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ownerChristian Ambach
last changeWed, 30 Dec 2015 20:33:51 +0000 (21:33 +0100)
2015-12-30 Christian Ambachsmbget: fix recursive download master
2015-12-30 Christian AmbachRevert "lib/tevent: fix a compile warning"
2015-12-30 Christian Ambachlib/tevent: fix a compile warning
2015-12-30 Christian Ambachprovision/sambadns: set correct owner of keytab file
2015-12-30 Christian AmbachDEBUG ambi@ambi problem
2015-12-29 Michael Adamtorture:smb2: fix copy'n'paste error in durable-open...
2015-12-29 Uri Simchonismbd: remove function name from a DBG_INFO in a recent...
2015-12-25 Uri Simchonismbd: do not disable "store dos attributes" on-the-fly
2015-12-24 Douglas Bagnalldsdb subnets: warn when an IPv6 address is in IPv4...
2015-12-24 Douglas Bagnallsamldb: ensure subnets have proper net ranges
2015-12-24 Douglas Bagnallsamba-tool: add sites subnet subcommands
2015-12-24 Douglas Bagnallsamba-tool tests: Add command line tests for sites
2015-12-24 Andrew Bartlettpython/sites: Rework site DN construction
2015-12-24 Douglas Bagnallpython.sites tests: remove excessive transaction management
2015-12-24 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Allow sites test to run against a remote...
2015-12-24 Douglas Bagnallsamba.sites: reduce code duplication in Exception classes
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