kickstart - sadc has no -d option so don't add it
[autocluster.git] /
2012-05-30 Martin SchwenkeRPM dependency improvements
2012-05-30 Martin SchwenkeInstallation and packaging changes reflecting recent...
2012-05-28 Amitay Isaacswaitfor command requires expect package
2012-02-09 Martin SchwenkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'amitay/master'
2012-01-30 Amitay IsaacsUpdate autocluster git repo url
2011-05-03 Martin SchwenkeMakefile generates ChangeLog for dist and spec file...
2010-02-24 Martin SchwenkeFor RPM BuildArch should be noarch.
2009-01-08 Andrew TridgellMerge commit 'martin/for-tridge'
2008-10-14 Martin SchwenkeMerge branch 'martins' into for-tridge
2008-10-14 Martin SchwenkeAdd --with-release option to allow kickstart and yum...