2003-08-13 Andrew TridgellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-08-13 Andrew Tridgellfirst public release of samba4 code
2001-12-10 Tim PotterAdded "return offset;" to end of generated function.
2001-12-10 Tim PotterFix for pointers to structures in function args.
2001-12-09 Tim PotterMisc fixes:
2001-12-09 Tim Potterwchar_t is a scalar.
2001-12-08 Tim PotterConvert a bunch of "prs_foo()" to "offset = prs_foo()"
2001-12-08 Tim PotterRemoved old commented-out code.
2001-12-08 Tim PotterReinvented has_properties() function lost after HD...
2001-12-08 Tim PotterMade hyper a simple type.
2001-12-06 Tim PotterMoved processing of function arguments and structure...
2001-12-06 Tim PotterDon't pass down drep (data representation) arg from...
2001-11-28 Tim PotterDon't pass decorative name to policy handle or ntstatus...
2001-11-28 Tim PotterDecorate some of the parse functions with element names...
2001-11-27 Tim PotterStart generating some ethereal code that may actually...
2001-11-26 Tim PotterStart generating code for unions.
2001-11-26 Tim PotterIgnore *.pidl
2001-11-24 Tim PotterRenamed functions from Dump* to Parse*
2001-11-24 Tim PotterInitial version of ethereal parser generator. Works...
2001-11-24 Tim PotterAdded --eparser to call ethereal parser generator.
2001-11-24 Andrew Tridgellforgot a file
2000-12-14 Andrew Tridgellchanged auto-generated comment for headers
2000-12-14 Andrew Tridgellbeginnings of the C parser generator
2000-12-14 Andrew Tridgelladded header generation
2000-12-14 Andrew Tridgellfixed help
2000-12-14 Andrew Tridgelladded a comment
2000-12-14 Andrew Tridgell- fixed FlattenHash bug
2000-12-14 Andrew TridgellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2000-12-14 Andrew Tridgellfirst version