2010-09-09 Günther Deschnerlibcli/netlogon: add LOGON_REQUEST handling to pull_nbt...
2010-09-09 Günther Deschnerlibcli/netlogon: add LOGON_RESPONSE2 to pull_nbt_netlog...
2010-09-09 Günther Deschnerlibcli/netlogon: add NETLOGON_RESPONSE2 to push_nbt_net...
2010-09-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:client/cifsdd.c - restore Solaris cc compatibility
2010-09-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:torture/rpc/winreg.c - restore Solaris cc compatibility
2010-09-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:libcli/security/*.c - fix some wrong typed counters
2010-09-09 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-dreplsrv: Do allocations on long-living context...
2010-09-09 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-drs-test: Add 'reset' and 'replace' tests for drsuap...
2010-09-09 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-dreplsrv: Call dreplsrv_out_operation::callback...
2010-09-09 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-dsdb/repl/drepl_out_pull.c: Remove unused code
2010-09-09 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-drepl_service.c: Update (C)
2010-09-09 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-drepsrv: Dump more info when drepl_replica_sync...
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-printing: Make missing auth_serversupplied_info...
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-spoolss: Use systerm server_info for winreg connection.
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-spoolss: Make auth_serversupplied_info const.
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-printing: Make auth_serversupplied_info const.
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-msdfs: Make auth_serversupplied_info const.
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-rpcint: Make auth_serversupplied_info const.
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-auth: Added get_server_info_system function.
2010-09-09 Andreas Schneiders3-spoolss: Fixed some build warnings.
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgells4-rodc: cope with missing searchFlags
2010-09-09 Andrew Bartletts4-dsdb Change debug levels for startup messages
2010-09-09 Andrew Bartletts4-setup Make krb5.conf use DNS by default
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgells4-test: added a RODC test using rpcecho
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgells4-test: added a RODC to our testing
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgells4-rodc: get the domain name from the partitions DN
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgellpyldb: expose PyLdbDn_FromDn()
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgells4-provision: fixed error format string
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgells4-pydsdb: expose samdb_partitions_dn() as get_partitio...
2010-09-09 Andrew Tridgells4-rodc: s->schema need initialisation
2010-09-09 Günther Deschnerlib/util: remove some unused_result warnings.
2010-09-09 Günther Deschners3-utils: remove unused variable in smbget.
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove "mem_ctx" from a few functions
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove "mem_ctx" from wcache_save_creds()
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove "mem_ctx" from lookup_cached_name()
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove a nested if-statement
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Fill in workstation in winbindd_pam_auth_crap_send
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Fill in domain in winbindd_pam_auth_crap_send
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove redundant flag checks
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove unused arg "user_sid" from winbindd_store_creds
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove unused winbindd_update_creds_by_sid
2010-09-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove unused winbindd_dual_show_sequence()
2010-09-09 Jeremy AllisonDon't rely on the underlying ACL modules to enforce...
2010-09-08 Jeremy AllisonOptimization suggested by Metze. Without this patch,
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: "== false" looks wrong :-)
2010-09-08 Jeremy AllisonFix warnings caused by double ";;" at the end of the...
2010-09-08 Günther Deschners4-waf: fix bin/python/samba/dcerpc/
2010-09-08 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Eliminate sys.path updating if installing...
2010-09-08 Björn Jackes3: use time_mono throughout in smbget
2010-09-08 Björn Jackes3/ldap: use monotonic clock for timeouts in smbldap
2010-09-08 Jelmer Vernooijsetup: Use standard octal ints rather than harcoding.
2010-09-08 Jelmer Vernooijpopt_common: Add missing dependency on libsamba-hostconfig.
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Make winbind_add_failed_connection_entry static
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a typo
2010-09-08 Günther Deschners4-smbtorture: add torture ndr nbt testsuite.
2010-09-08 Günther Deschnernbt: add nbt_netlogon_response2 to IDL.
2010-09-08 Günther Deschnernbt: add NETLOGON_LOGON_REQUEST.
2010-09-08 Günther Deschnernbt: add decode_nbt_netlogon_packet() to IDL.
2010-09-08 Günther Deschners3-nmbd: fix indentation in process_logon_packet().
2010-09-08 Günther Deschners3-nmbd: remove trailing whitespace in nmbd_processlogon.c
2010-09-08 Andreas Schneiders3-spoolss: Move spoolss winreg to new dcerpc client...
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Simplify cm_connect_sam a bit
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Check for sid instead of name in cm_connect_sam
2010-09-08 Andreas Schneiders3-spoolss: Fixed a possible crash bug.
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove a superfluous ;
2010-09-07 Björn Jackes3/libads: use monotonic clock for ldap connection...
2010-09-07 Björn Jackes3: use monotonic clock for aio timeout
2010-09-07 Björn Jackes3/nmbd: tidy up debug message: ttl isn't a hex value
2010-09-07 Björn Jackes3/libads: use monotonic clock for DNS timeouts
2010-09-07 Björn Jackelib/util: add time_mono() for monotonic time a la time()
2010-09-07 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-dreplsrv: Run NC replication synchronously if requested
2010-09-07 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-drs: Dump exact error when failure occurs during...
2010-09-07 Volker Lendeckes3: Prune the printername cache when a printer is deleted
2010-09-07 Andrew Tridgelllibrpc: bitten by the strncasecmp define again
2010-09-07 Andrew Tridgellwaf-abi: fixed small uninitialised data on PPC64
2010-09-07 Andrew Tridgells4-ldapserver: serialise ldap server operations
2010-09-07 Andrew Tridgells4-packet: make packet_recv_disable() a lot more efficient
2010-09-07 Andrew Tridgells4-process: fixed the thread process model so it compiles
2010-09-06 Julien KerihuelAdd unique IP address binding for client connections...
2010-09-05 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-test: refactor API-DELETEUSER test a little to:
2010-09-05 Kamen Mazdrashkis4-idl: redefine dreplsrv_refresh() to be alike other...
2010-09-05 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Create bin/defaukt/modules if it does not...
2010-09-05 Jelmer Vernooijwaf: Use os.makedirs rather than os.mkdir in case paren...
2010-09-05 Volker Lendeckes3: On Solaris, iov_len is an int
2010-09-05 Matthieu Patouupgradeprovision: avoid working with None objects ...
2010-09-05 Matthieu Patouupgradeprovision: do not try to remove/change attribute...
2010-09-05 Matthieu Patouupgradeprovision: cleanup
2010-09-05 Matthieu Patous4 upgradeprovision: add dns_update_list if missing
2010-09-05 Matthieu Patoupython-ldb: allow ldb_rename to take optional control(s)
2010-09-05 Matthieu Patoudsdb: make the ATTRIBUTE NOT FOUND more clear
2010-09-05 Jelmer Vernooijs4/selftest: Fix path to include/config.h, set BUILDDIR...
2010-09-05 Jelmer Vernooijselftest: Cope with parentheses in testnames in --load...
2010-09-05 Jelmer Vernooijselftest/subunit: Parse timestamps generated by upstrea...
2010-09-05 Jelmer Vernooijselftest: Print out unmatched tests when using --load...
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijdsgetinfo: Set modulesdir when using ldb without ldb_wrap
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijdnspython: Update to latest upstream.
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijsubunit: Import latest upstream.
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijtesttools: Import latest upstream.
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijtestr: Fix configuration to use idfile, in case more...
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijselftest: Don't make printing the log output a side...