the lcov version has changed, as has the output format
[amitay/build-farm.git] / snab.fns
2010-08-06 tridgedon't build samba4 with the old build system any more
2009-04-17 metzeallow the ibm checker to run 8 hours
2009-04-16 metzerun only one build at a time with the ibm checker
2009-04-14 metzeadd samba_3_next tree to the build
2009-04-01 metzerename samba_3_X_test => samba_3_current and samba_3_X_...
2008-08-07 metzeadd 'samba_3_X_devel' to the builds.
2008-08-06 metzerename samba_3_2_test into samba_3_X_test, so that
2008-03-13 metzeCreate a separate actoin for displaying the config.h.
2008-01-10 metzetest v4-0-test tree in the build-farm instead of the...
2008-01-04 vlendecAttempt to make "snab" build samba_3_2_test
2007-07-10 tridgeupdate build farm for samba_3_2 branch
2007-05-07 metzeallow cc_checker to take up to 7 hours
2006-10-24 tridgersync problem has been fixed
2006-10-23 tridgetake rsync out of the build farm until it stops generat...
2006-10-12 tridgedistcc is using gnu arch not cvs now
2006-10-06 tridgefix source dir for some trees
2006-10-06 tridgepass in correct compiler
2006-10-06 tridgemake a lot more packages use checker
2006-10-06 tridgetry a neater approach to the CC_CHECKER stuff, avoiding...
2006-09-04 tridgemove the common list of projects to build into common...
2006-08-22 tridgeadd ldb to generic and snab builds
2006-07-15 vlendecThere is no point in building trunk anymore
2006-07-08 vlendecTry to activate the IBM checker on trunk
2006-04-13 vance- initial attempt at styling up the IBM Checker output
2006-04-02 tridgeadd path and lib path
2006-04-02 tridgefirst attempt at the IBM code checker in the build...