python/samba: PY3 don't call str for bytes (or str)
[amitay/samba.git] / wscript_build
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoywscript_build: update to handle waf 2.0.4
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneiderlib: Add support to parse MS Catalog files
2018-05-16 Gary Lockyerauth logging: Extract common audit logging code
2018-01-08 Aurelien Aptelpackaging: add configure option to preprocess and insta...
2017-12-13 Stefan Metzmacherdocs-xml: autogenerate a doc.version XML entity.
2017-11-25 Andreas Schneiderbuild: Move pam_wrapper to third_party
2017-11-25 Andreas Schneiderbuild: Move uid_wrapper to third_party
2017-11-25 Andreas Schneiderbuild: Move resolv_wrapper to third_party
2017-11-25 Andreas Schneiderbuild: Move nss_wrapper to third_party
2017-11-25 Andreas Schneiderbuild: Move socket_wrapper to third_party
2017-11-20 Luke Morrisongpo: enable gpo update with addition to build system
2017-07-05 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Only build unit tests with selftest enabled
2017-04-12 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Only build pam_wrapper if we build with pam
2017-04-07 Andreas Schneiderlib: Add pam_wrapper 1.0.3
2017-02-09 Matthieu PatouMove pthreadpool to top of the tree.
2016-12-16 Andreas Schneidertestsuite: Add cmocka unit test for smb_krb5_kt_open()
2016-10-04 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove poll_funcs
2016-07-19 Andrew BartlettRemove unused and untested source4 ntptr and spoolss...
2016-06-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Move poll_funcs to lib/
2016-03-17 Andreas Schneiderwscript: Build the KDC code if we have the AD DC build...
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckecodepages/*.dat are gone
2015-03-17 Volker Lendecketexpect: Do not depend on ccan
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove tdb_compat
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckewaf: Do not recurse into ntdb
2015-03-06 Jelmer VernooijInline outputting of subunit in libtorture.
2015-02-23 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Only build the wrappers if we enable selftest
2014-12-05 Andreas Schneiderlib: Add resolv_wrapper version 1.0.0.
2014-11-12 Jelmer VernooijAdd samba.ensure_third_party_module() function, loading...
2014-10-08 Martin Schwenkebuild: Hook CTDB into top level build using --with...
2014-09-22 Samuel Cabreroncacn_http: Add http library
2014-09-01 Günther Deschnerlib/texpect: add texpect binary based on heimdals rkpty.
2014-08-14 Jeremy AllisonDon't build iniparser anymore.
2014-08-09 Ira Cooperthird_party/popt: Initial support for popt.
2014-08-09 Ira Cooperthird_party/zlib: Initial support for zlib
2014-08-09 Ira Cooperthird_party/iniparser: Initial support for iniparser.
2014-06-04 Christian Ambachs3:lib/afs move afs.c to common lib dir
2014-02-12 Garming Samlib/param: generate the param_functions.h containing...
2014-01-31 Andrew Bartlettdocs: Always declare rule to build parameters.all.xml...
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-03-02 Jelmer VernooijMove python modules from source4/scripting/python/...
2012-11-16 Kai Blinutils: Remove unused samba-dig tool
2012-09-25 Ricky Nancewscript: Removed executable bit.
2012-09-17 Alexander Bokovoydocs-xml: convert smb.conf.5 build to waf
2012-09-07 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Fix bug #8801 - build s3fs manpages.
2012-09-07 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Create catalog file for manpage generation.
2012-06-21 Jelmer VernooijAdd --disable-ntdb option for building.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: put it back into the build.
2012-06-15 Andrew Bartletts3-build: Do not write loadparm generated files into...
2012-05-31 Michael Adambuild: add a build suffix ("4") for s4-binaries
2012-05-23 Alexander BokovoyIntroduce system MIT krb5 build with --with-system...
2012-05-14 Michael Adammove the dbwrap library to the top level
2012-05-11 Michael Adams4:lib: remove unused wscript_build file
2012-05-09 Günther Deschnerallow to use system iniparser library.
2012-05-02 Andrew Bartletttestsuite/libsmbclient: Remove unused and expensive...
2012-04-23 Simo SorceMake krb5 wrapper library common so they can be used...
2012-04-23 Alexander Bokovoywaf: move krb5 checks to a separate waf file
2012-04-14 Alexander Bokovoywaf: samba-specific methods should have capitalized...
2012-04-13 Alexander Bokovoywafsamba: add support for separate rules in stages
2012-04-12 Günther Deschnerwaf: when building with system krb5, we do not need...
2012-03-27 Kai Blins4 dns: Add a simple dns lookup helper
2012-03-27 Kai Blins4 dns: Add a simple async client library
2012-03-10 Jelmer Vernooijtdb_wrap: Move to specific directory.
2012-02-28 Andrew Tridgells3fs: added file_server directory
2011-12-12 Andrew Bartletts4-lsarpc handle more info levels in SetInfoTrustedDoma...
2011-10-20 Andrew Bartlettbuild: compile (but do not install) all the libsmbclien...
2011-10-07 Stefan Metzmacherdfs_server: add generic dfs_server_ad_get_referrals...
2011-10-07 Andrew Bartlettldb: use ldb directly rather than via a copy
2011-10-07 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Reduce build systems to just top level waf and...
2011-09-15 Günther Deschnerwaf: restore libsmbclient handling.
2011-09-08 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Add duplicate symbol checking as part of make...
2011-08-03 Amitay Isaacssamba-tool: Remove C version of samba-tool
2011-07-13 Stefan Metzmacherdynconfig: rework the logic to support --enable-fhs
2011-07-13 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "s4-build Change default paths and --with flags...
2011-07-08 Andrew Bartlettlib/param: Merge struct loadparm_service into common
2011-07-06 Andrew Bartlettbuild: we no longer put #if _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4 in publi...
2011-07-05 Andrew Bartlettldb: make ldb a top level library for Samba 4.0
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-06-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: move dynconfig for top level build up
2011-06-20 Rusty Russelltdb_compat.h: divert every tdb build and includes to...
2011-06-20 Rusty Russelllib/tdb_compat: header for tdb1 vs tdb2.
2011-06-20 Rusty Russelllib: import ccan modules for tdb2
2011-06-20 Andrew Bartletts4-build Change default paths and --with flags for...
2011-06-17 Andrew Tridgellbuild: only use the git version on install, not in...
2011-05-09 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove --disable-s3build so we can rely on these...
2011-05-08 Andrew Bartlettlib/socket move interfaces code to the top level
2011-04-29 Andrew Bartlettbuild: put doserr.c into it's own subsystem, so it...
2011-04-27 Andrew Bartlettauth/kerberos: Create common helper to get the verified...
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: force _SAMBA_BUILD_==4 to be true in public...
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: mark some private includes as OK in public headers
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: added automated testing of our public headers
2011-03-15 Andrew Tridgellbuild: install public headers in the build tree
2011-02-24 Andrew Tridgellbuild: moved util_reg.c into a common subsystem
2011-02-24 Andrew Tridgellbuild: moved libds/common/flag_mapping.c into a common...
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgells4-waf: added --enable-s3build configure option
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgells3build: recurse into source3/
2011-02-10 Andrew Bartlettauth Move auth_sam_reply into the top level.
2011-02-07 Andrew Tridgellwaf: added top level build rules