Cope with unknown hosts in dead host list.
[amitay/build-farm.git] / tests /
2010-11-13 Jelmer VernooijSwitch over to using python import-and-analyse.
2009-10-28 abartletPlace cache files in a directory that exists (no need...
2009-10-28 abartletFix tests to work with the current build farm scripts
2008-04-21 jelmerFix warnings.
2008-04-21 jelmerAdd functionality for modifying hosts. Pair programmed...
2008-04-21 jelmerAdd tests for rsyncd secrets file and hosts file.
2008-04-21 jelmerAdd copyright headers, improve emails to buildfarmers.
2008-04-21 jelmerAdd functions for creating rsyncd.secrets and the host...
2008-04-21 jelmerAdd password for host.
2008-04-21 jelmerAdd add and remove host functions.
2008-04-21 jelmerStart working on host database; add provision.
2007-02-28 jelmerAbstract away build output database access, start worki...
2007-02-24 jelmerFix sorting for revisions. Reported by metze.
2007-02-11 jelmerUse standard function for escaping HTML plus some more...
2007-02-10 jelmerMove strip_html to util, some other minor cleanups.
2007-02-10 jelmerSome more cleanups.
2007-02-10 jelmerSome cleanups, add tests for util.