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[amitay/build-farm.git] / timelimit.c
2009-08-07 abartletTry only testing WEXITSTATUS() after checking WIFEXITED()
2007-10-02 metzeprint out message about how SIGINT/SIGQUIT are handled
2007-09-06 metzecatch SIGINT and SIGQUIT like SIGTERM
2006-06-01 metzeadd patch from Bjoern Jacke to make timelimit.c more...
2006-03-30 metze- add my email address
2006-03-27 metzeallow ./timelimit 5 ./timelimit 20 ./ignore_all_signals
2006-03-21 metze- passthrough SIGTERM
2005-11-21 tridgeFixed a problem with timelimit and child scripts that...
2005-06-15 tridgearrgh - bsd uses different args to setpgrp()
2005-06-15 tridgeadded a (hopefully!) very portable timelimit command...