descriptionSocket Wrapper Repository
last changeFri, 17 Aug 2018 12:27:25 +0000 (14:27 +0200)
2018-08-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Update valgrind suppression file master
2018-08-17 Andreas Schneidercmake: Require at least cmake 3.2.0
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneiderctest: Move to new dashboard
2018-08-09 Anoop C Sswrap: Add error check around pthread mutex locks
2018-08-09 Anoop C Stests: Prevent child process falling to defunct state
2018-08-09 Anoop C Sdoc: Add SOCKET_WRAPPER_MAX_SOCKETS to manual page
2018-08-09 Anoop C Sswrap: Fix thread deadlock found by Coverity scan
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneidertests: Add missing header for IPPROTO_TCP
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Update header
2018-08-09 Andreas SchneiderUpdate LICENSE
2018-08-09 Andreas SchneiderRename COPYING to LICENSE
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneidercpack: Do not package build dirs in source tarball
2018-06-14 Anoop C Sswrap: Replace socket_fds linked list with an array
2018-05-04 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix resouce leak in echo_srv tcp handling
2018-05-03 Andreas Schneidercmake: Run threaded tests with helgrind
2018-05-02 Anoop C Stests: Add test case to validate free-list indexes
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4 years ago socket_wrapper-1.0.0 socket_wrapper-1.0.0
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