also return unfiltered callanalyse output
[amitay/build-farm.git] / tridge.fns
2011-12-22 Andrew Bartlettremove old s3-waf build from host tridge
2011-12-22 Amitay Isaacspython-2.6 devel libraries installed on tridge (ppc64...
2011-08-31 Andrew Tridgellthe ppc64 box 'tridge' needs the python devel headers...
2008-08-07 metzeremove tridge.fns as this host doesn't use lcov anymore
2008-08-07 metzeadd 'samba_3_X_devel' to the builds.
2008-08-06 metzerename samba_3_2_test into samba_3_X_test, so that
2008-06-17 abartletMove lcov generation from tridge to magni, as ppc is...
2008-03-18 abartletUse python 2.5 on tridge (see if Fedora 8 x86_64 bug...
2008-01-10 metzetest v4-0-test tree in the build-farm instead of the...
2007-10-11 metzeuse samba_3_2_test instead of samba_3_2
2007-07-10 tridgeupdate build farm for samba_3_2 branch
2007-05-25 metzeskip the pidl tests on host tridge untill
2007-05-24 metze- make use of common.fns
2007-03-02 jelmerAdd hack for lcov, fix tridge's compiler
2007-03-01 abartletTry to get lcov output out of lorikeet-heimdal
2007-02-28 abartletEnable lcov reporting on tridge and piglett.