libndr: Avoid assigning duplicate versions to symbols
[amitay/samba.git] / .gitlab-ci-private.yml
2019-02-18 Joe Guo.gitlab-ci.yml: merge .gitlab-ci-private.yml
2019-02-15 Tim Bealeautobuild: Drop py2 autobuild jobs
2019-02-14 Andrew Bartlett.gitlab-ci.yml: Re-indent comments on test times
2019-02-14 Andrew Bartlett.gitlab-ci.yml: Use .extends to avoid duplication of...
2019-02-14 Stefan Metzmacher.gitlab-ci*.yml: use 'extends: ' instead of YAML Anchors
2019-02-14 Stefan Metzmacher.gitlab-ci*.yml: remove build_ prefixes
2019-01-24 Ralph BoehmeCI: move target "build_nt4" to private gitlab runners
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Adjust CI tasks for new python3 default
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Add new py2 CI jobs to replace old py3 ones
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Run autobuild jobs with python3
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Remove the remainder py3 jobs
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Remove purepy3 temporary jobs
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Add new CI jobs for samba-purepy3 & samba-purepy3-nt4
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Remove build_samba_ad_dc_py3 CI job
2018-12-10 Noel PowerCI: Add new CI job for new build_samba_purepy3-ad-dc job
2018-08-29 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Run the new python3 autobuild tasks
2018-05-23 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Do not hide a possible out-of-space conditio...
2018-05-23 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Include system-info.txt to give info on...
2018-05-03 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Run samba-ad-dc-2 in the shared environment
2018-05-03 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: Use YAML templates to reduce duplication
2018-05-03 Andrew Bartlettgitlab-ci: split up gitlab-ci file