passdb: Use dom_sid_str_buf
[amitay/samba.git] / source4 / kdc /
2018-11-09 Philipp Gesangs4-kdc: restore MIT KDC backend
2018-11-07 Gary Lockyersource4 smbd: pass instance number to post_fork
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyerkdc: Update debug calls
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyersource4 smbd kdc: allow the kdc to run in prefork
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyersource4 smdb: Add a post fork hook to the service API
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyersource4 smbd: Make the service_details structure constant.
2018-09-05 Andrew Bartlettkdc: Improve code clarity with extra brackets
2018-06-25 Andrew Bartlettauth: For NTLM and KDC authentication, log the authenti...
2018-05-23 Volker Lendeckekdc: Fix CID 1435720 Unchecked return value
2018-05-12 Mathieu ParentFix spelling s/fowarding/forwarding/
2018-05-10 Gary Lockyersamdb: Add remote address to connect
2018-03-19 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: make sure we expand group memberships of the...
2018-03-19 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: pass krbtgt and server to samba_kdc_update_pac_...
2018-03-19 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: remember is_krbtgt, is_rodc and is_trust samba_...
2018-02-28 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: disable support for CROSS_ORGANIZATION domains
2018-02-28 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: only support LSA_TRUST_TYPE_UPLEVEL domains...
2018-02-28 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: make use of dsdb_trust_parse_tdo_info() in...
2018-01-19 Alexander Bokovoymit-kdb: support MIT Kerberos 1.16 KDB API changes
2017-12-06 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: only map SDB_ERR_NOT_FOUND_HERE to HDB_ERR_NOT_...
2017-11-20 David Muldergpo: Apply kerberos settings
2017-10-27 Andreas Schneiders4:kdc: Pass down the task to get access to model_ops...
2017-10-19 Gary Lockyersource4/smbd: Do not overstamp the process model with...
2017-10-19 Gary Lockyer source4/smbd: refactor the process model for prefork
2017-07-24 Andreas Schneidermit-kdb: Fix NULL pointer check after malloc
2017-06-01 Andreas Schneidermit_samba: Fix the MIT KDC build with the latest changes
2017-05-30 Garming Samnetlogon: Implement SendToSam along with its winbind...
2017-05-30 Garming Samkdc: Send bad password via NETLOGON in RODC
2017-05-30 Garming Samhdb: Dupe a copy of repl secrets into the KDC
2017-05-26 Andreas Schneiderpython: Create the kdc.conf in the Samba private directory
2017-05-21 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: make use of gensec_update() in kpasswd_process()
2017-05-11 Jeremy Allisons4: Add TALLOC_CTX * to register_server_service().
2017-04-30 Andreas Schneidermit_samba: Fix principal lookup for cross domain referral
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneidermit-samba: Remove obsolete mit_samba_update_pac_data()
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Use mit_samba_reget_pac() in ks_verify_pac()
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Implement mit_samba_reget_pac()
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-pac-glue: Do not add an empty PAC_TYPE_LOGON_NAME...
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneidermit-samba: Remove unused mit_samba_get_pac_data()
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Use mit_samba_get_pac() in ks_get_pac()
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Implement mit_samba_get_pac()
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Fix logging with the KDB driver
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Start the kpasswd service with MIT KDC
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Add MIT Kerberos specific kpasswd code
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderparam: Add 'mit kdc config' option to smb.conf
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Register the MIT irpc PAC validation service
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Add MIT KRB5 based irpc service for PAC validation
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Add a MIT Kerberos KDC service
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneidermit-kdb: Update KDB vtable for DAL version 6
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneidermit-kdb: Zero the db principal when we allocate it
2017-04-21 Jeremy Allisonlib: modules: Change XXX_init interface from XXX_init...
2017-03-29 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: Pass extra information to hdb_auth_status...
2017-03-29 Gary Lockyerauth: Generate a human readable Authentication log...
2017-03-10 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: disable principal based autodetected referral...
2017-01-12 Andreas Schneidermit-kdb: Remove unneeded memset()
2017-01-12 Andreas Schneidermit-kdb: Use calloc() to allocate memory
2017-01-11 Stefan Metzmacherwscript: remove executable bits for all wscript* files
2017-01-03 Volker Lendeckekdc: Use "all_zero" where appropriate
2016-09-29 Günther Deschners4-kdc: Fix Coverity ID #1373385 (OVERRUN)
2016-09-29 Günther Deschners4-kdc: Fix Coverity ID #1373386 (Resource Leak)
2016-09-26 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Remove unused etypes from sdb structure
2016-09-26 Andreas Schneiders4-sdb: Generate etypes list out of keys list
2016-09-26 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Sort encrytion keys in descending order of...
2016-09-13 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Do not leak memory on error in kpasswd_make_err...
2016-09-12 Jeremy Allisons4-kdc: Remove obsolete kpasswdd heimdal implementation
2016-09-12 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Switch to the new kpasswd service implementation
2016-09-12 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Add new kpasswd service Heimdal backend
2016-09-12 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Add a new kpasswd service implementation
2016-09-12 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Allow to set the keytab_name in the kdc_server...
2016-09-12 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Add a kpasswd_samdb_set_password() helper function
2016-09-11 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Move kpasswd_make_pwchange_reply() to a helper...
2016-09-11 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Move kpasswd_make_error_reply() to a helper...
2016-09-11 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Fix smb_krb5_mk_error() with MIT Kerberos
2016-08-31 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Rename smb_krb5_open_keytab_relative()
2016-08-31 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Rename smb_get_enctype_from_kt_entry()
2016-08-31 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Rename krb5_copy_data_contents()
2016-08-31 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Rename kerberos_free_data_contents()
2016-08-30 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: pac-glue: Add support for MIT pkinit
2016-08-30 Andreas Schneidermit_samba: Add missing copyright
2016-08-30 Andreas Schneidermit_samba: Add missing argument passed to authsam_make_...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: provide a PAC_UPN_DNS_INFO element for logons
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: provide a PAC_CREDENTIAL_INFO element for PKINI...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: correctly update the PAC in samba_wdc_reget_pac()
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: hook into heimdal's windc.pac_pk_generate hook
2016-07-20 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: ignore empty supplementalCredentialsBlob structures
2016-06-30 Stefan Metzmachers4:auth: fill user_principal_* and dns_domain_name...
2016-06-30 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: don't allow interactive password logons with...
2016-06-30 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: use "msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed" inste...
2016-06-30 Stefan Metzmachers4:kdc: add some const to samba_get_logon_info_pac_blob()
2016-06-19 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Move KDC packet handling functions to kdc-server.c
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Create a kdc-proxy.h header file
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Rename proxy-heimdal.c to kdc-proxy.c
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Move KDC socket structs to krb5-server.h
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Move kdc_process_fn_t declaration to kdc-server.h
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Move definitions to kdc-server.h
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Use better and simpler names for the kdc_proces...
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Put the heimdal kdc config into a private data...
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Use smb_krb5_mk_error() in kpasswd implementation
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Use smb_krb5_mk_error() in kdc implemenation
2016-06-18 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Rename heimdal KDC files
2016-06-02 Andreas Schneidermit_samba: Allow to use SPNs for AS-REQ
2016-06-02 Andreas Schneidermit_samba: Fix flags that we get a referral tickets