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ownerAlexander Bokovoy
last changeTue, 3 Apr 2012 06:07:41 +0000 (08:07 +0200)
2012-04-03 Andrew Bartlettlib/util: charset modules do not exist any more master origin/HEAD origin/master
2012-04-03 Andrew Bartlettfile_server: Move vfs objects initialisation into file_...
2012-04-03 Andrew Bartletts3-vfs: initial work on posix:eadb module
2012-04-03 Andrew Bartletts4-ntvfs: Rename xattr_tdb.c to posix_eadb.c and make...
2012-04-03 Andrew Bartletts3-vfs: Use new smb_load_module for better diagnostics
2012-04-03 Andrew Bartletts3-smbd: Inline init_modules() into only caller
2012-04-03 Andrew Bartlettlib/util: Add smb_load_module that returns DEBUG(0...
2012-04-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:smb_server/smb2: add missing 'return;' statements...
2012-04-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:smb_server/smb2: after smbsrv_terminate_connection...
2012-04-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:smb_server/smb2: fix memory leak in smb2srv_chain_re...
2012-04-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:smb_server/smb2: use helper variable smb2srv_chain_r...
2012-04-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:smb_server/smb: remove a request from the list befor...
2012-04-02 Volker Lendeckes3: Notifies should never time out
2012-04-02 Amitay Isaacss4-upgradedns: Fix the fqdn for forest dns zone
2012-04-01 Richard SharpeFix some of the issues that Jelmer identified in my...
2012-04-01 Richard SharpeAdd an open and close method to samba.smb.SMB so we...
7 years ago samba-3.5.13 tag samba-3.5.13
7 years ago samba-4.0.0alpha18 samba4: tag release samba-4.0.0alpha18
7 years ago tevent-0.9.15 tevent: tag release tevent-0.9.15
7 years ago samba-3.6.3 tag samba-3.6.3
7 years ago samba-3.6.2 tag samba-3.6.2
7 years ago ldb-1.1.4 ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.4
7 years ago samba-3.5.12 tag samba-3.5.12
7 years ago samba-3.6.1 tag samba-3.6.1
7 years ago ldb-1.1.3 ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.3
7 years ago ldb-1.1.2 ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.2
7 years ago talloc-2.0.7 talloc: tag release talloc-2.0.7
7 years ago samba-4.0.0alpha17 samba4: tag release samba-4.0.0alpha17
7 years ago samba-3.4.15 tag samba-3.4.15
7 years ago tevent-0.9.14 tevent: tag release tevent-0.9.14
7 years ago samba-3.6.0 tag samba-3.6.0
7 years ago talloc-2.0.6 talloc: tag release talloc-2.0.6
9 months ago py3-master-waf
23 months ago smbldap
2 years ago v4-6-gss_acquire_cred_from
2 years ago master-gss_acquire_cred_from
5 years ago systemd-4.1
5 years ago systemd
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6 years ago ipa-trusts
6 years ago asn-fixes
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