2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Drop use of confusing testfailures variable
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Drop useless "ctdb version" test
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Rationalise tunable simple tests
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Rationalise ctdb stop/continue/disable...
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Use wait_until_node_has_no_ips() in some...
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Add function wait_until_node_has_no_ips()
2018-11-06 Jeremy Allisonlib: ldb: Remove use of talloc_autofree_context().
2018-11-06 Jeremy Allisonlib: talloc: Mark talloc_autofree_context() as deprecated.
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-event: Only run talloc report if CTDB_INTERACTIVE...
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-event: Never fork to become daemon in eventd
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Improve documentation for -i option
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Don't set log_to_stdout for become_daemon()
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Avoid unnecessarily spamming the logs...
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tools: Detect unknown node number
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: README updates
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Remove export of CTDB_SOCKET
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Use path_socket() in dummy client
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Drop incorrect comment, unused function
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Drop setting of CTDB_SOCKET and CTDB_PIDFILE
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Drop unused function ctdb_set_socketname()
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Use path functions for socket and PID...
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Use path_socket() in test client tools
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tools: Use path_socket() in ctdb tool
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Use ctdb-path for fake_ctdbd directory...
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Use ctdb-path-like values for local daemons...
2018-11-06 Martin Schwenkectdb-common: Allow path_socket() to use $CTDB_SOCKET
2018-11-06 Tim Bealedrs_utils: Avoid invalid dereference of v8 requests
2018-11-06 Tim Bealedrs_utils: Fix some long lines
2018-11-06 Tim Bealelibnet: Reset debug counters after replicating critical...
2018-11-06 Tim Bealejoin: Fix join large-DB timeout against Windows
2018-11-05 Noel Powers4/selftest: enable samba.tests.samba_tool.gpo for PY3
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/gp_parse: PY2/PY3 Decode only when necessary
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/tests/samba_tool: PY2/PY3 compat port...
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/gp_parse: Fix mulitple encode step with...
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/netcmd: misc PY2/PY3 compat changes for...
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samab/gp_parse: remove unused code
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/gp_parse: Use csv.reader for parsing cvs...
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/gp_parse: PY2/PY3 compat porting for gp_in...
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/gp_parse: PY3 open file non-binary mode...
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/gp_parse: PY3 file -> open
2018-11-05 Noel Powerpython/samba/gp_parse: PY2/PY3 compat changes for __ini...
2018-11-05 Martin Schwenkectdb-recovery: Ban a node that causes recovery failure
2018-11-05 Tim Bealetraffic: Machine accounts were generated as critical...
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Generate machine accounts as well as...
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Improve user generation debug
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Convert print() to
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Write group memberships once per group
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Re-organize assignments to be group...
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Prevent users having 1000+ memberOf...
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Change user distribution to use Pareto...
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Improve assign_groups() performance...
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Split out random group membership gener...
2018-11-04 Tim Bealetraffic_replay: Add helper class for group assignments
2018-11-03 Christof Schmittselftest: Run smb2.delete-on-close-perms also with...
2018-11-03 Christof Schmittselftest: Add share to test "delete readonly" option
2018-11-03 Christof Schmittsmbd: Fix DELETE_ON_CLOSE behaviour on files with READ_...
2018-11-03 Christof Schmittsmbtorture: Add test for DELETE_ON_CLOSE on files with...
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckelib: Make dom_sid_string_buf static
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckelib: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckeauth: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckeaudit_logging: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckepassdb: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckelib: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckelibsmb: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckeauth4: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckeaudit_tests: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckenet: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckeidmap: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckeauth: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckedsdb: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckerpc_server4: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckenbt_server: Use dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Ralph Boehmes3:smbd: remove now unused check if fsp is NULL
2018-11-02 Ralph Boehmes3:smbd: fix SMB2 aio cancelling
2018-11-02 Ralph Boehmes4:torture/smb2/read: add test for cancelling SMB aio
2018-11-02 Ralph Boehmevfs_delay_inject: implement pread_send and pwrite_send
2018-11-02 Ralph Boehmes4:libcli/smb2: reapply request endtime
2018-11-02 Ralph Boehmelibcli: fill endtime if smbXcli_req_create() timeout...
2018-11-02 Ralph Boehmelibcli: add smbXcli_req_endtime
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckelib: Add dom_sid_str_buf
2018-11-02 Volker Lendeckelib: Add error checks in dom_sid_string_buf
2018-11-02 Noel Powertests/py/rodc_rwdc: Fix py2/py3 .next compat issues
2018-11-02 Douglas Bagnalls4/scripting/*: py3 compatible print
2018-11-02 Douglas Bagnallselftesthelpers: fix py3 tests with extra_path
2018-11-02 Douglas Bagnallpython dbcheck: don't use mutable default args
2018-11-02 Gary LockyerWHATSNEW: KDC prefork support
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyerkdc: Update debug calls
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyersource4 smbd kdc: allow the kdc to run in prefork
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyersource4 smdb: Add a post fork hook to the service API
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyersource4 smbd: Make the service_details structure constant.
2018-11-01 Gary Lockyerwindbindd: reword error message
2018-11-01 Tim Bealereplmd: Single DB operation per source object during...
2018-11-01 Tim Bealereplmd: Move talloc context one level up
2018-11-01 Tim Bealereplmd: Split apart source/target checks for links
2018-11-01 Tim Bealereplmd: Group together link attribute processing by...
2018-11-01 Tim Bealereplmd: Add more debug for replicating links
2018-11-01 Volker Lendecketorture: Fix the clang build