2015-07-04 Wayne DavisonAdd parent-dir validation for --no-inc-recurse too.
2015-06-10 Wayne DavisonChange "fail" to "test_fail".
2015-05-11 Wayne DavisonMake the checksum_seed a bit harder to predict.
2015-05-11 Wayne DavisonAdd compat flag to allow proper seed checksum order.
2015-05-01 Wayne DavisonPass -I option to aclocal.
2015-05-01 Tiziano MüllerUse AS_IF instead of plain if/then/fi
2015-05-01 Tiziano MüllerIgnore .deps directories.
2015-05-01 Tiziano MüllerCheck for perl and assign it to a var since it is neede...
2015-05-01 Tiziano MüllerRemove dead targets from build system
2015-05-01 Wayne DavisonHandle configure's new version style.
2015-05-01 Tiziano MüllerSpecify package name and version in call to AC_INIT
2015-05-01 Tiziano MüllerProperly quote arguments for AC_LIBOBJ.
2015-05-01 Wayne DavisonMust define LIBOBJDIR in the Makefile.
2015-04-27 Tiziano MüllerUse AC_CONFIG_LIBOBJ_DIR and AC_REPLACE_FUNCS to adhere...
2015-04-27 Tiziano MüllerModularize m4 macros
2015-04-26 Tiziano MüllerProperly quote m4 macro
2015-04-26 Wayne DavisonUpdate generated-files logic.
2015-04-26 Tiziano MüllerRename aclocal.m4 to acinclude.m4 and add make target
2015-04-22 Stefan Behrensrsync: fix of-by-one in check of snprintf() result.
2014-12-31 Wayne DavisonComplain if an inc-recursive path is not right for...
2014-12-31 Wayne DavisonMention that --append can be dangerous.
2014-12-31 Wayne DavisonCall set_modtime even if only NSEC is different.
2014-11-27 Wayne DavisonUse usleep() for msleep() if it is available.
2014-10-10 Wayne DavisonAdd a missing closing paren.
2014-09-06 Wayne DavisonPrepare the repository for more development.
2014-09-06 Wayne DavisonMention DRY RUN in --debug=exit output.
2014-09-04 Wayne DavisonAdding the long options that BackupPC likes to use.
2014-07-31 Wayne DavisonSet GIT_MERGE_AUTOEDIT=no in the environment.
2014-07-31 Wayne DavisonMatch latest git's repo branch message.
2014-07-31 Wayne DavisonMatch latest git's repo status messages.
2014-07-31 Wayne DavisonRemove superfluous ${INSTALL_STRIP} uses.
2014-07-31 Wayne DavisonFix a typo.
2014-06-22 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.1 v3.1.1
2014-06-22 Wayne DavisonAdd a clarification about shell wildcard expansion.
2014-06-22 Wayne DavisonMake sure the link() destination file doesn't exist.
2014-06-16 Wayne DavisonMake sure cmp_time() doesn't mess up due to a time_t...
2014-06-14 Wayne DavisonUpdated NEWS & tweaked a comment.
2014-06-14 Wayne DavisonPut zlib and popt -I options early in the CFLAGS.
2014-06-13 Wayne DavisonFix hard-link bugs when receiver isn't capable.
2014-06-08 Wayne DavisonAdded a flag to disable xattr hlink optimization.
2014-06-08 Wayne DavisonI missed this tweak in the undo of a prior xattr optimi...
2014-05-26 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.1pre2 v3.1.1pre2
2014-05-26 Wayne DavisonMention all the latest changes in the NEWS.
2014-05-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid an xattr-finding glitch on the receiver.
2014-05-26 Wayne DavisonAdd new-compress option to rrsync.
2014-05-25 Wayne DavisonMake --omit-dir-times avoid early-create directories.
2014-05-25 Wayne DavisonExit with a partial-transfer error for a sender-remove...
2014-05-05 Wayne DavisonCheck for attr lib.
2014-04-30 Wayne DavisonFix usermap/groupmap parsing of MIN-MAX IDs.
2014-04-20 Wayne DavisonCheck F_IS_ACTIVE() in a few more spots.
2014-04-19 Wayne DavisonChange args to file_checksum() to prepare for future...
2014-04-19 Wayne DavisonAdd new-style compression that skips matching data.
2014-04-19 Wayne DavisonExpand the backslash description a bit more in excludes.
2014-04-13 Wayne DavisonAvoid infinite wait reading secrets file.
2014-04-13 Wayne DavisonReceiver now rejects invalid filenames in filelist.
2014-03-08 Wayne DavisonMention how "max verbosity" affects info & debug opts.
2014-03-03 Wayne DavisonHave receiver strip bogus leading slashes on filenames.
2014-02-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid the use of an extra leading dot when using -...
2014-02-24 Wayne DavisonExplicitly mention that dirs aren't affected by --update.
2014-02-24 Wayne DavisonInclude a systemd file that some distros might want.
2014-02-24 Wayne DavisonFix --info=progress2 info as a file is transferred.
2014-01-27 Wayne DavisonImprove the *.spec file a bit.
2014-01-27 Wayne DavisonUse the patch's list of generated files for each patch.
2014-01-26 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.1pre1 v3.1.1pre1
2014-01-26 Wayne DavisonBump the year to 2014.
2014-01-26 Wayne DavisonMore NEWS improvements.
2014-01-20 Wayne DavisonFix "unchanged" protocol designation.
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonMention the latest NEWS items.
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonUndo the hard-link xattr optimization in 78286a03.
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonFix the leaving of a temp file w/o partial-file saving.
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonAvoid ACL and/or xattr lookups on IS_MISSING_FILE(...
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonAdd IS_MISSING_FILE(statbuf) macro.
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonAdding IVAL64() and SIVAL64().
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonHandle more x86 hosts w/o resorting to CAREFUL_ALIGNMENT.
2014-01-02 Wayne DavisonWe really depend on autoconf 2.60 these days.
2014-01-01 Wayne DavisonAdding rsync-no-vanished script for bug 10356.
2014-01-01 Wayne DavisonWarn about lack of yodl2man at end of configure run.
2013-12-25 Wayne DavisonRestoring use of socketpair on cygwin.
2013-12-25 Wayne DavisonUse 0 (not NULL) for a non-pointer arg.
2013-12-25 Wayne DavisonTry to fix bug 7865 for some acl() EINVAL results.
2013-12-23 Wayne DavisonFix a few issues with make_path().
2013-12-23 Wayne DavisonChange owner+group before setting xattrs to avoid xattr...
2013-12-15 Wayne DavisonFix a typo that Stefan Beller pointed out.
2013-12-01 Wayne DavisonA delete_item() error should use FERROR_XFER.
2013-11-28 Wayne DavisonTweak log_delete() to send MSG_DELETED more.
2013-11-25 Wayne DavisonCreate and use write_bigbuf() function for extra-large...
2013-11-25 Wayne DavisonUse chunked xattr reading in OS X sys_lgetxattr().
2013-11-25 Wayne DavisonFix itemize bug with --link-dest, -X, and -n.
2013-11-11 Wayne DavisonAvoid useless keepalive msgs that would kill an older
2013-11-09 Wayne DavisonFix timeout checking in safe_read().
2013-11-09 Wayne DavisonChange safe_read() to select() before reading.
2013-10-27 Wayne DavisonGit rid of uneeded extern.
2013-10-27 Wayne DavisonReturn an error if a buffer overflows in do_mknod().
2013-10-27 Wayne DavisonRestore sending of "-ef" marker to the server.
2013-10-27 Wayne DavisonDon't use comma_num() in FLOG output.
2013-10-04 Wayne DavisonDon't forget about --debug and --info for rrsync.
2013-10-04 Wayne DavisonA few more new options that rsync 3.1.0 can pass.
2013-10-03 Wayne DavisonPrepare repository for more development.
2013-09-28 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.0 v3.1.0
2013-09-28 Wayne DavisonRemove unused var.