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last changeTue, 12 Feb 2019 15:54:37 +0000 (16:54 +0100)
4 days ago Anoop C Sswrap: Fix a TODO master
4 days ago Anoop C SRemove thread-safety task from TODO
4 days ago Andreas Schneidercmake: Disable deep binding for helgrind
4 days ago Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add env variable to disable deep binding
2019-01-11 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Use #ifdef instead of #if for config.h definitions
2019-01-11 Volker Lendeckeswrap: Add an overflow check
2018-11-14 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.2.1 socket_wrapper-1.2.1
2018-11-13 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Do not log if we are over the limit in find_sock...
2018-11-13 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Also log the fd in swrap_socket()
2018-11-13 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Fix comparison of different signedness
2018-11-13 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.2.0 socket_wrapper-1.2.0
2018-11-13 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Also log the process name
2018-11-13 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Better handling for default values in socket_wra...
2018-11-13 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Always allocate the socket fd array to the maximum
2018-11-13 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Rename global variable for max sockets
2018-11-12 Anoop C Stests: Enable threaded test cases on FreeBSD
3 months ago socket_wrapper-1.2.1 socket_wrapper-1.2.1
3 months ago socket_wrapper-1.2.0 socket_wrapper-1.2.0
14 months ago socket_wrapper-1.1.9 socket_wrapper-1.1.9
16 months ago socket_wrapper-1.1.8 socket_wrapper-1.1.8
2 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.7 socket_wrapper-1.1.7
2 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.6 socket_wrapper-1.1.6
3 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.5 socket_wrapper-1.1.5
3 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.4 socket_wrapper-1.1.4
3 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.3 socket_wrapper-1.1.3
4 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.2 socket_wrapper-1.1.2
4 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.1 socket_wrapper-1.1.1
4 years ago socket_wrapper-1.1.0 socket_wrapper-1.1.0
4 years ago socket_wrapper-1.0.2 socket_wrapper-1.0.2
5 years ago socket_wrapper-1.0.1 socket_wrapper-1.0.1
5 years ago socket_wrapper-1.0.0 socket_wrapper-1.0.0
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