fixed name of sn-devel-104.fns
[amitay/build-farm.git] / build_test
2008-07-19 bjackeadd /usr/pkg/[s]bin for NetBSD's pkgsrc binaries
2008-04-17 bjackereset CFLAGS at the very beginning only to allow modifi...
2007-09-11 metzeadd more examples to the comment
2007-09-11 metzeuse the correct path for 'build_test.fns.local'
2007-04-30 metzesome shells doesn't support ~/
2007-04-30 metzesome shells need '.' in the path
2007-04-30 metzeI don't think there's a reason why we need bash...??
2007-04-30 metzemove the default pathes into a new shell var
2007-04-30 metzeuse instead of
2007-04-30 metzedon't try to execute $Id$ ...
2007-04-29 metzemake it possible for admins to configure proxy config...
2007-04-27 metzeuse $Id$ also for build_test
2007-04-21 metzerun the build farm tests with LANG=C
2006-09-14 tridgeimproved the base build_test script to delete old ...
2005-06-15 tridgeirix has 'which' in /usr/bsd
2004-06-29 metzecommit build_farm code from CVS to SVN