1998-10-20 Andrew Tridgellremoved my badly-done attempt at handling compilers...
1998-10-19 Luke Leightonoops
1998-10-19 Luke Leightonoutput password change messages instead of debug message.
1998-10-19 Luke Leighton- dce/rpc code
1998-10-19 Andrew Tridgelladded command line options to smbsh
1998-10-19 Andrew Tridgellimproved session reestablishment
1998-10-19 Andrew Tridgellprototype new functions
1998-10-19 Andrew Tridgellreturn the resolved IP on a cli_connect() call so it...
1998-10-19 Andrew Tridgellremoved an incorrect comment
1998-10-19 Andrew Tridgell- don't use env variables for passwords and usernames...
1998-10-19 Andrew Tridgell- added smbrapper/shared.o
1998-10-18 Jeremy AllisonFixed sys_lseek and seek_file calls so all returns
1998-10-18 Andrew Tridgellredid proto.h
1998-10-18 Andrew Tridgellcheck for lp_nt_pipe_support() in open calls
1998-10-18 Andrew Tridgelladd an option to enable/disable nt pipes
1998-10-17 Jeremy AllisonSmall tidyups for gcc in 'preen' mode....
1998-10-17 Eloy ParisAdded man page for nmblookup(1)
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonoops.
1998-10-16 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-16 Andrew Tridgelladded maxfid test
1998-10-16 Andrew Tridgellchanged some debug levels
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonstrtoul removed, strtol used instead
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonstrtoul replace with strtol
1998-10-16 Luke Leighton!pass -> pass != NULL is wrong: !pass -> pass == NULL...
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonmade pass_check_smb() available for dce/rpc use.
1998-10-16 Luke Leightoncli_nt_session_open() encrypt arg removed
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonsetup_groups() - code clarification. no functional...
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonoops.
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonrpc client mods (ntlmssp flags)
1998-10-16 Andrew Tridgellonly do the MAC extensions if we are a NTFS filesystem
1998-10-16 Andrew Tridgell- use large buffers for netshareenum
1998-10-16 Andrew Tridgelluse the username GUEST if no other username is available
1998-10-16 Jeremy AllisonRe-added code to tell the user how many open files...
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonrpcclient ntlogin test
1998-10-16 Jeremy Allisontrans2.h: Added Thursby MAC extension.
1998-10-16 Luke Leightontrust password
1998-10-15 Luke Leightonrpcclient interactive login (with trust account changin...
1998-10-15 Luke Leightongetpwnam() failing is a serious error (corrupt smbpassw...
1998-10-15 Jeremy AllisonFixed crypt problems on IRIX with prototype.
1998-10-15 Luke Leightonbug-fixing against:
1998-10-15 Luke Leightonsecond implementation of crc32, used with permission...
1998-10-15 Jeremy Allisonconfig: Fix crypt prototype on RedHat Linux.
1998-10-14 Andrew Tridgellset recursion desired for bcast name query
1998-10-14 Luke Leightonremoved lkcl
1998-10-14 Luke Leighton16 changed to 8 by mistake in samoemhash.
1998-10-14 Luke Leightontridge, i had to put a #ifdef _STAT_VER_LINUX_OLD round...
1998-10-14 Luke Leightonmore warnings...
1998-10-14 Luke Leightonunused variable in pipe_smb_write_X
1998-10-14 Luke Leightonwarnings spotted by ./configure.developer options
1998-10-14 Luke Leightonscript that defines some useful developer compiler...
1998-10-14 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-13 Andrew Tridgelluse level 0 for DEBUG() of malformed password entry...
1998-10-13 Andrew Tridgellsmbsh launch program is now in C
1998-10-13 Andrew Tridgellmade smbsh a standard binary
1998-10-11 Richard SharpeTry to make smbprint a better behaved citizen.
1998-10-10 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-10 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-09 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-09 Luke Leightonsigned / unsigned issues spotted by herb
1998-10-09 Luke Leightondce/rpc.
1998-10-09 Luke Leightonbasic client-side ntcreateX function (hard-wired values...
1998-10-09 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-09 Luke Leightonanders blomdell spotted an unititialised fstring causin...
1998-10-09 Richard SharpeAdded code to convert empty file names to "." so we...
1998-10-09 Richard SharpeAdd a DEBUG to unix_convert
1998-10-08 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-08 Samba Release... preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 11
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellfixed bug pointed out by Herb.
1998-10-08 Samba Release... preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 10
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellfixed a bug in the readline support
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellreally fixed the warning this time :)
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellfixed a warning
1998-10-08 Herb Lewisadd missing targets that were added to makefile
1998-10-08 Luke Leightonadded "permission obtained from John Erickson <jerickso...
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgell- don't generate 0 params in torture
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgell- fixed a bunch of warnings and minor errors
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgelladd "smbtorture" alias for building smbtorture
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellremoved extra comma (some compilers don't like it).
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellauto-detect the right flag for the compiler to produce...
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgelluse 1 second resolution calls if possible
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellfixed a problem with fchdir() that broke "cvs -d" in...
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgelladded some comments
1998-10-08 Andrew Tridgellremoved lukes acl check in configure (not needed)
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgelldon't prototype the acl() functions
1998-10-07 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-07 Luke Leightonadded aclent_t autoconf test (defines as an int if...
1998-10-07 Luke Leightonreturn False _and_ a break in a switch statement.
1998-10-07 Luke Leightonmake proto required
1998-10-07 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellcompile to .po.o first then mv to .po in order to make...
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellrestore errno after smbw initialisation
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellwe need realcalls.h in realcalls.c
1998-10-07 Andrew TridgellSunOS doesn't need any ld flags
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellfixed a warning on SunOS
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgelluse double for dummy arrays to ensure alignment
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellfixed fork() on SunOS4
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellmore solaris acl fixes
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgell- updated docs to say OSF1 works
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellfixed facl() bug for solaris
1998-10-07 Andrew Tridgellfixed __xstat() under linux