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ownerChristian Ambach
last changeThu, 15 Nov 2012 04:27:04 +0000 (04:27 +0000)
2012-11-15 florianChar/HChar fixups for m_debuginfo and m_gdbserver. master
2012-11-11 florianAdd missing files. They should have been added in r13120.
2012-11-10 florianUpdate s390_features.c for DFP.
2012-11-10 florianFix more Char/HChar mixups. Closing in...
2012-11-10 florianUpdate list of ignored files.
2012-11-09 cborntraadd BLKPBSZGET ioctl
2012-11-09 cborntraAdd missing EXTRA DIST statement
2012-11-09 cborntraGETREGSET was introduced with 2.6.33.
2012-11-08 florianAnnounce fix for BZ 308886.
2012-11-08 cborntraalso wire up arm, x86 and amd64 regarding ptrace regsets
2012-11-08 cborntraadd s390 specific fix for getregset
2012-11-08 cborntrawire up testcase
2012-11-08 cborntraAdd ptrace getreset testcase from Andreas Arnez
2012-11-08 sewardjIgnore ELF sections that have zero size. Fixes #309600.
2012-11-08 sewardjImprove accuracy of definedness tracking through the...
2012-11-07 cborntraSame idea as for mips. sem_post does not fail on s390
6 years ago master