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[amitay/samba.git] / WHATSNEW.txt
2018-12-06 Ralph BoehmeWHATSNEW: document changes in SMB server parametric...
2018-11-30 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW: standard process limits
2018-11-28 Andrew BartlettCVE-2018-16853 WHATSNEW: The Samba AD DC, when build...
2018-11-23 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW: prefork restart
2018-11-20 Tim BealeWHATSNEW: Added samba-tool 'backup offline' and 'groups...
2018-11-07 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW: NETLOGON prefork support
2018-11-07 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW: 'prefork children' default
2018-11-02 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW: KDC prefork support
2018-08-17 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add information on new GPO features
2018-07-12 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.10.
2018-07-12 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.9.0rc1.
2018-07-12 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add information on new GPO features
2018-07-12 Martin SchwenkeWHATSNEW.txt: CTDB updates for 4.9
2018-07-12 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Explain that Jansson is requied for AD DC...
2018-07-12 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: document sysvolreset improvement
2018-07-12 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Fix spelling
2018-07-12 Timur I. BakeyevWHATSNEW: Add note about defaults changes for the vfs_f...
2018-07-12 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add entry for "Dynamic DNS record scavenging...
2018-07-11 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add more text about work done by Catalyst...
2018-07-11 Douglas BagnallWHATSNEW: samba-tool drs showrepl and visualize changes
2018-07-11 Tim BealeWHATSNEW: Added entries for PSOs, domain backup/restore...
2018-07-10 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW add entries audit logging and lmdb.
2018-06-21 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_plugin: Add winbind localauth plugin for MIT Kerberos
2018-06-07 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW.txt: Updated with VFS ABI changes for 4.9.0.
2018-05-15 Jeremy Allisonsmbd: fileserver: Change defaults to work with EA suppo...
2018-03-02 Noel PowerWHATSNEW: Add info for 'net ads keytab' and 'net ads...
2018-02-07 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.9.
2018-02-01 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Mention new option "apply group policies"
2018-02-01 David Muldergpo: Correct WHATSNEW
2018-02-01 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add section for "samba-tool visualize"
2018-01-14 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.8.0rc1.
2018-01-13 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document some more new options
2018-01-10 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document the changes/deprecation of 'client...
2018-01-10 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document removal of 'use spnego" option
2018-01-10 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document removal 'winbind trusted domains...
2017-12-18 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW: Encrypted secrets
2017-12-13 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document the removal of 'auth methods', ...
2017-12-08 Kevin AndersonAdd mdns name configuration option
2017-12-05 Volker LendeckeWHATSNEW: Mention removed net serverid subcommands
2017-12-01 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Add new smb.conf parameter
2017-12-01 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Remove old entry about accelerated AES
2017-11-30 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW: Explain reversal of smbclient symlink paramet...
2017-11-20 David Mulderdoc: Add samba_gpoupdate man page, update WHATSNEW
2017-11-11 Volker Lendeckevfs: Remove aio_linux
2017-10-18 Christof SchmittRemoved unused 'oplock contention limit' config parameter
2017-09-20 Volker LendeckeWHATSNEW: Mention code removal from "net" and "rpcclient"
2017-09-07 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW: Add Using x86_64 Accelerated AES Crypto Instr...
2017-07-04 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.8.0pre1.
2017-07-04 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Prepare release notes for Samba 4.7.0rc1.
2017-07-04 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Fix typo
2017-07-04 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add docs for ntlm auth changes
2017-07-03 Garming SamWHATSNEW: Improved AD performance (particularly linked...
2017-07-03 Garming SamWHATSNEW: DNS at domain join improvements
2017-07-03 Garming SamWHATSNEW: Additional hashes introduced with WDigest
2017-07-03 Garming SamWHATSNEW: Improved RODC support
2017-07-02 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add entry for Multi-process LDAP Server
2017-07-02 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add an entry for the LDB whole DB locking...
2017-06-27 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document "client max protocol" change to...
2017-06-27 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document the new smbclient banner
2017-06-27 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Fix typo...
2017-06-16 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: change the default for "map untrusted to...
2017-06-13 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: deprecated "profile acls"
2017-06-07 Andreas SchneiderWHATSNEW: Add Dynamic RPC port range
2017-05-08 Christof SchmittWHATSNEW: Add new 'net tdb locking' command
2017-05-03 Andreas SchneiderWHATSNEW: Add Samba AD with MIT Kerberos
2017-05-03 Andreas SchneiderWHATSNEW: Give the 'strict sync' change a header line
2017-04-21 Jeremy Allisonlib: modules: Change XXX_init interface from XXX_init...
2017-04-18 Jeremy Allisonlib: param: Remove lpcfg_register_defaults_hook().
2017-04-07 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: Deprecate "auth methods" and "map untrusted...
2017-03-29 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add entry for auth audit
2017-03-25 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW: Document "strict sync" default change.
2017-02-16 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Add link to known issues.
2017-01-12 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.7.0pre1.
2017-01-07 Björn JackeWHATSNEW: fix typo
2017-01-03 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Some small formal fixes.
2016-12-24 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add text for AD DC changes
2016-12-21 Martin SchwenkeWHATSNEW: CTDB updates
2016-12-20 Andreas SchneiderWHATSNEW: Add some information about ID mapping
2016-12-20 Andreas SchneiderWHATSNEW: Add Printing changes
2016-12-20 Andreas SchneiderWHATSNEW: Use capital K for Kerberos
2016-12-02 Ralph BoehmeWHATSNEW: document fruit:resource option spelling issue
2016-11-24 Uri SimchoniWHATSNEW: document new inherit owner option
2016-11-24 Uri SimchoniWHATSNEW: document kerberos encryption types
2016-08-23 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: clear the sections for 4.6
2016-07-28 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: add shadow:snapprefix and shadow:delimiter
2016-07-28 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document new samba-tool drs replicate options
2016-07-28 Amitay IsaacsWHATSNEW: ctdb updates
2016-07-25 Martin SchwenkeWHATSNEW: CTDB updates
2016-07-22 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: add SmartCard/PKINIT improvements
2016-07-22 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: recomment python-crypto and python-m2crypto
2016-07-22 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: add 'Password sync as active directory domain...
2016-07-22 Stefan MetzmacherWHATNEW: the default for "ntlm auth" is "no"
2016-07-22 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW. Add text for Open File Description (OFD)...
2016-07-22 Ralph BoehmeWHATSNEW: SMB 2.1 leases enabled by default
2016-07-21 Garming SamWHATSNEW: Add the update for the samba kcc
2016-07-21 Garming SamWHATSNEW: Samba-tool speed-up
2016-07-20 Andrew BartlettWHATSNEW: Add features added for Samba 4.5
2016-05-19 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: add 'Support for LDAP_SERVER_NOTIFICATION_OID'
2016-05-19 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: Clear release notes for Samba 4.5.0pre1.
2016-05-06 Uri SimchoniWHATSNEW: Document "only user" removal