descriptionSocket Wrapper Repository
last changeThu, 14 May 2020 10:46:13 +0000 (12:46 +0200)
2020-05-14 Mike Gilberttests: do not truncate pid to 16 bits master
2020-05-14 Anoop C Sswrap: Remove extra new line towards end of SWRAP_LOG()
2020-03-24 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.2.4 socket_wrapper-1.2.4
2020-03-24 Andreas SchneiderRename CHANGELOG
2020-03-24 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Add ubuntu runner
2020-03-24 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Remove debian cross mips build
2020-03-24 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix a compile warning on Ubuntu
2020-03-23 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix a coverty warning in echo_srv
2020-03-21 Stefan Metzmacherswrap: add support for SOCKET_WRAPPER_IPV4_NETWORK...
2020-03-21 Stefan Metzmacherswrap: implement swrap_ipv4_{net,bcast,iface}() helper...
2020-03-21 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/socket_wrapper.1: clarify the possible values for...
2020-03-21 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Whitelist metze to use the FreeBSD runner
2020-03-19 Stefan Metzmacherswrap: provide _{socket,close,connect,...} symbols...
2020-03-19 Stefan Metzmacherswrap: detect stale fd for socket(PF_UNIX) and accept()
2020-03-19 Stefan Metzmacherswrap: trace the SOCKET_WRAPPER_PCAP_FILE location
2019-03-21 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Do not leak buf in swrap_sendmsg() socket_wrapper-1.2.3
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