01 Amitay IsaacsAdd hooks to remove files and remove 70-persistent...
2012-02-01 Amitay IsaacsStore guestfish PID for unmounting guestfish sessions
2012-02-01 Amitay IsaacsCalculate SHARED_DISK_PREFIX automatically
2012-02-01 Amitay IsaacsFix disk naming for mix ide/scsi system/shared disks
2011-12-06 Martin SchwenkeAdded RHEL6.2 ISO details.
2011-10-20 Martin SchwenkeShared disks: put IDs into a file on each node.
2011-09-13 Martin SchwenkeNew configuration variable SHARED_DISK_ID_GEN for confi...
2011-08-23 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL 5.7 ISO details.
2011-06-22 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL 6.1 ISO details.
2011-05-03 Martin SchwenkeMove variables QEMU_NBD and NBD_DEVICE to loopback...
2011-05-03 Martin SchwenkeAutomatically set default for SYSTEM_DISK_ACCESS_METHOD.
2011-05-03 Martin SchwenkeAdd sanity check to ensure guestfish is installed if...
2011-05-03 Martin SchwenkeMove sanity check for qcow2 images requiring NBD out...
2011-05-02 Martin SchwenkeFix a problem with diskimage_* in the guestfish impleme...
2011-05-02 Martin SchwenkeCall "diskimage f args ..." rather than "diskimage_f...
2011-03-08 Martin SchwenkeAdd diskimage_mv().
2011-02-15 Martin SchwenkeRename config.d/05_* without that underscore.
2011-02-15 Martin SchwenkeMerge branch 'guestfish'
2011-02-14 Martin SchwenkeDon't use guestfish is-dir directly, use diskimage_is_d...
2011-02-11 Martin SchwenkeTry to make diskimage_is_{file,directory}_guestfish...
2011-02-11 Martin SchwenkeImplement diskimage_is-file() for loopback and guestfish.
2011-02-11 Martin SchwenkeImplement diskimage_grep() for loopback and guestfish.
2011-02-10 Martin SchwenkeWork around guestfish upload not working with stdin.
2011-02-10 Martin SchwenkeWork around guestfish mkdir-p working badly with pre...
2011-02-10 Martin SchwenkeAdd guestfish method for accessing disk image.
2011-02-10 Martin SchwenkeAbstract out qemu-nbd/NBD/loopback mount of disk image.
2011-02-08 Martin SchwenkeSYSTEM_DISK_PREFIX is now set from SYSTEM_DISK_TYPE...
2011-01-25 Martin SchwenkeSupport new SYSTEM_DISK_FORMAT=reflink.
2011-01-18 Martin SchwenkeMake setting of MEM happen in post_config_hooks() by...
2011-01-18 Martin Schwenke$ISO and $SYSTEM_DISK_MOUNTS now automatically set...
2011-01-18 Martin SchwenkeChange handling of packages in kickstart with new varia...
2011-01-17 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL6-compatible option to default value of KS_DONE...
2011-01-16 Martin SchwenkeAdd RHEL5.6 ISO details.
2011-01-13 Martin SchwenkeSupport for RHEL_VERSION=6.0 in rhel_print_iso.
2011-01-10 Martin SchwenkeAllow a lot more shared disks (about 700).
2011-01-10 Martin SchwenkeChange shared disk device name code to use a bash array.
2011-01-10 Martin SchwenkeRevert "Allow a lot more shared disks (about 700)."