CI/Autobuild: Remove samba-none-env-py3 test
[amitay/samba.git] / .gitlab-ci.yml
2018-10-23 Noel PowerCI/Autobuild: Remove samba-none-env-py3 test
2018-10-23 Noel PowerAdd new CI job for new purepy3-none-env autobuild task
2018-09-27 Noel Poweradd new gitlab CI job for building pure python3
2018-09-18 Martin Schwenkegitlab-ci: Correct the ctdb tasks
2018-08-29 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Run the new python3 autobuild tasks
2018-05-23 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Do not hide a possible out-of-space conditio...
2018-05-23 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Include system-info.txt to give info on...
2018-05-03 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Run samba-ad-dc-2 in the shared environment
2018-05-03 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Use YAML templates to reduce duplication
2018-05-03 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: split up gitlab-ci file
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Split up build_samba_others and build_ctdb...
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettgitlab: Run fileserver tests on "private" not "shared"
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettautobuild: Split up the build further with samba-ad...
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Set shared and private tags to allow builds...
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettautobuild: Remove fileserver tests from the main build
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettautobuild: Run all "ad_dc" environment tests in samba...
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Add samba-nt4 environment to the CI
2018-03-27 Joe Guogitlab-ci: add git variable to speed up clone
2018-03-27 Joe Guogitlab-ci: set docker image and change tag
2018-03-27 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Create swap space to work around the 2G...
2018-03-23 Andrew Bartlettautobuild: Move "none" environment to samba-none-env
2017-10-31 Joe Guogitlab-ci: add .gitlab-ci.yml