1996-05-30 Samba Release... added this ages ago, but forgot to put it in cvs
1996-05-29 Samba Release... remove cvs.log from cvs, instead use the release script...
1996-05-29 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha3
1996-05-29 Andrew Tridgellhandle errors from receive_smb better, and print error...
1996-05-29 Andrew Tridgellfixed a typo
1996-05-29 Andrew Tridgellcleanups to make thinsg compile cleanly
1996-05-29 Andrew Tridgelladded comments about trapdoor uids
1996-05-29 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha2
1996-05-29 Andrew Tridgellcleaned up the way the max log size stuff works and...
1996-05-28 Samba Release... added nimbus to list of mirrors
1996-05-23 Samba Release... General updating.
1996-05-23 Samba Release... Added reference to DIAGNOSIS.txt. Deleted the claim...
1996-05-23 Samba Release... Updated general section to include more about current...
1996-05-23 Samba Release... Added check for something already binding to port 139...
1996-05-20 Samba Release... Changed more references of '
1996-05-17 Samba Release... Made chang
1996-05-06 Samba Release... Update the samba.faq file with what was current on...
1996-05-06 Samba Release... Updated references in doco to 'lake.can.....'
1996-05-06 Samba Release... Updated smbstat script with a better one, Paul.
1996-05-06 Samba Release... added QNX entry to MIRRORS
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellfixed version number (again!)
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellmade dptr_num signed to handle -1 from OS/2
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgell- added hostname support to smbstatus
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgell- fix a bug hanlding very log filenames
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellmove quotas support out of server.c
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellturn on KEEP_PASSWORD_SERVER_OPEN by default
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellhandle being passed a dptr of -1 to mean "close all...
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgell- handle CORE protocol better
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellignore some files
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgelldocumented -W option
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellremoved old -S option from nmbd manpage
1996-05-05 Samba Release... added some more support entries from samba-bugs mail
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellchange version number to 1.9.16p2
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgell- close the listening socket in the child process when...
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgellremoved obscene comment added by Dan
1996-05-04 Samba Release... Changed to reflect new ownership by Microsoft
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgellupdates to wall.perl from
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgellfix a dst bug, we had a sign wrong in the calculation :-(
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgell- use issafe()
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgellfix a netgroup bug (innetgr() was being called with...
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgellmove the dot_pos calculation down a bit
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgelluse the new issafe() macro instead of isalnum() and...
1996-05-04 Samba Release... added sequent fixes
1996-05-04 Samba Release... fixed a typo in the select() emulation code
1996-05-04 Samba Release... upped version number
1996-05-04 Samba Release... added issafe() define for "safe" characters
1996-05-04 Andrew Tridgellupdated README for new alias
1996-05-04 Samba Release... This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1996-05-04 Samba Release... Initial version imported to CVS
1996-05-04 Samba Release... This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1996-05-04 Samba Release... Initial version imported to CVS