2012-03-06 Amitay IsaacsAdd tdb2 build master
2012-02-25 Andrew Bartlettadd per_run_hook and global_lock to coverage.fns
2012-02-19 Andrew BartlettNever display builds from unknown hosts
2012-02-18 Andrew Bartlettalso return unfiltered callanalyse output
2012-02-17 Andrew Bartlettfix VACUUM to run on correct db
2012-02-17 Amitay Isaacsadd missing format string
2012-02-17 Andrew Bartlettoutput callcatcher for non-samba builds as well
2012-02-17 Andrew Bartlettthe lcov version has changed, as has the output format
2012-02-17 Andrew BartlettRevive lcov reporting
2011-12-22 Andrew Bartlettremove old s3-waf build from host tridge
2011-12-22 Amitay Isaacspython-2.6 devel libraries installed on tridge (ppc64...
2011-12-08 Jelmer VernooijSupport uxsuccess.
2011-10-07 Andrew Bartlettnow that samba_3_waf is just a regular part of the...
2011-10-05 Andrew Tridgellupdate location of upstream waf tree
2011-09-08 Andrew Tridgelluse --enabled-shared in python install script
2011-08-31 Andrew Tridgellthe ppc64 box 'tridge' needs the python devel headers...
2011-08-31 Björn Jackeuse as server for the css
2011-08-08 Andrew Bartletttry and find config.h in one more location
2011-02-08 Andrew Tridgelladded samba_3_waf to the list of trees in the web interface
2011-02-08 Andrew Tridgellenable samba_3_waf build
2011-02-08 Andrew Tridgelldon't send emails about samba_3_waf builds yet
2011-02-08 Andrew Tridgellsupport samba_3_waf builds
2011-02-07 Andrew Tridgellswitch the build farm to using the top level Samba4...
2011-01-13 Andrew Tridgelldon't send emails for waf-svn tree
2011-01-10 Andrew Tridgellfixed waf build status
2010-12-24 Andrew Tridgellenable waf-svn on other hosts
2010-12-23 Andrew Tridgellfixed links in build pages
2010-12-23 Andrew Tridgellfixed branches for rsync and waf
2010-12-23 Andrew Tridgellfixed name of sn-devel-104.fns
2010-12-22 Andrew Tridgelladded waf trunk to the build farm
2010-12-20 Jelmer VernooijMove some of the build diff logic to the buildfarm...
2010-12-19 Jelmer VernooijAdd +recent-ids.
2010-12-14 Matthieu Patoutest for fixing heimdal build on aix
2010-12-14 Jelmer VernooijDon't rely on stages having the same names.
2010-12-14 Jelmer VernooijAdd assert message.
2010-12-12 Jelmer VernooijCope with negative failure numbers.
2010-12-12 Matthieu Patougive more time to gollum to run
2010-12-10 Matthieu Patouuse compilers variable, print also which compiler is...
2010-12-10 Matthieu Patoubuilder72: readd cc that removed by error
2010-12-08 Jelmer VernooijSane error message on unknown revision.
2010-12-08 Jelmer VernooijCope with unknown trees.
2010-12-07 Matthieu Patoureintroduce specific host file for tru64, in order...
2010-12-07 Björn Jackedelete unneeded SerNet-imini.fns to eliminate duplicate...
2010-12-07 Matthieu PatouRemove patching for bitfield
2010-12-07 Matthieu PatouAdd -g for Sernet-solaris8
2010-12-07 Matthieu PatouAdd -g for sunX
2010-12-07 Jelmer Vernooij... and commit the right file
2010-12-07 Jelmer VernooijCope with multiple builds with the same checksum.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijDon't create subunit files on disk, rather just extract...
2010-12-04 jelmer@samba.orgFix typo.
2010-12-04 jelmer@samba.orgSubunit diff.
2010-12-04 jelmer@samba.orgFix image urls.
2010-12-04 jelmer@samba.orgAdd +stderr and +stdout.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijFix summary
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijFix filename for subunit downlaods.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijClaim subunit output as text/x-subunit.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijAdd link for subunit output.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijFix tree links.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijUse /tree.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijWrite subunit files as bz2.
2010-12-04 Jelmer Vernooijallow bz2 compressed files.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijAllow viewing trees.
2010-12-04 Jelmer Vernooijallow non-html pages more easily.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijAllow /+subunit for builds.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijFix use of plain_logs.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijFix build by checksum.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijFix host references.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijAllow /build/<checksum>
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijNote when generating subunit files.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijWhen uploading, automatically create subunit file.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijSupport extracting subunit files.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijFix last instance of StormCachingBUildFarm.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijSupport extracting subunit.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijAdd tree module.
2010-12-04 Jelmer VernooijMerge StormCachingBuildFarm and BuildFarm.
2010-12-03 Jelmer VernooijKill StormCachingBuildFarm - regular build farm now...
2010-12-03 Jelmer VernooijKill 'plain' old revision database.
2010-12-03 Jelmer VernooijFix a bunch of tests.
2010-12-03 Jelmer VernooijAdd testrepository configuration.
2010-12-03 Jelmer VernooijAdd test_suite function.
2010-12-03 Jelmer VernooijUse convenience function for finding duplicate builds.
2010-12-01 Jelmer VernooijRemove the no longer used broken_repo script.
2010-11-30 Jelmer VernooijAdd get_by_checksum function.
2010-11-30 Jelmer VernooijSimplify code a bit.
2010-12-03 Björn Jackefix "test: =: unary operator expected" error as one...
2010-12-01 Björn Jackegeneric.fns: fix duplicate compiler detection
2010-11-26 Matthieu Patouextend time for builder72
2010-11-25 Matthieu Patoudetect more timeout situations
2010-11-25 Matthieu Patouadd definition for burns to raise the time limit
2010-11-24 Matthieu PatouExport variables for timelimit
2010-11-24 Andrew TridgellRevert "Add debuging symbols to the build so that we...
2010-11-24 Jelmer VernooijMove resource limiting to import-and-analyse script...
2010-11-24 Matthieu PatouAdd debuging symbols to the build so that we have meani...
2010-11-24 Matthieu Patoubuild: allow samba process to run more longer
2010-11-24 jelmer@samba.orgAlways scan for revision (again) as it's needed for...
2010-11-24 jelmer@samba.orgRemove old build rather than uploaded build.
2010-11-23 jelmer@samba.orgSplit up revision_link function.
2010-11-23 jelmer@samba.orgFix instructions to mention
2010-11-24 Matthieu Patoufix broken parameter
2010-11-23 jelmer@samba.orgFix url.