descriptionAmitay's build-farm changes
ownerAmitay Isaacs
last changeTue, 6 Mar 2012 23:08:02 +0000 (10:08 +1100)
2012-03-06 Amitay IsaacsAdd tdb2 build master
2012-02-25 Andrew Bartlettadd per_run_hook and global_lock to coverage.fns
2012-02-19 Andrew BartlettNever display builds from unknown hosts
2012-02-18 Andrew Bartlettalso return unfiltered callanalyse output
2012-02-17 Andrew Bartlettfix VACUUM to run on correct db
2012-02-17 Amitay Isaacsadd missing format string
2012-02-17 Andrew Bartlettoutput callcatcher for non-samba builds as well
2012-02-17 Andrew Bartlettthe lcov version has changed, as has the output format
2012-02-17 Andrew BartlettRevive lcov reporting
2011-12-22 Andrew Bartlettremove old s3-waf build from host tridge
2011-12-22 Amitay Isaacspython-2.6 devel libraries installed on tridge (ppc64...
2011-12-08 Jelmer VernooijSupport uxsuccess.
2011-10-07 Andrew Bartlettnow that samba_3_waf is just a regular part of the...
2011-10-05 Andrew Tridgellupdate location of upstream waf tree
2011-09-08 Andrew Tridgelluse --enabled-shared in python install script
2011-08-31 Andrew Tridgellthe ppc64 box 'tridge' needs the python devel headers...
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