Add tdb2 build
[amitay/build-farm.git] / fjall.fns
2011-10-07 Andrew Bartlettnow that samba_3_waf is just a regular part of the...
2011-02-08 Andrew Tridgellenable samba_3_waf build
2011-02-07 Andrew Tridgellswitch the build farm to using the top level Samba4...
2010-11-23 Matthieu Patouuse $compiler instead of gcc to ease script evolution
2010-11-22 Stefan Metzmacherfjall needs more time to finish tests under valgrind
2010-10-08 tridgesamba_4_0_waf -> samba_4_0_test
2010-08-06 tridgedon't build samba4 with the old build system any more
2010-04-04 tridgewe don't need the test of the python install on fjall now
2010-04-03 tridgetry this on fjall too
2010-03-19 tridgeenable s4 waf build on more boxes
2009-10-19 tridgeraise the valgrind timelimit
2009-04-14 metzeadd samba_3_next tree to the build
2009-04-01 metzerename samba_3_X_test => samba_3_current and samba_3_X_...
2009-03-22 metzealso export SAMBA_MAXTIME
2009-03-22 metzealso set NMBD_VALGRIND, WINBINDD_VALGRIND and SAMBA_VAL...
2008-08-07 metzeadd 'samba_3_X_devel' to the builds.
2008-08-06 metzerename samba_3_2_test into samba_3_X_test, so that
2008-04-15 abartletValgrind now wants %p
2008-04-07 tridgeadded fjall as a x86_64 valgrind host