2014-05-28 David Disseldorps3/rpc_server/spoolss: remove SETUP_SPOOLSS_NOTIFY_DATA...
2014-05-28 David Disseldorpsharesec: remove unused security descriptor print fns
2014-05-28 David Disseldorpsharesec: use NDR security descriptor print fns
2014-05-28 David Disseldorplibcli/sd: remove redundant sec_ace_add_sid()
2014-05-28 David Disseldorplibcli/sd: remove redundant sec_desc_add_sid()
2014-05-28 Martin Schwenkectdb-tools-ctdb: scriptstatus should not count disabled...
2014-05-27 Michael AdamRemove obsolete README.packaging4.
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Simplify desc_ace_has_generic()
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Simplify desc_expand_generic()
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Avoid an explicit memset call
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Avoid a talloc/free
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Avoid a talloc/free
2014-05-27 Amitay Isaacss3-build: Support building with in-tree CTDB
2014-05-27 Amitay Isaacsctdb-build: Move internal include files in a separate...
2014-05-27 Amitay Isaacsctdb-build: Build ctdb_version.h before compiling files...
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Fix a memleak
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Remove a pointless return;
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Fix whitespace
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckeserverid: Fix an incompatible pointer assignment
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix a typo
2014-05-26 Arvid Requates4-dns: dlz_bind9: improve log message consistency
2014-05-26 Arvid Requates4-dns: dlz_bind9: Fix ipv6 updates
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: allow a shortcut in dcerpc_pipe_connect_...
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: split out continue_smb_open()
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: remove pipe_np_smb2_state and use pipe_n...
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: remember some smbXcli_* pointers within...
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: use DCERPC_REQUEST_TIMEOUT for smb opens
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: remove some unused functions and structu...
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: avoid using dcerpc_socket_peer_addr()
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: set "localaddress" and reset "host"...
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: return the local/remote ip from dcerpc_p...
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: optionally return the local address...
2014-05-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:librpc/rpc: avoid using dcerpc_unix_socket_path()
2014-05-24 Volker Lendecketorture3: Add a little gencache_parse load test
2014-05-24 Volker LendeckeExit with ctdb_fatal if serverids_exist fails
2014-05-24 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_ctdb: open locally with TDB_VOLATILE if requested
2014-05-24 Jeremy Allisons3:smbd: let default_sys_recvfile() and sys_recvfile...
2014-05-24 Volker Lendeckeunix_msg: Simplify unix_msg_send a bit
2014-05-23 David Disseldorptorture/smb2/dir: check create time match find
2014-05-23 Jeremy Allisons3: smb2: Move from using SBVAL to put NTTIMEs on the...
2014-05-23 Jeremy Allisons3: smb2: Move from using SBVAL to put NTTIMEs on the...
2014-05-23 Andreas Schneidertests: Add doc exception for spoolss: OSVERSION.
2014-05-23 Andreas Schneiderdoc-xml: Add documentation for 'spoolss: os_[major...
2014-05-23 Michael Adamsmbd: add missing newline to debug message in daemon_re...
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: s/daemon/name
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: use dbwrap_tdb_mutexes:* = yes for "plugin_s4...
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_tdb: Use mutexes on demand
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: Allow tdbtool to r/o open mutexed tdbs tdb-1.3.0
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: add -m option to tdbtorture
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add marklock deadlock test
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add mutex related tests
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb: add TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING support
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb: introduce tdb->hdr_ofs
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb: introduce TDB_SUPPORTED_FEATURE_FLAGS
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb: use asprintf() to simplify tdb_summary()
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Define PTHREAD_MUTEX_ROBUST along with...
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace-waf: Only check for _np functions if standar...
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Add support for pthread_mutex_consistent
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Add support for pthread_mutexattr_setrobust
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmacherlibreplace: only add PTHREAD CFLAGS and LDFLAGS globall...
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Move thread checks from source3/wscript
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmacherwscript: set conf.env.replace_add_global_pthread =...
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add UNMAP command to external-agent.c
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add PING command to external-agent.c
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add shutdown_agent() helper function
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb/test: add a "skip()" macro.
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb/test: correctly use stderr, not stdout, in fail()
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: explicitly use TDB_NOLOCK in tdbdump
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: add -l option to tdbtool
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: add -l option to tdbbackup
2014-05-22 Mathias DietzAdd protocol version to smbstatus output
2014-05-21 David Disseldorps4-torture: add print_test_purge
2014-05-21 David Disseldorpprinting: fix purge of all print jobs
2014-05-21 Kai Blinprovision: Correctly provision the SOA record minimum TTL
2014-05-20 Kai Blinbug #10609: CVE-2014-0239 Don't reply to replies
2014-05-19 Michael Adamsmbd: fix creation of BUILTIN\{Administrators,Users...
2014-05-16 Günther Deschners4-torture: fix some build warnings in rpc samr test.
2014-05-16 Günther Deschners4-torture: fix test_openprinter_wrap fake test result.
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.1 talloc-2.1.1
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc/tests: avoid some unused variable warnings
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: fix compiler warning
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: check for TALLOC_GET_TYPE_ABORT_NOOP
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: avoid a function call in TALLOC_FREE() if possible.
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: inline talloc_get_name()
2014-05-16 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: inline more static functions
2014-05-16 Kai Blinlib: Fix build --without-winbind by adding winbind_look...
2014-05-16 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Test auth_wbc, the auth4 winbind and winbind_...
2014-05-16 Andrew Bartlettauth: Allow auth_samba4 to be forced to run a specific...
2014-05-16 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Run pdbtest under valgrind if specified
2014-05-16 Andreas Schneidernsswitch: Fix the check for the privileged pipe.
2014-05-15 Björn Jackeadd FSCTL_SET_ZERO_ON_DEALLOCATION define
2014-05-15 Björn Jackeadd FSCTL_SET_ZERO_DATA fsctl define
2014-05-15 Volker Lendecketalloc: Tune talloc_vasprintf
2014-05-15 Ralph Wuerthners3:vfs_gpfs: increase log level for EPERM and EACCES...
2014-05-14 Kai Blinldbsamba: Move pyldb-utils dependency to python_samba__ldb
2014-05-13 Christof Schmittsmbd: Remove unused code for dos attributes in stat...
2014-05-13 Simo SorceFix selfetet environment user gid
2014-05-13 Andrew Bartletts4:imessaging: Remove event context from irpc and imess...
2014-05-12 Andrew Bartletts4:imessaging: Remove dcerpc_binding_handle_set_sync_ev...
2014-05-12 Andrew Bartletts4:irpc/tests: explicitly use dcerpc_binding_handle_set...