2019-05-29 Douglas Bagnalltests/samba-tool: test dns serverinfo/zoneinfo
2019-05-29 Noel Powers3/smbd: cppcheck: Fix ctunullpointer error
2019-05-29 Noel Powers3/printing: cppcheck avoid 'nullPointerArithmetic...
2019-05-29 Noel Powers3/lib: don't write to buffer (which might be NULL...
2019-05-29 Noel Powers3/lib/netapi: Fix 'Possible null pointer dereference...
2019-05-29 Noel Powers3/libads: cppcheck fix error: shiftTooManyBitsSigned...
2019-05-29 Noel Powerlib/util: Fix cppcheck null pointer dereference warning
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettldb: Release ldb 2.0.3
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettdowngradedatabase: blackbox: MDB backend
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettdowngradedatabase: adding special case for MDB
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettdsdb: disable ORDERED_INTEGER with MDB pack format v1
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettldb: pack_format_override option
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettdowngradedatabase: blackbox: database repacked
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettldb: python test for repack
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettldb: repack old format database if GUID indexing enabled
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettdowngradedatabase: blackbox: check ordered integer...
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettldb: binding ordered indexes to GUID indexing
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettldb: only used a->syntax->index_format_fn if GUID index...
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettdowngradedatabase: blackbox test
2019-05-29 Andrew Bartlettsambadowngradedatabase: Add "or later" to warning about...
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettsambaundoguididx: renamed to downgradedatabase
2019-05-29 Andrew Bartlettsambaundoguididx: fix for -s
2019-05-29 Andrew Bartlettldb: Fix segfault parsing new pack formats
2019-05-29 Aaron Haslettldb: test for parse errors
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Adapt brl_pending_overlap to README.Coding
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Avoid casts in smbd_smb2_lock_send()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Avoid casts in do_unlock()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Avoid casts in smbd_do_unlocking()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Align integer types in smbd_do_unlocking()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Simplify an if-expression in smbd_do_locking()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbtorture: Fix a typo
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Use tevent_req_simple_recv_ntstatus() in smbd_smb...
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Avoid casts in smbd_do_locking()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix a typo
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Factor out fsps_lease_update()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Simplify fsp_lease_update()
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Use "fsp->lease" instead of "lease"
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix a typo
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckedbwrap: Use sizeof, not an integer constant
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckebrlock: Remove clustering special case
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix a typo
2019-05-28 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix CID 1445648 Null pointer dereferences
2019-05-28 Ralph Boehmes3:mdssvc: fix flex compilation error
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherbootstrap: add mingw packages
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherwinexe: Use C99 initializer for poptOption in winexe.c
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherdbcheck: fallback to the default tombstoneLifetime...
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherpython/ntacls: we only need security.SEC_STD_READ_CONTR...
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherdsdb:audit_log: avoid printing "... remote host [Unknow...
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: set current_msg_{level,class} also during...
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: remove unused prototypes in debug.h
2019-05-28 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: fix call to dbghdrclass() for DEBUGC()
2019-05-27 Ralph Boehmeregistry: add a missing include
2019-05-27 Jeremy Allisons3: winbind: Fix crash when invoking winbind idmap...
2019-05-27 Gary LockyerFix ubsan null pointer passed as argument 2
2019-05-25 Volker Lendeckelib: Only compile resolvconftest if fmemopen exists
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisondocs: dfree command. Correct usage of dfree scripts.
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisonlib: util: Finally remove possibilities of using sys_po...
2019-05-24 Ralph Boehmes3: lib: Rename all uses of file_pload_XXX -> file_ploa...
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: lib: Remove file_pload_send().
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: winbind: Convert idmap to use file_ploadv_send().
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: lib: Add file_ploadv_send().
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisonlib: util: Remove file_pload()
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: lib: Remove file_lines_pload().
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Convert sysquotas.c code to use file_lines_pl...
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Convert print_svid code to use file_lines_plo...
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Convert dfree code to use file_lines_ploadv().
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3: lib: util: Add file_lines_ploadv().
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisonlib: util: Add file_ploadv().
2019-05-24 Jeremy Allisonlib: popen: Prepare to remove sys_popen().
2019-05-24 Karolin Seegerdocs: Add another dns forwarder in the example.
2019-05-24 Andreas Schneiders3:lib: Move up NULL check
2019-05-24 Andreas Schneiders3:utils: Only declare variables if we're gonna use...
2019-05-24 Andreas Schneiderlib:mscat: Add missing return check for error in dumpsmcat
2019-05-24 Andreas Schneiderctdb:tests: Add missing va_end() in ctdb_set_error()
2019-05-24 Gary Lockyerldap server: generate correct referral schemes
2019-05-24 Gary Lockyerldap tests: test scheme for referrals
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Use scalar variable for new daemon_ctx hashmap
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Add common fork_and_exec() function
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Rework setting env variables for other forked...
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Rework setting env variables for nmbd
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Store fork-and-exec daemon info in a hashmap
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Add helper function to build up s3 daemon cmd
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Move fork cmd args up a level
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: remove unused variable (@optargs)
2019-05-24 Tim Bealeselftest: Refactor duplicated code to set ENV vars
2019-05-24 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Run samba3.srvsvc tests covering more of...
2019-05-24 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Remove infinite client/server loop in srvsvc_...
2019-05-24 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Add more testing of wkssvc in source3
2019-05-24 Andrew BartlettRun test for initshutdown
2019-05-24 Volker Lendeckectdb: Make TDB_SEQNUM work synchronously with ctdb
2019-05-23 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: change trigger points of AppleDouble conversion
2019-05-23 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: add a forward declaration for ad_get()
2019-05-23 Ralph Boehmeselftest: run vfs.fruit test against a share that delet...
2019-05-23 Ralph Boehmes4:torture/vfs/fruit: ensure test_adouble_conversion_wo...
2019-05-23 Ralph Boehmes4:torture/vfs/fruit: ensure test_adouble_conversion...
2019-05-23 Christof Schmittlibsmbconf:registry: Return correct case for get_share
2019-05-23 Christof Schmittnet: Return share name in correct case from net rpc...
2019-05-23 Christof Schmittselftest: Add test for case-preserving in 'net [rpc...
2019-05-23 Volker Lendeckectdb: Remove unused ctdb_ltdb_fetch_with_header()
2019-05-23 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Calculate delay_mask only once in delay_for_oplock