fixed name of sn-devel-104.fns
[amitay/build-farm.git] / build_test.fns
2010-12-22 Andrew Tridgelladded waf trunk to the build farm
2010-12-03 Björn Jackefix "test: =: unary operator expected" error as one...
2010-11-24 Matthieu PatouExport variables for timelimit
2010-11-24 Andrew TridgellRevert "Add debuging symbols to the build so that we...
2010-11-24 Matthieu PatouAdd debuging symbols to the build so that we have meani...
2010-11-24 Matthieu Patoubuild: allow samba process to run more longer
2010-11-23 Matthieu PatouIncrease run time for default builds
2010-11-23 Matthieu PatouRemove hack for lcov with heimdal files
2010-11-23 Matthieu PatouAdd possibility to add pre and post action hooks
2010-11-23 Matthieu Patousimple reformat
2010-11-23 Matthieu PatouMove the lcov report in a separate action
2010-11-12 Matthieu Patouprint the return code value as it can help debug
2010-11-05 Matthieu PatouAdd doc
2010-11-05 Matthieu PatouMore reformat
2010-11-04 Matthieu Patouquiet stderr
2010-11-04 Matthieu Patoutest if file exists before mv or cmp
2010-11-04 Matthieu PatouReformat
2010-11-02 Björn Jackeadd some more discontinued build trees
2010-11-02 Björn Jackefix loop for deleting discontiued trees
2010-11-02 Björn Jackeadd discontinued build trees to $old_trees to mark...
2010-10-28 Andrew Tridgelldon't rerun test commands
2010-10-28 Andrew Tridgellif a build fails, try again with V=1
2010-10-21 tridgeremoved the s4selftest stuff. It is no longer needed...
2010-10-08 tridgesamba_4_0_waf -> samba_4_0_test
2010-09-19 tridgelog killbysubdir actions
2010-09-19 tridgeuse $builddir for timelimit and killbysubdir
2010-09-19 tridgefixed timelimit build
2010-09-19 tridgekill processes in old trees too
2010-09-19 tridgeput killbysubdir in right directory
2010-09-19 tridgeauto-kill old processes by subdirectory
2010-09-15 metzealso use configure build install test for pidl
2010-09-15 metzefix if statement
2010-09-15 metzedon't use pidl magic and call perl ./Makefile.PL in...
2010-08-06 tridgedelete the old samba_4_0_test tree
2010-08-03 tridgeadded ccache-maint build to build farm
2010-05-07 tridgefinally fixed the smbtorture.static problem!
2010-05-07 tridgemore build farm debugging
2010-05-06 tridgemore build farm debugging
2010-05-06 tridgeadd debug to the s4selftest code
2010-05-06 tridgetalloc and tdb use the waf build now
2010-05-05 tridgeanother location for config.h
2010-05-05 tridgeldb now uses a waf based build, which doesn't need...
2010-04-28 tridgeuse the waf smbtorture.static for s3 builds in the...
2010-04-11 tridgethe changes to Makefile.waf from metze mean we now...
2010-03-26 tridgecope with different config.h locations
2010-03-19 tridgecope with config.log being in bin/
2010-01-27 tridgedistcc has moved to
2010-01-27 tridgeccache has moved to git
2009-12-09 tridgeshow test summary if available
2009-11-29 tridgetalloc and tdb do not build with a separate builddir...
2009-10-17 tridgeraise fd limit to 200. The Samba4 'make test' now needs...
2009-10-17 tridgeraise fd limit to 200. The Samba4 'make test' now needs...
2009-08-06 tridgewe need --enable-uid-wrapper on the build farm
2009-07-14 bjackedon't preserve timestamps when uploading the log files.
2009-04-23 abartletTry and generate lcov more often
2009-04-23 abartletcope with new file we must remove in samba4 for lcov
2009-04-01 metzerename samba_3_X_test => samba_3_current and samba_3_X_...
2009-02-24 bjackeincrease timeout as it is too often too low now
2009-02-18 metzealso run 'df .' after the action
2009-02-09 metzewe only need smbtorture from samba4, so don't waste...
2008-11-03 paulgLimit the temporary directory name to 32 characters
2008-09-21 jelmerStop copying libjs now that EJS is no longer in the...
2008-08-06 metzerename samba_3_2_test into samba_3_X_test, so that
2008-08-06 kseegerbuild farm: Does not do make proto for S3
2008-07-20 bjackesometimes it's difficult to find where a stderr message...
2008-06-04 paulgShorten the name of the temporary directory so
2008-03-13 metzeCreate a separate actoin for displaying the config.h.
2008-02-19 abartletRemove useless attempt at injecting variables into...
2008-01-29 metzedon't look into old .svn files if they're still there
2008-01-10 metzesamba4 is in git now
2008-01-10 metzetest v4-0-test tree in the build-farm instead of the...
2008-01-10 bjackefix a bash'ism
2008-01-08 metzelet libreplace, tdb, ldb, pidl use git trees
2008-01-08 metzeuse talloc out of the samba v4-0-test git branch
2008-01-04 bjackewhile xargs -I is the only ever existing replacement...
2007-12-31 paulgRevert to using "xargs -i" on VOS because its version...
2007-12-24 jelmerAttempt to fix gcov builds of Samba 4.
2007-12-18 bjacke"­R -1" for FreeBSD's xargs was invalid and produced...
2007-11-21 metzersync uses git now
2007-11-09 metzesamba3 also need --enable-nss-wrapper now
2007-11-05 metzeheimdal doesn't have nss wrapper
2007-11-05 metzeuse --enable-nss-wrapper for samba4
2007-10-11 metzehandle all samba_3* tree equal
2007-10-11 metzedelete old samba_3_2 stuff
2007-10-11 metzeprepare for git based samba_3_2_test
2007-10-11 metzeadd function to delete on old svn tree
2007-10-11 metzeuse samba_3_2* as name
2007-10-11 metzeabstract fetch_svn() to fetch_revinfo() which makes...
2007-10-02 metzecopy source/script/ of samba4 too, to get script/gdb_ba...
2007-09-30 metzethe lock files need should not be absolute pathes
2007-09-28 metzesamba3 now needs the samba4 source directory passed
2007-09-28 metzersync -a --delete should be much portable than cp -a
2007-09-27 metzeprepare for merging the 3.2-perltest branch
2007-09-03 abartletApparently Apple's Darwin needs this different xargs...
2007-07-10 tridgeupdate build farm for samba_3_2 branch
2007-05-24 metze-fprofile-generate didn't really fixed the pidl
2007-05-22 metzetry to let gcov work on shared libraries too
2007-05-17 vlendecPortability fix by Björn Jacke
2007-05-02 metzemake it possible to overwrite the max mem size,
2007-04-30 metzeuse instead of