s3-messaging: IDMAP_ messages belongs to the Winbind range
[idra/samba.git] / source3 / librpc / idl / messaging.idl
2011-08-16 Simo Sorces3-messaging: IDMAP_ messages belongs to the Winbind...
2011-08-11 Simo Sorces3-messaging: Change classification of MSG_SMB_CONF_UPD...
2011-08-11 Simo Sorces3-messaging: Fix messaging classes.
2011-08-11 Simo Sorces3-messaging: Remove obsolete class.
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba...
2011-05-20 Christian Ambachs3:smbd remove unused code
2011-02-28 Gregor Becks3: smbcontrol to notify smbd about idmap changes
2011-02-17 Günther Deschners3: add server_id.idl and use only autogenerated code.
2011-02-15 Günther Deschners3-librpc: move server_id marshalling to own helper...
2011-02-10 Günther Deschners3: give ../librpc/ndr/util.c its own header.
2011-01-07 David Disseldorps3-printing: Initiate pcap reload from parent smbd
2010-09-30 Volker Lendeckes3: Add "smbcontrol winbindd ip-dropped <local-ip>"
2010-02-12 Volker Lendeckes3: Implement global locks in a g_lock tdb
2008-09-14 Stefan MetzmacherMerge Samba3 and Samba4 together
2008-09-12 Günther Deschnermessaging: move types to IDL.
2008-04-12 Stefan Metzmachermessaging.idl: add structure to marshall dbwrap_tdb2...
2007-10-10 Volker Lendecker23055: Rewrite messages.c to use auto-generated marsha...